Levis 510 Rigid Stretch

Since I’m not completely ready to just wear disco pants anytime I go out and I’m still dealing with some weight issues AND my main source of locale to actually wear disco pants to has been reduced to nearly zero, I try at least to wear some of my favourite skinny jeans every time I go out. Now that the weather is above freezing I can abandon the fleece pants and go back to my beloved skinny jeans.

Recently I acquired a pre-owned pair of Levi’s 510 in Rigid Stretch. That happens to be a color they no longer make. I now have 3 pairs in this color. One is a new pair in size 34 that I wear occasionally. They have not been washed and are still dark blue. Being a size 34 they are a little loose fitting and stretch out a bit after wearing. The second pair is the thrift store one that is a size 32. Pretty tight-fitting but have loosened up just a tad as I have worn them once or twice a week, weather permitting. They have some nice fade lines and nice fading in the right areas. This pair quickly became my very favourite pair of jeans and one that I wear pretty confidently, at least during ‘jacket weather.’ The third pair that I just got a few weeks ago is also tagged 32 but definitely tighter fitting than the thrift store one. Also has some very nice fading but no fade lines that I like to see around the front pockets and zipper areas. Does have an area on front of cell phone fading. A really awesome pair of skinnies!

I wore this 3rd pair today because I thought ‘what the hell, I’m going out for a short trip and then I’ll be back.’ I ended spending a couple hours in them as I also went to a local Kohl’s store. That turned out to be interesting as I made sure to check my jeans out in every mirror I came across at the store. And they looked really good! And tight!! I also made the point of going to the dressing room to try on a pair of jeans; but what I really went there for was to check out my jeans up close in the mirrors. Unfortunately, someone was in the partition that I usually use when I really go to try on some jeans. That partition is the largest one and the farthest one back so to get to it you have pass a series of mirrors. So I wasn’t able to see myself in those mirrors either. (On a side note, I did try on a pair of Levi’s 541 which is their new Athletic Fit. It is 100% cotton with a straight-leg fit and low-hanging back pockets. It makes for a universal-type fit, but I prefer 513’s for a universal fit. Otherwise it’s 510’s and 511’s for me.)

I did not notice anyone other than a boy aged 9 or 10 staring at my skintight 510’s while in a checkout line. I guess he had never seen anything like it before. Hopefully it inspired him!

Kohl’s is a funny store in that they sell 510’s online but not in-store. Which is a shame because there is room in the store for them. It would be so much better to have 510’s in there than the Tony Hawk jeans & pants they carry. Online they carry about 10 different colors/washes of 510’s and it would be so nice to have them there to try on. A few days ago I ordered 2 pairs–Rigid Dragon & Dark Blue. I do hope they fit ideally.

For those of you who may not know, a year or two or three ago Levi’s decided to modify their 510 and 511 lines of jeans. The 511’s went from being called ‘skinny’ to ‘slim’ and the 510’s from ‘super skinny’ to ‘skinny.’ I have tried a few of the new 510 skinny and I must say the fit is rather different from the 510 super skinny. For one thing, they are noticeably looser in the crotch area. Still rather tight in the calves which leads me to believe they are more of a slim-tapered jean now. And I am not the only to notice this. Almost any online vendor of Levi’s 510 will feature reviews criticizing this new fit.

Another thing I noticed is that an inseam of 32 used to be perfectly long on me with the old 510’s. With the new 510’s, a 32 inseam is a bit too short. I already had a pair of the Rigid Dragon with an inseam of 32 and it was short. If I were to have it washed it would probably have gotten shorter even. Now I make sure to order 34 inseams. We’ll see when my order arrives.

As far as those 510’s I wore today are concerned, I am going to keep looking out for them on ebay and in thrift stores. It’s so hard to find 510’s in thrift stores in a size 31 or 32 or 33 even. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re not being donated regularly or if they get quickly swept up once they’re put out for sale. I was super lucky to find that one I did in my local thrift store. It is the only one I ever found in size 32 in the 3 years or so that I have been thrift store shopping.

Also, I’m going to try to add to the rotation of jeans I wear the 510’s I wore today. Once a week would be ideal. At least while it’s still not very warm out. I can wear them with my long-ish jacket. I cannot wear them with some of my American Apparel jackets or hoodies because they don’t reach down low enough. I think I look great in these jeans but I still want to be somewhat discreet in wearing them.


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