Chinese Disco Pants Dupes Update

So I tried on both cheapie disco pants on again tonight for some photos. I mentioned the grey ones are shorter than the black ones and here’s how they look on:


I’m wearing running sneakers in the photos just to show the shortness of the pants. I know it’s not too bad. They’re a little bit better with Converse high tops and Dr. Martens boots but still feel somewhat lacking in length. If I haven’t already said it these pants are super comfortable and look great. I don’t know why guys who wear leggings or meggings don’t choose to wear these pants. (Speaking of meggings–I don’t know why they make them with side panels. That seems and looks a little weird to me. I would just opt to wear these leggings-style disco pants and no one would be the wiser).

I also tried my 2nd pair of black ones on again tonight. The button came off! That leads me to mention that the button on these pants is not sewn on or pressed on as they are on higher quality disco pants. On these it seems to be just inserted into a small hole in the material and if that hole is too big the button will come out. Fortunately, I inserted it back in its hole and it stayed it place as I wore the pants for a little bit.

I also had a little bit of trouble with the zipper. It seems to have unzipped below the pull tab as I was wearing the pants. I had to remove the pants, readjust one side that had misaligned and zip it back down. After that I put the pants back on, buttoned and zipped without any problems. Despite these things I still love these pants, still highly recommend them and will purchase more. As someone suggested I may try a size XL just to see how it fits.

I might recommend to anyone who buys them to replace the button and zipper but after all that the pants may end up costing double or more. Still not a bad deal but a great money saver if you can do that yourself.

On a final note, it does seem that American Apparel no longer has the 3-tone disco pants for sale. At least not online. I do not know when this happened but I just checked today and they don’t sell them anymore. Just the regular disco pants, the 2-tone and the prints. Long live disco pants.

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23 Responses to Chinese Disco Pants Dupes Update

  1. skippy says:

    The pants look good, you would never know they are the cheaper pants in photos,A while back I bought a button kit at the dollar store and it is basically nice heavy buttons that have a sharp pin on the back and you just insert into the pants and there is a piece that you push over the pin. I used it on my Frederics pants that lost a button and it works great.I think disco pants should be tight but I also think they should have a little give as well,I’ve seen the videos of the girls modeling the AA pants and some of them obviously bought a pair too big,but I dont know if i’m a fan of the unibutt look either,There should be a compromise of the two I think.
    When it takes me 15 min to put on I think they are ridiculously tight,Thats just my opinion though.I think you should buy as many pairs as you can for the price before they are gone, if that happens,But My saying is a good thing never lasts.My next pair ito purchaseis the aqua or mint color.

  2. skippy says:

    Wish I could edit the posts for mistakes.

  3. skippy says:

    Received The Black XL pants today from the reliable vendor on ebay,One thing I noticed about them is they are more higer waisted than the other Xl’s I bought and have a different fit,Still tight but too much rise, it pulls up to my belly button.I measured the rise and it is 13″, the others are 11″
    Keep in mind The other Xl’s I ordered have the AA tag in them,So I believe they are slightly different pants than the non AA tag one’s, It seems the red and gold one’s have the AA tag in Lg and Xl,Not the black.
    So it might be better to get certain one’s in large size as I have already ordered another black and red in large as a backup.Don’t know what other colors bear the AA Tag.

  4. sktL505 says:

    Yes, I also noticed and have written about the extra long rise on these pants, particularly on the black. I do hope it will not be even longer on the XL I just ordered a few days ago. If you have black pairs from 2 different vendors I would like to see a fit comparison.

  5. skippy says:

    Only other black I received is the XXL that was a mistake twice from another vendor. I didnt check the rise on them as they didnt even fit me.They also didnt have the AA tag.

  6. skippy says:

    Are you able to measure the rise on the large?? I measured from the top of the pants to the crotch seam.Would like to hear the measurements.

    • sktL505 says:

      I measured the rise at 13 inches! However on the gray pair size L it’s only 11 inches. So there’s definitely some differences going on there among the colors.

      • skippy says:

        Not a fan of the larger rise personally, but on another note l ordered a Pair of Black Lg and a Red Lg on aug 10th from the reliable vendor,Well I got the black but noticed the tracking for the red showed no activity of ever leaving,I figured they would bundle the 2 pants together.So I didn’t receive the red yet and I messaged them and got these responses.

        “Dear friend,
        How are you?Hope you have a wonderful life.
        Did you receive the item you bought from our store? Do you love it?
        If you still have not received it, please tell me. I will check it for you from the post office.
        If you have anything dissatisfaction with it, please do tell me. I promise to solve all the problems for you.
        And won’t let you down.
        Have a nice day!
        Kind regards”

        hi friend
        we did ship it out already on Aug-10
        i have check it with post office they said there is something wrong with the tracking number friend
        but don’t worry we can wait for this one 5 days if still nothing we can resend you a new one or refund you
        Ok ?

