Grey Disco Pant Dupes from China

Yesterday I received my 2 new pairs of Chinese disco pants dupes. You may remember that I was so pleased with the first pair that I went ahead and ordered 2 more from the same seller. I ordered a grey one and another black one. The seller sent me the correct items–right colors and both large–which is a relief because I don’t want to deal with order mistakes on items coming from China. A reader of this blog has stated that he has at least twice already received disco pants in the wrong sizes from the vendor he has purchased from. But no mistakes here, thank goodness!

The black pair is excellent as was the first. Perfect shine, nice tight fit. I am certain I will be getting at least 3 more of these pants in black. They are so great. I have written about some of the issues with these pants as compared to American Apparel’s disco pants, but for the price they are really negligible. One issue I touched on previously was confirmed by a reader of this blog; these pants need to be pulled up around the crotch area because they do seem to hang low as a result of the extra long waist-to-crotch (rise) area. Thus, they do tend to look like this if you don’t pull them up:


Not only do they look like they need to be pulled up a bit more around the crotch but you can feel when you walk in them that they should sit up a bit more. The feeling doesn’t bother me that much but it is not an issue I have encountered with vintage disco pants nor AA’s disco pants. I certainly do not like wearing pants lower than they are meant to be worn.

These pants in black are quite long and would probably be long enough to fit a guy who is even 6’5″ or 6’6″. On the other hand, the grey pants I received are not as long. In fact as I compared them out of the package, the grey pair is about 4 or 5 inches shorter than the black one. I don’t know if a larger size would give me a longer length. Also the grey one seems to be an even thinner material. When I tried them on I had to pull down on them in order to sit just on top of my Converse high tops. They fit skintight and are very shiny–again shinier than AA’s–but they just feel so thin and flimsy. I only had them on for 10 or 15 minutes and when I went to take them off the rear zipper flap became stuck in the zipper and I could not pull it down. I had to take the flap out of the zipper after the pants were off me. I also noticed that around the crotch seams there were already some of those nasty lines that form when this material gets over-stretched. After only about 10 or 15 minutes of gentle wear!

I had previously written that I was going to get these pants in each color, but after my experience with the grey pair I think I’m going to stick with only the black ones. The other colors are still great if you wear them with boots or for women or for guys who don’t have long legs. The black ones are great for everyone, though.

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5 Responses to Grey Disco Pant Dupes from China

  1. skippy says:

    Didn’t see you had a new post glad to read it,You should try a pair of Xl as they honestly are not much looser than the Lg They are still tight but can be easier to manage and may not be prone to accident,Just dont try XXL Also it is a good thing to look at their chart of measurement on the pants where they have the cm listed of the different sizes and you can the see spots where they differ.To me XL dupes are tighter than Lg AA pants.But I dont think the measures are much larger of the LG vs XXL. Your looking at around 3 cm difference in spots on the pants.3 cm is around an inch.

    • sktL505 says:

      I will try an XL with my next order. I’m am going to stock up on these pants before the price might change or they sell out.

  2. skippy says:

    Upon looking again the are some spots that are 1cm and 2cm difference,Not much difference.One thing is you can easily get you money back on ebay if you list for a few dollars more as a Buy it now.My last XXL pair went in one day.

    • sktL505 says:

      Well if for whatever reason I don’t like how XL fits I will have them made into shorts or give them to a lady friend.
      Pardon me if you have already answered this previously, but do you wear your disco pants in public?

  3. skippy says:

    Honestly I don’t wear them out very much, I wore them out a few times,Halloween is one of them lol.
    Also an update as I have tried on the large sz a few more times and they seem to break in and it gets easier to put them on and I do like how they look so I ordered 2 more pairs in large, red and black,In the end I will sell some on ebay when I decide what I want to keep.Also have lost a few pounds as well.

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