A Little History of Jonden Disco Pants

In my never-ending pursuit of information regarding disco pants, I came across this regarding the Jonden brand of the vintage wear:

Linda Leal founded Jonden in 1981. In the early years, the company was driven solely by Linda’s keen sense of fashion and creative approach to traditional designs. Relying on the popularity of Spandex pants, she launched the Jonden fashion line.

The brand name was based on Linda’s children’s names–Jon and Denise. I had thought Jonden was a Swedish company but based on this info it was American and based in New York. More importantly, since the company was founded in 1981, all Jonden disco pants are from 1981 or later. Thus, there is no such thing as Jonden disco pants from the 1970s. That’s good to know! I have 4 pairs of Jonden pants and I can safely say they are all from the 80’s. Too bad they no longer make them. I really love the silky smooth material of 2 of the pairs I have and the lower placement of the rear pockets. Also the extra stretchy waistband. Those were definitely unique characteristics of Jonden’s disco pants and the reasons why they remain a favorite of mine.

Something else I must mention though I had not planned on it–I am watching “Too Close For Comfort” as I write this and the character of Sarah played by Lydia Cornell was wearing what appeared to be a skintight black pair of disco pants. The episode is titled “Mr. Christmas” and is from December 16, 1982. Before everyone gets excited I must write that her pants were not disco pants. The camera focused plenty on her and her pants and there were no pockets. In fact, as she claimed they were part of her ski outfit. I’ve never seen any skier wear pants like that! They looked like shiny lycra running tights. Her dad told her that her outfit ‘leaves little to the imagination’ and that she should ‘take it off and burn it.’ LOL. It’s worth watching if you can find it online.


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