Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

Today I wore a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans in Organic Dry Twill. I forget to mention sooner that I came across these at a thrift store for only $7.99 plus a 20% discount! This is a normally $179 pair of designer jeans. I was a bit concerned about their authenticity as there are plenty genuine-looking online sellers of fake Nudie Jeans. But the quality and fit of this pair leaves no room for doubt they are genuine. I actually found 3 pairs of Nudie jeans that day, but one was in heavily-used shape with rips and stains and no model-identifying tag while the other was a black Slim Jim in great condition minus some fold fade lines.

I don’t know what would cause anyone to donate 2 very good pair of Nudie jeans to goodwill. I do suspect that the original owner may have prematurely washed the jeans which led to not-so-desirable results. Nudie’s website suggests wearing their jeans for many months at a time–at least 6, I believe–before washing. And we’re talking daily wear. These 2 pairs look as though they were not worn enough yet were washed anyway. The Slim Jim’s have some color fading on what appear to be fold lines which are always nasty. The Thin Finn’s were originally raw denim but even though washed too soon are still an amazing pair of jeans. They are tagged size 33×34 but seem to have shrunk just a little. The inseam is more like 32 than 34. And I love the hems because they’re not like Levi’s 510’s hems which are so narrow. They are more like the 511 hems which allow me to wear my New Balance sneakers without suffering the ‘huge feet’ syndrome. Will definitely be adding these to my regular rotation of jeans, maybe even during summer.

This is my second pair of Thin Finns I currently own. I have had many Thin Finns before but ended up selling them all. The only other one I have is a coated black pair which has developed a nice sheen to them. Nothing like disco pants of course but a great way to get into the world of shiny pants/jeans and perhaps even a way to east the transition into wearing disco pants out and about. But my only gripe with Thin Finns is that the rear pockets are placed to low. They are advertised as having a low yoke. That makes having any items in your back pockets create discomfort while sitting because they rest under your thighs. Other than that, Thin Finns are a perfect pair of jeans with their normal (not low) waist and tight fit.


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24 Responses to Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

  1. skippy says:

    Hello anything new on the Disco pants horizon?? I sent you a message on your You tube page and would like to talk Disco Pants.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Skippy,

      I’m sorry, I was not aware that you commented on my YouTube page. I rarely go to that page anymore because I just don’t remember my login info!
      Anyway, I have not had any news regarding disco pants. Since my last post I have come into just one more pair. I will be getting another 1 or 2 in the coming months and that may be all I get for quite some time. I feel I have a pretty complete collection. Since I have not been wearing them they are all still in very good condition. My goal now is to find the right opportunities to wear them, but I also need to work on some weight issues.
      What’s new with you?

      • skippy says:

        Recently bought a pair of AA Disco pants in pearl Lg size, Had to try them for the first time.They are very nice disco pants!! Problem is they are just too tight so I ordered a pair in red from china and they were only $12.00 in Xl.They are still being shipped.I guess I’m a big guy and got that way from working out,I guess I wish I was a normal size as Disco pants fit me funny as I have big calves and that creates a problem with the sizing.I also saw you were selling 2 pairs of AA Pants,One is the same as mine in pearl.also I might be selling my Fredericks Silver pair in a junior size it is a size 13 so I dont know how rare the junior sizes are?? But I did want to try one of the Chinese dupes because they are so cheap,Did you ever order them??

      • sktL505 says:

        Hello Skippy,
        I have not ordered those cheap Chinese ones yet. I still want to because they look great in photos but I fear they might turn out to be just total crap. I think it’s safe to say they will be thinner and more like running tights vs. disco pants. I would like to get one just so I can review them and possibly warn others if necessary about their quality.
        Actually I’m not selling any AA pants. I feel my collection is pretty complete and I’d like to keep what I already have and not looking for anymore unless some great deal comes by.
        Personally I would not sell the silver Frederick’s you have. They are hard to come by and if they fit why sell? Feel free to post a pic.

      • skippy says:

        After wearing the AA pants I have concluded they need to go down a size,They are pretty tight but I suppose they lag in spots, Well I did receive those chinese pants and I have to say I love them,Yes they are a little thinner but they are Excellent for $12.00.Don’t know how many different types of chinese knockoffs there are but I think I picked the best one.How can you not take a chance for $12.00 free shipping,I immediately ordered a black pair as well after trying and will order gold/champagne too.Here is a photo of them,any questions feel free to ask.

  2. skippy says:

    Here is back of pants,Upon looking I noticed the pockets are different.

    • sktL505 says:

      The pants look great! Yeah the pockets look a little different but the important thing is that there are pockets and they still look good. Could you give me a direct link to the ones you ordered? You’re right–for that price and they way they look it is a great deal. Thanks for the pics!

