Green & Burgundy Disco Pants

There is currently an ebay auction for 2 pairs of Bojeangles disco pants–one green, one burgundy. How I would love to add those 2 to my collection! Especially the green. It looks to be the shade of green I have been seeking. It is described as ’emerald’ green. Emerald green sounds like a darker shade of green to me. To me the photos suggest a brighter green such as Irish green. I have a pair in Hunter green and I don’t need another in that shade. Would love to have it!

The other in burgundy is a color I also do not have and would like to have it, too. But the seller is offering both together and at $125 is just not affordable at this time. The pants have been listed about 3 times already with no bidders so I’m hoping the price may come down or they may get listed separately. $125 for two pairs is not really bad at all–about $62 each. But I can’t do both at the moment. I would have to sell some of mine in order to raise that amount, but that may take a while as I will not sell mine all that cheap. It is interesting to note that disco pants–both vintage and modern–have all really dropped in selling price over the last year or two. It is no longer a sure bet to get $100 for a vintage pair in excellent condition. It may take a year or more to sell for that amount.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Green & Burgundy Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    Hey sktL505. They are still available on ebay. No one has bought them yet. But, they have spots on them,stains of some kind. Broken stitches in the front under the zipper and in the rear as well. The green pants don’t even have a button. Kind of damaged goods to be asking $125 for. Also being size 2 may explain why they are still there. You have to be a very svelte woman to fit them without causing them any further damage. The seller should bring the price down IMO.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Russ,
      Yes, I keep seeing them. They sound pretty damaged but those are some hard to find colors. I’ve been looking for a green one for a long time. I’ve never had either of those 2 colors. I can probably fit into them but not without causing further damage, as you said.

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