Chinese Disco Pant Dupes

Yesterday I received the cheap Chinese disco pants I bought on ebay. It took 12 days to arrive. I opened the package and examined the article. Originally when I used to look at these pants on ebay and other websites I was skeptical about their quality. I suspected that for that price (about $12 shipped from China!) they would not be all that great and I had even seen some really bad photos where cheaper disco pants did not have the right shine or had weird back pockets. But a fellow reader of this blog purchased a few pairs of a particular type on ebay and showed some photos. I was impressed with their fit and shine and of course their price. He did say they are thinner than AA’s pants and they certainly are.

Anyway after I pulled them out of the package I noticed they were quite shiny. Not like PVC shiny but a bit shinier than AA’s and what I would dare call ‘perfectly shiny’ as disco pants should be. I have a few vintage pairs which seem to have lost some of their shine or perhaps never had that much to begin with. In fact I have noticed discrepancies in shine among vintage disco pants of the same brand and same color. But these no-name-brand pants were very nicely shiny and even silky feeling. Yes, they did remind me a bit of the later batch of vintage disco pants that were made probably in the mid-1980’s or so–ones that fit more like leggings and have non-stretch waistbands. I had such a pair brand being Frederick’s of Hollywood and silver in color. Very silky and shiny and skintight from the waist down to the ankles, definitely a precursor to American Apparel’s offering.

Another thing that is a bit different is the pocket design. AA’s are rounded at the bottom while these resemble traditional jean patch pockets, with the 3 angles (or points) at the base of the pockets. They seem to be placed just a tad bit lower on the bum which to me is fine because, while I’m not a fan of the way-too-low rear pockets on many jeans nowadays, I do like at least a portion of them to be visible from behind. Additionally, these pants seem to have an even higher rise than AA’s. Mind you I’m comparing my size medium AA’s to this pair in size large, and I have never owned an AA pair in size large. But on this Chinese pair the entire zipper flap section seems to fit up higher than I’m used to with most of my other disco pants. It’s possible that with a size medium the rise may be shorter and the zipper flap might be lower. The truth is I will not know until I get an AA pair in size large which I still intend on eventually having.

I was not sure what size to get seeing as how this is a new product to me. I figured I would be safest with a large and it turned out to be a very good bet. The fit is perfect! But before I go on with any further praising I want to point out a few more observations. I noticed the waistband is not very stretchy unlike AA’s pants. That concerned me initially but it turned out to not be a problem. Also the hems of these pants are a little bit looser than AA’s which makes them easily fit over a pair of Converse high tops (probably Dr. Martens, too). They don’t tightly grip the ankles and I have pretty skinny ankles.

These pants have a single tag that says “L” for large. No material designation tag, no origin of manufacture tag. Just a size tag. The pants came in a ‘crunchy’ plastic bag.

Those are all the differences that I noted. Nothing major. There is no problem length-wise either. I’m over 6 feet tall with long legs and they are perfectly long enough. And at 1/7th of the cost of AA disco pants I highly recommend these not only to anyone who is curious but not sure whether disco pants is something they could pull off, but even to anyone who already has AA disco pants and is in love with them. They make for an awesome backup pair. In fact, after trying mine on twice yesterday I went ahead and bought 2 additional pairs–another black and a grey. This also means that I can now have my disco shorts made! Of course, first I have to make sure that it’s possible to convert disco pants to shorts. I’m pretty confident there should not be any issues. I’m really looking forward to this!

Here is a photo of the black ones from the ebay listing:


That’s a very accurate photo of the pants. However, I noticed that there are some inaccurate photos as well. Some of the other colors are pictured with rounded pockets which makes it seem to me that some of those photos were ‘borrowed’ from AA. These pants do not have rounded pockets. Make sure you know what you’re getting. To me the pocket shape is not an issue but if you’re going to get these to try to fool others into thinking they are from American Apparel, it may not work!

I do have one criticism of these pants. After I wore them for about 20 or 30 minutes, doing nothing more strenuous than putting on my Converse and tying them, I did notice that along some of the crotch seams were those typical lines that form when this material gets overstretched. Not a very big deal. No one is going to see that. But I don’t know how long the pants may last at this rate. This is something that happens with vintage disco pants and American Apparel pants as well so it is not unique to these. Perhaps if I ordered an XL this may not happen, but then again I don’t see any purpose in wearing disco pants that are loose. Fortunately, this price is so forgiving that you can experiment with different sizes and even different colors.

Here is the link if you want to order: Awesome Disco Pants for only $10.98

These pants are so amazing I may end up selling some of my more expensive AA disco pants and get one in each color of these!

OK a few of my own fit pictures:



So those are my photos. This post is rather long already so I may do a side-by-side comparison with the AA pants for my next one. In the meantime if you are thinking about getting disco pants get these. The look great, feel great and fit great and you can’t beat the price. As soon as I get my next black pair in the mail I will take them to the tailor and have them made into shorts. I will have a truly unique item.

