More Levi’s 510’s & the Fate of AA Disco Pants

After doing some research I came across the names of a few of the Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans I hope to once again add to my collection. They are Filtered, Walker and Titanic. I had all of these and in multiple sizes. Probably at least 2 of each. Obviously my only hope of getting them is on ebay. However most people who sell second-hand jeans on ebay do not know the actual names of the colors and washes of these jeans. Heck, I didn’t even know the names until I did my research. I used to keep an excel file of all the jeans I had purchased with info including price, size, model name, color/wash, store and date I got each. But as I started to sell them over the years I would remove them from my list. Thank goodness for old order confirmation emails! Funny thing is that I never bothered to get pics of myself in most of these jeans. I have pics of me in the Filtered but not the Walker or Titanic. As I mentioned before another of the washes I wanted was Chainlink. That one I did get recently and was quite thrilled about it. And I have seen the Titanic on ebay but someone else snatched it up. These are not American made nor are they Japanese denim. They’re not vintage nor any kind of premium denim. So I’m not going to pay a lot for them. I got the Chainlink for $15 and the recent skintight Rigid Stretch for about $12 so I don’t intend to pay a lot more than these amounts to get those other ones. Another great find I acquired lately was a pair of 510’s in Greased. They are a dark denim with minor fading in areas. Their unique feature is a multitude of zippers. There’s a zipper coin pocket, an extra zipper back pocket and zippers down at the ankles. I do remember these on the Levi’s website when they first came out. Not completely sure if I ever had them or not. But I love the zippers at the ankles because they allow me to wear this super tight pair of jeans with any kind of shoes. When they’re unzipped it gives sort of a slight boot cut look. When they’re zipped it’s the super skinny look all the way down. I wasn’t sure these would fit because they are 1 size smaller than I normally wear to get a pretty tight fit. But since I fit into that recent Rigid Stretch pair that was also one size smaller I was confident I could get into these. And voila! I did. They are seriously one of my most tight jeans. But being such a dark wash makes it not all that obvious. Needless to say, I cannot fit anything into the pockets. I’m still looking for some great pre-worn Levi’s 510–particularly in dark shades of blue with nice fading and hige. They’re so hard to find in thrift stores so ebay is the way to go. I also acquired a new pair of disco pants a few days ago. Royal blue and brand new. They fit a little looser than most all the others I have but it’s good to have a variety of fits. And it’s good that they’re brand new. Also, my suspicions about American Apparel slowly phasing out their disco pants is coming to pass. Just this past week they were selling certain colors for only $9! If you go on their site you will see that some colors don’t even show up anymore as they no longer have them for sale. The purples, royal blue, peacock and pink are completely gone. Some of the other colors are available in only one or two extreme sizes. And based what I’ve seen on twitter AA continues to have in-store sales with these pants costing from $9 to $40. Glad I got them in 6 different colors. Perhaps those colors did not sell as well. I certainly did not find many photos of them on the web. It’s mostly black. Everyone got black ones. Some midnight navy here and there and some charcoal. Some red. And even some white. Everything else was rare to see. Especially brown. I don’t remember seeing any photos of brown ones being worn. (I recently wrote a review of their disco pants. It was very positive and informative. I had nothing but praise for them. Yet they decided not to publish my review. Strange indeed.) Oh well, it’s up us disco-pants-loving people to keep wearing them and stock up for the future. I don’t believe they will ever completely go away, as I see so many people on twitter just buying their first pair and only now getting into them. That’s almost 7 years after AA started selling them.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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6 Responses to More Levi’s 510’s & the Fate of AA Disco Pants

  1. Tom says:

    Shame that AA is apparently phasing out their disco jeans. As for skinny jeans, I just bought my first pair of Cheap Monday jeans on Ebay. They were only $18 brand new with tags. Right away I could see they were of very good quality. They’re 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane like the other brands of skinny jeans I have, however these Cheap Monday brand really have even more of a stretch to the material. If I didn’t know what they were made of, I’d swear they were more like 10% elastane and 80% cotton! They’re a dark ice blue and the fit is awesome. I hope all their jeans are as stretchy as these were.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Tom,
      It is a shame what AA is doing. I guess those of us who really like them will keep them alive.
      That’s a pretty good deal you got for those brand new Cheap Monday jeans. I have a few and I know what you mean about them being really stretchy. But I have had other pairs of CM jeans that are not as stretchy. Really depends on the model and type of denim. Anything that is raw denim will not be very stretchy. When it comes to CM jeans I really like the ‘tight’ model as they are very tight yet comfortable and have a higher rise.
      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Tom says:

    Edit: I meant to say they felt more like 10% elastane and 90% cotton.

  3. lawrie320 says:


    I found the royal blue disco pants felt tighter than other colours.
    I’m glad I stocked up on AA as I see there only twelve colours available now, four have dropped off the website (purple, imperial purple, pink and the royal blue) I have them all now.

    • sktL505 says:

      You’re lucky to have them all! I only have 7. I can understand some of the other colours being gone, but why royal blue? I would imagine that to be a popular choice like black or red.

  4. lawrie320 says:

    It does appear strange that the royal blue are not available now, I thought the purple was fairly popular too. Anyway, nice blog you have going here, great to be able to post as a guy who wears disco pants.

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