Chinese Disco Pants Size XL

My 2 Chinese disco pants finally came in yesterday and I was glad for it. My first pair of black ones has those overstretched lines that develop on the crotch seam and are getting longer each time I put the pants on. My 2nd pair has a busted zipper. So I welcomed my 3rd pair in large as well as my 1st pair in X-large.

Upon someone’s advice I ordered an XL and I’m pretty happy with the result. I figure since it is somewhat looser it should last longer. It does fit a little looser around the crotch, bum and knees but still a skintight fit as it should be. I’m pretty sure I will have shorts made out of an XL pair. I have to make sure to order a few more pairs. Hey, at this price you cannot lose, right? When American Apparel lowers the price on their black ones to about $30 then I’ll get some of them, too.

I’m not sure if I will get the other colors this Chinese vendor has. As I learned when I got the grey ones, they are noticeably thinner, shorter and tighter fitting when compared to the same size in black. Here are photos from the seller:



The top photos are of the actual pants they sell and you will get when you buy. The bottom photos, though on their ebay page, are clearly American Apparel’s disco pants as evidenced by the rounded pockets and their higher placement. I guess they have no reservations about using AA’s photos even though it is not the exact product they are selling.

Regardless, if I were a girl I would buy these up in every color and just wear them all the time. I mean why even wear any other kind of pants? The occasional skinny jean or jegging is fine. But these are great for spring, summer and fall. For winter I would just get some leather leggings.

On my black size large I measured the rise to be 13 inches. That is pretty darn long and if you do manage to wear them all the way up, the button and zipper tend to sit way up high which worn with a longer top tends to give the impression that you’re wearing regular shiny leggings or lycra tights. Were it not for the pockets. As I wrote they are positioned somewhat lower on the back as compared to AA’s so they are more visible on the behind.

I still highly recommend these pants. Don’t get them absolutely skintight though because they will not last. Any size you get will be a little difficult to get your feet through but from then on it should not be a struggle to pull them up and button/zip them. If it is they are too tight and will probably last only one wearing. I would not dare go to a size medium at this time. I will stick with large and X-large. I may try one more pair in a different color but in size XL just to see how the fit compares. Probably go with royal blue.

Here’s a measurement chart they provide:


That’s all for now.


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7 Responses to Chinese Disco Pants Size XL

  1. skippy says:

    As I had stated before the black seems different than the others I bought, with the very high rise at 13″ it is kinda annoying.One thing I tried is rolling down the top of the helps to some degree if you wear a shirt and don’t tuck it in or wear a larger belt to cover the roll down,It feels better than the unwanted inches of pants.
    I am pretty much done ordering for now but am still awaiting a pair of Lg red or a free pair of Turquise or mint as they call it,If they ever show up.
    I am also considering getting a more expensive pair again in the future off ebay when my cash flow allows it.Always looking forward to your future posts.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hey Skippy,
      Did you ever get the pairs you were waiting for? I hope that worked out well.
      I would like to get a few more pairs in black. I’m just a bit concerned they might sell out at these prices and since these pants are so thin they are easily damaged.
      Let me know what you get from ebay. I saw a nice black pair of vintage Le gambi sell for only $25 a few days ago. I wanted those but the auction was set to end early in the day and I missed it.
      Thanks for reading my posts! It’s always good to know that what I write sparks interest in others.

  2. skippy says:

    They sent a replacement pair.I asked for Turquise and they sent me navy blue for the replacement,So they refunded me 20% but I do like the blue.I just listed a pair of the Xl on ebay.Damn I should have spotted that Ebay Auction.

  3. skippy says:

    I listed a pair of the Xl black on ebay.

  4. skippy says:

    Looks as though the Vendors no longer Have the pants,Only one’s I see have them listed at a higher price,Have you looked recently??

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