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14 Responses to Chinese Disco Pant Dupes

  1. skippy says:

    Hey the pants look good in your photos,The link you provided is one vendor on ebay I didn’t see,But I did order today a pair of gold in Lg from them.I will give Lg a shot but I think it will be tough fitting into them, real tough,My waist is around 33″ but my calves are the problem as I work out and they are bigger but thats makes disco pants fit odd for me as it is just my calves, not my butt or waist that is the problem.You did mention the shine of the pants and yes they are very super shinny and are like some of the earlier vintage disco pants in material.I had to sell one of the pants on ebay because I was sent XXL by accident and it sold,Wasn’t going through the hassle of returning them to china.
    I plan on getting all the colors I wanted without breaking the bank so thanks to china as I am pleased with them.Glad you like them and I hope they hold up for you as you wear large and I thought XL was tight.Btw check out the tags that were in the pants I bought from the link I provided before,Funny thing is they are not,They are sneaky.

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks, Skippy! I’m sure my waist is bigger than 33 but my legs are probably skinnier than yours so a large is ideal for me. I would not mind trying an XL but I had an XL in American Apparel disco pants and they were horribly loose. Might try getting an XL to make shorts out of them. Shorts should probably fit a little looser than pants.
      How much did you get for the one you sold on ebay?
      I’m certainly going to try to get all the colors myself. I’m very happy with them. I think these girls who are dying to get an AA pair but cannot afford to would be very satisfied with these.
      I know some of these Chinese sellers were using photos of actual AA pants but to actually have an AA tag in them is just too much!

  2. doriangray says:

    I actually work at American Apparel and I agree with your earlier observation that Disco Pants are being somewhat phased out. They are just sticking with the basic colors: black, navy, red. Never saw the Chinese version in person.

    • sktL505 says:

      Thanks for commenting. On the one hand, it’s too bad they are being phased out, but they might have gone a bit overboard with all those colors. On the other hand they are still keeping the essential colors so that’s a good thing.
      I had never seen the Chinese ones in person either but at $12 I figured it wouldn’t be a terrible loss. Turned out to be probably the best $12 I’ve ever spent!

  3. skippy says:

    To answer your question about me seeling them on ebay I just listed it as a buy it now for $1.00 more than I paid for them,All I wanted is to make my money back for them.

    • sktL505 says:

      Did you offer free shipping as well? I don’t know how they can afford to sell them for so low and ship for free. But of course that explains why the US has no good jobs left!

  4. skippy says:

    I buy vaping goods from china same thing,super low prices and free shipping.These goods are quality too.I charged $4.34 shipping first class for the pants.Keep in mind these were XXL they were baggy on me,So someone who has a 34-38″ waist they are perfect for a larger person.Honestly I don’t know of any other Disco pants has that waist size that I know of.I’m Getting a black pair in the mail tommorrow from the other vendor and waiting on the Gold Lg from your vendor.I’ve found I have to pull up in the thigh area for the pants to seat right as the crotch sits to low,I have to do this with all my disco pants.Also I wish I could fix the top of the zipper flap which just opens up and is not taunt like the bottom.I dont think they measure the zipper ratio to flap correctly as it dosen’t zip high enough to pull the flap tight.I’m assuming yours is the same?

    • sktL505 says:

      YES! The crotch does sit a bit low to the point where it feels a little strange when walking. I have to pull up on them too. It seems they make these particular ones a little too long from the waist to the crotch.
      As far as the zipper flap, I have a problem with all my disco pants in that regard because I’m not exactly lean where the top of the zipper fits. Though I do have a vintage pair on which the zipper flap is not wide enough to cover the zipper for about the top third or quarter.
      If all arrives correctly with my current order I will stick with this particular vendor.

  5. skippy says:

    It appears that they sent the wrong size again XXL,I told them please check before sending.I’ve never left negative feedback before but I will leave 2 of them as it seems they don’t care.They don’t even have XXL listed.

    • sktL505 says:

      You should definitely threaten to leave negative feedback if they expect you to send that one back for the correct size. One time is permissible but twice? They should send you the correct size for FREE.

  6. skippy says:

    I did leave double Negative feedback and won’t deal with that seller again,Had to resell another pair on ebay at the same low price price.But I did receive a pair of gold pants from your ebay vendor today in Lg size instead of XL As I was able to squeeze into them but It was not easy had to pull up on the legs and had a hard time with the zipper,But got them on,was afraid to break it or rip the pants but they were fine.
    I have a pair of black XL on the way, and as I got on the Lg I am still fine with XL,as they are still tight on me.How are yours holding up???

    • sktL505 says:

      Can’t blame you for leaving the negative feedback. Two mistakes is too much!
      Is this your 2nd gold pair of Chinese disco pants?
      I’m just concerned about the amount of wear I notice just from wearing them for like 15, 20 minutes. I will be trying a size XL to see how they fit.

  7. skippy says:

    Oh and I forgot They had the AA tag again inside.

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