Update on Chinese Disco Pants

I just wore the Chinese disco pants again for a little bit in order to do a photo shoot. Did I mention that they are very photogenic? They reflect light amazingly! I’m still a bit hung up on the high-riding zipper and flap, though. One thing I did not mention in the previous post is that when you put them on the crotch seems to hang a bit low and feels like it needs pulling up. Not sure why that is but I have not experienced that with AA disco pants or my vintage ones.

The main reason I am writing is to update on the areas of over-stretching that I mentioned previously. After I removed the pants I noticed the lines of over-stretching that had formed yesterday were a little longer today and were more numerous. This has to be attributed to the fact that the material is thinner than the other disco pants. I still don’t believe it’s noticeable while being worn. I mean, come on, someone would have to invade your personal space in order to observe the outstretched lines on the crotch/bum seams. However, if this trend continues to increase with each wearing then these pants may have a much shorter lifespan than others. But still, at $12 it’s so affordable that we can purchase 3 pairs and rotate them. I don’t think there is anyone who actually wears disco pants everyday, regrettably. I personally would live and die in them all things considered.

Regardless of this, I still highly recommend these pants. They are extremely comfortable and non-restricting, just like skintight exercise apparel. They may even be better during hotter weather. I notice a lot of girls on twitter complain about having chosen to wear their AA disco pants in the heat. Well, these are thinner and may provide more relief in that sense. Personally I have never been bothered by summer heat while wearing disco pants. But then again I have never been out and about in them during the summer sun. My experience of wearing them in the heat has been limited to walking short distances from a car to an air-conditioned building and back again. I imagine that if you’re wearing them for an outdoor music festival you may feel hotter (in more ways than one). On the other hand, running tights and bike shorts are made of the same materials, albeit perhaps in different ratios and usually more lightweight. Still, if we’re talking scorching summer heat there really aren’t any articles of clothing that provide relief.

Winter is another story. These pants would certainly not provide any warmth during cold weather. My personal experience is that no disco pants really provide warmth during low temperatures. One of the last times I wore one of my vintage pairs in public during winter I had a pair of lycra running tights underneath them. While it helped keep my legs warmer it did create unsightly seam lines similar to the much-maligned VPL. Another reason to live somewhere there is no cold weather!

Well, I’m not completely done writing about these disco pants. I have a few more things I’d like to say and write about them. And of course there is the ‘disco shorts’ project that I am very excited about as soon as my next pair arrives. That’s all for now.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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