    • sktL505 says:

      Also Skippy, how did you know what size to get? That’s been another holdup for me–not knowing what size to get in these as compared to the AA ones. With AA ones either M or L gives me a good fit.

  3. skippy says:

    Hello Sorry to get back so late,I took a chance at the size which is xl and this is tighter than the AA Disco pants in Xl. Ordered Black and Now champagne.Is there a way to contact you for a link to the pants off this site??

    • sktL505 says:

      Are you able to post the link here? Or make a tiny URL for it? I just don’t want to post my email address here.

  4. skippy says:

    O.K here is the link for the Pants on ebay which I used and I also included which I believe is the central Hub or supplier of the pants in china,The supplier also has different levels of disco pants of prices or quality.I bought the cheapest and I have to say I’m pretty damn happy with them,Yes they are a little thinner but thats what I like,I’m not a fan of the real thick pants as they remind me of Riding jodhpur pants,They are still sturdy and they have a high shine to them.Metal zipper and metal button.
    The Xl is around a 30 waist and I’m around 33.Shipping was quick too!!Let me know if you buy them or any questions about them.I also ordered black and Champagne/gold

    Btw I washed my Fredericks silver pants in the sink with cold water and a little dish/hand soap and I have to tell you it brough back life to them and they were shinnier and tighter.I knew they had to be washed as the pants looked musty and lifeless and The ajax dish/hand soap is a mild cleaner for clothes like woolite,It was worth it.

    • sktL505 says:

      Very good! I’m going to go with a large.

      It’s great that your old Frederick’s are better after washing. I’ve noticed some old pairs don’t shine as much as others. I guess that means they need a washing. I like the idea of them getting shinier but I can’t afford certain pairs to get tighter!

  5. skippy says:

    What happened to the link??

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks, the links are there. For some reason I just had to approve of your comment before they would show.

  6. skippy says:

    Well I received the black pair today and they sent the wrong size, I was sent XXl instead of XL, which are way too baggy.They didnt even have XXl listed on there which leads me to believe it is from the other site I sent you because they have XXL.One thing I noticed as well is the top of the zipper flap does not straighten out tight like the bottom does, same on my red pair but it is not noticable because I wear the belt to push it down.The material is a little on the satin side but they pass off as Spandex as you can see in the photo.

    • sktL505 says:

      I want to get large but I’m just uncertain. I had a pair of AA’s in XL which where way too loose. I don’t want to go through that with these and sending stuff back to China. I want them to be tight from the knees on up but not to the point that they will get damaged with one wearing. Plus I also want to get a pair for a lady friend.

  7. skippy says:

    Sorry My mistake, The AA pants I have are large and these pants in Xl are a bit tighter. If you look at the sizing they give an Xl is a 30 waist as this is true sizing.Also the pants I got on ebay are these on the Aliexpress express site and the photos are true if you scroll down you can see the paints folded up on the table.As I said they must have diffent levels on the thickness and quality per pricing.But these are the pants I bought.

    • sktL505 says:

      Well I went ahead and ordered a black size L. Hopefully they’ll work out. Do they have plenty of stretch??
      Would like to see your black ones on.

  8. skippy says:

    Well I am a 33 waist and seriously can’t see fitting in a lg size,They do stretch but not as much as AA pants or the classic 80’s disco pants.I could show the black one’s but as I said they sent wrong size XXL and they are baggy.

  9. skippy says:

    Hey there, Got my gold Disco Pants today from china and have to say they are awesome.These are the exact tightness I like,and I will post a photo. I honestly dont think I could fit into a lg and I am a 33″ waist So I hope you can squeeze into a Lg.I have to say I am am not pleased with the thickness of the AA pants its just a little to much but probably more durable,Let me know when you get the pants as I am getting them within 10 days from China,Have Fun.

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks for letting me know, Skippy! I’m glad you are happy with them. Sounds like a very good deal. I sure hope I do fit in my size large, but if I don’t I have a lady friend who will hopefully enjoy them!

  10. skippy says:

    It looks as though now most of the pants are out of stock on ebay,and the message on the aliexpress site from the vendor says Sorry, this item is no longer available.I really didn’t think I would have to worry about them stopping making these pants from china.I bought 3 pairs but wanted the blue one as well.The other vedor on aliexpress is still selling them though but for a slightly higher price,Might have to try them.

    • sktL505 says:

      Skippy, I just received my black ones today and they fit perfect! Not only that but they’re actually amazing!! I will write about them in my next post.

  11. skippy says:

    Cool, can’t wait to read your review and let me know which one of the sites you ordered from.

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