Super Smooth & Shiny Jonden Disco Pants

No new instances of seeing disco pants on TV lately but I do have some other news.

Recently I came into a pair of vintage Jonden disco pants in red. Jonden’s pants have always been a little different from the Le Gambi’s, Frederick’s, Bojeangles & Michi’s. Good different. The rear pockets placed lower and with a pointed base. The waistband being super stretchy. The material being super smooth and extra shiny.

Of course there are a couple of things I would consider changing. Jonden always used nylon zippers unlike the metal ones of the other brands. In one sense it is good because the entire zipper assembly including the teeth and pull tab can be the exact same color as the pants themselves. On the other hand, being plastic means it’s more susceptible to breaking. But that is not an issue I’ve ever had so it’s not an argument I can fully support.

Another possible change would be the material. Even though the material on this red one (and my white Jonden’s) is so silky smooth and shinier when I look at them it does seem just a tad bit lighter weight than the others. I would love it if they were a bit thicker. Due its slight thinness it damages more easily and it has some areas that I fear are irreparable. It also has many areas of loose or broken stitching which I will get repaired. This was an absolute treasure of a find and I do hope that I can come across more Jonden pairs of disco pants. Here’s a photo just to show how shiny they really are.


Stunning pair of disco pants!

In other news I picked up a pair of American Apparel’s disco pants in Pearl. Price was really cheap and I should be getting it any day now. Also picked up a pair in Charcoal and another in Silver. I’m getting these for very inexpensive prices and very glad to do so. That will bring my total in AA disco pants to 5, though I may decide to give one away as a gift.


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