        “hi friend
        thanks for your patience
        hope you will receive it soon
        if still nothing after 5 days pls contact us we can still solve this for you
        have a nice day “

      • sktL505 says:

        I’m not a fan of the extra-long rise either but I’m still lovin’ those pants!

        At least the seller sounds courteous and willing to send you the correct pair or resend whatever has not arrived. Any word yet?

      • skippy says:

        They are courteous but I think they are also automated replies somewhat that everyone gets,Thing is I will just have them send me another pair but I have a feeling they were never shipped as I would have received them by now,Tommorrow is day 5 after their response.The tracking shows no activity whatsoever from the purchase date, just a tracking number.I am always hesitant about ordering more than 1 item on the same date for this reason.Did you get your Xl black??

      • sktL505 says:

        I have not received my XL yet. My past 2 orders have come in 12 and 13 days. Today is day 14. I’m thinking they’d better be here tomorrow.

        Please tell me again which seller you bought these from. I want to avoid them. I hope you are able to get every color you want without any more hangups.

      • skippy says:

        This recent held up order is the same as your vendor (phd886) and the one I left bad feedback for is (lukstyle008). Don’t you have a tracking number???

    • skippy says:

      Well still nothing yet and I did message them and they gave this reply.

      “Really sorry to take you so much trouble to you.
      we have already send it to you
      I just checked with the post office and they said that the package is a little delay due to the customs , but both the post office and us are doing best to speed up. So please don´t worry about it.

      To be friendly, I can resend another new or refund the money to you at once.Is that ok? any better ideas?”””

      I don’t know if this is true as keep giving me different excuses,Like tracking number problems, now its customs. Question is what happened?? I will take them up on their offer of sending me new pants and see what happens.

      • sktL505 says:

        I have a tracking number but as you said there is no info.
        Mine haven’t arrived yet either. I am going to wait out this week before I contact them. It’s no big deal to them to replace an $11 item.
        I would say they seem pretty honest. But definitely tell them you want a replacement. Perhaps it’s their stock market woes. Better order more before China shuts down!

      • skippy says:

        Oh I thought you were able to track yours,Seems as though there might be a problem then,Possibly they do have a customs issue,which means these pants never left china.I can’t see there being an issue with pants though.Weird thing is the other pants I ordered on the same day arrived on time.I did reply to them and asked for a different color (mint),I’ll let you know the status on it.

    • skippy says:

      Update is I accepted a pair of mint large pants per their offer to me .Will see if they stand by this,They didn’t offer tracking as I can see.Here is their message.

      “Hello friend,
      Thanks for your purchase and message.

      We have shipped the package by air mail, usually it will take about 15-25 working days (not include weekends) to arrive to you, sometimes will be a little delay as the customs. So please be patient to wait for it. Thanks.

      Please feel free to contact us if you haven’t received it in 25days.
      Any question, contact me firstly and freely. I will do my best to help you.
      Have a nice day.

      Best regards,
      Customer Support “

      • sktL505 says:

        15-25 working days not including weekends? I didn’t think they believed in weekends. But anyway today was day #17 for me and I’m just counting everyday from the day I ordered. I guess I will have to give it more time before I contact them.

      • skippy says:

        Well this probably happened to a few people who ordered around the same time,Its sad though because people with a low feedback rating on ebay are inexperienced and quick to give bad feedback without resoving the issue,If you look at most bad feedback they have it is mostly from newbie’s on ebay.The last bad feedback they got was from someone who has (3) and the negative comment was for the disco pants saying Poor Quality. but the pants are $10.00!! you idiot,Some also leave bad feedback when they order from china and it dosen’t arrive in 3 days.They should have rules on ebay for people who are new and inexperienced.
        I have a feeling them telling me they will send a free pair is a stalling method though but we’ll see.

      • sktL505 says:

        People with low feedback on ebay are the worst. They know nothing yet they expect the world on a string. I’ve only ever left negative feedback once and it was because I bought some shoes and I never received them. Contacted the seller many times and never a response.
        That being said, I received my 2 pairs today! The XL fits well, a little looser than the L but actually very good. Since they are a bit less tight I think that they should last longer than the large. And I think I’ll make a pair of shorts out of the size XL.

      • skippy says:

        Great, good you got them!! I think the black is an odd pair (size) than the color ones I have,The black has way to much rise, If you had the Gold or red in Xl It would be different ,they fit tighter for sure.Hopefully I will get something soon,Have fun.

      • sktL505 says:

        Thanks! Hope you get yours soon as well. Feel free to post pics here.

  7. Nick says:

    There’s a guy on Flicker that has a lot of photos of himself in skin tight jeans and disco pants:

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for that link. I had seen photos of that guy in the past but he has sure added a lot more photos of his disco pants! I only wish I had the courage he does to wear them out in public like that. Of course it helps that he’s in better shape than I am.

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