Too Cold For Disco Pants & Skinny Jeans

It’s been so cold here lately that I have not even been wearing my skinny jeans, much less any disco pants. That being said, even though today was still frigid I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my favourite pair–those Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store some time ago. Naturally I had to wear them with some Under Armor tights underneath which made for a very unrelenting tight fit. These Levi’s are built with spandex and after a few hours of normal wear–read no tights underneath–they loosen up a bit to the point of me telling myself that they aren’t really all that tight of a pair of pants after all. They look and feel really tight when I put them on, to the point of me asking myself whether I want to be seen in such tight jeans. Since this past autumn I’ve been answering an emphatic “YES” to that question without any regret whatsoever. Today however, the pants remained skintight from the time I put them on till the time I took them off. And that also led to some familiar feelings of self-consciousness and regretful-wearing which I had not experienced in these jeans in quite some time. Again most likely the reason for the long-lasting tightness was due to the necessary Under Armor tights I wore. But another reason may be that I gained a little weight over the last month or so. Not good. And the self-consciousness? Well, let that be a lesson to us all. Once you stop wearing something you work up the courage to wear on a regular basis, you may find yourself in an uphill battle to overcome the obstacles once again.

But it was good today. I wore my favorite Levi’s 510 and my Emu sheepskin boots. I know that some people found themselves doing double takes and staring at me. I can only hope they enjoyed the sight! And some good news is that temperatures will be on the rise soon around here. That means that soon enough I will be wearing 510’s and my various other skinny jeans whenever I go out. Lately I’ve only been wearing fleece pants which are warm and quite comfortable. And also either boots or some waterproof high top sneakers. But I cannot wait to start rocking my skinny jeans and Converse again!

Nothing much happening in the disco pants realm. I now have 6 pairs of AA disco pants all in different colors. There are a few more I would like to get. I am looking to get a couple of the really cheaper versions out there and do side-by-side comparisons (per request) of quality, etc. I will say this though: AA disco pants are sooooooo nice.

Recently I parted with 2 vintage pairs from my collection. They happen to be 2 that I’ve had for a while yet never wore. Not that wearing them is a qualification for retaining them in my possession. But I needed some funds and another big disco pants aficionado wanted to buy them. And I’m really loving my newly made pairs from Coveted Obsessions.

I’m still concerned about American Apparel slowly phasing out their disco pant. I want to get a brown, a royal blue and maybe menthe before that happens. And a few of those 2-tone ones. And of course a couple of black ones. I find that when I wear them with my tall Emu boots no one can really tell whether they’re AA’s leggings style disco pants or the vintage straight leg cut. There is a little bit of a giveaway around the knees and just above the tops of the boots. The vintage ones tend to drape around those areas whereas the modern ones show no slack.

I may be coming into another vintage pair soon. It’s a color that I neither have had nor have seen. But it is one of my favourite brands and I’m excited about it.

That’s all for now.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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