Disco Pants Workout & Disco Pants Hate

All around the web I read girls/women that say see other girls/women go to the gym in disco pants. Either that or they say that they themselves will wear disco pants to the gym. I imagine that in most cases it’s a matter of not being able to distinguish between AA’s pants and shiny lycra running tights. I doubt most anyone would wear the thick AA pants to go work out in. I personally don’t recommend it either. You don’t want to get $80 pants all sweaty. Isn’t that how rusty zippers go about happening? Furthermore the very fact that they are thicker means that that they will make you hotter and you will sweat more in them. However, if you get some of the cheap dupes out there, they are a lot thinner and you might be able to use them to work out in. At the end of the day it’s still a matter of do you want to get your disco pants all sweaty no matter how much you paid for them. Personally, the only reason I would accept for getting my spandex disco pants sweaty is from playing live music in a band setting.

Now in the case that some people actually do wear or want to wear shiny disco pants to the gym, I will admit that they are a very comfortable option for making plenty of movements in. And for the most part, no one will really know that they are disco pants. Except me. You can’t fool my disco pants radar. I imagine that anyone considering throwing their disco pants out–perish the thought!–could find a second life for them at the gym. Because to tell you the truth I still haven’t found ANY disco pants at the thrift stores I go to. Not vintage ones, not AA ones not other brands of modern ones. So they are still a rare item. Of course I only go to thrift stores on average about once or twice a week. And I honestly don’t have the patience to go through all the racks of women’s pants in order to find any. Or actually the people who go with me don’t have the patience to wait for me to go through all the racks of women’s pants. Funny thing is, I used to be very hesitant to look at women’s clothing in these stores. Now I don’t care anymore. I see plenty of women always going through the men’s racks and they don’t care. Thus, neither do I care anymore about being seen going through the women’s clothing racks.

Another thing I see a lot on the web are younger girls/women making statements like “Disco pants are so 2012.” Or “Disco pants belong back in 2013.” I know it shouldn’t but that kind of talk angers me. Why? Because I’m passionate about disco pants, naturally. But the reason I should not let it bother me is because the ones saying these things are nothing more than trend-followers who wear what celebrities tell them to wear. That’s all they are. When their favorite celeb’s stop wearing a certain item of clothing then they must stop, too.  I hate to use the term but they are nothing more than sheeple. They don’t really like or dislike anything. They are followers in the ultimate sense of the word. They never really liked disco pants in the first place. They only got a pair because Demi Lovato wore them at her concerts. Or they saw their favorite actress-idol on a TV show wearing them. Once those icons of Hollywood stops wearing them they do too and try to pretend they cannot believe they wore disco pants “all those years ago.” Even worse are the ones who command others to not wear disco pants at this late year of 2015! Talk about fashion nazis. They cannot think for themselves yet here they are trying to tell others what to wear or what not to wear. But that’s how sheeple are, aren’t they? Just obey orders and pass them along to others without ever questioning. Incredibly annoying. I believe these are people who suffer from celebrity-worship syndrome and lack any self-confidence from within. Their facade of self-confidence is derived from the exterior in the form of material goods. I would daresay these individuals have nothing going for themselves but their pretty faces and trim bodies. And we all know how long those things last.

I see plenty of girls/women particularly on Twitter who tweet about getting their first pair of disco pants now! Yes, in 2015. I read some who are saving up to get a pair. This is not a dead trend. Disco pants are alive and well. Sure, they may have reached their peak in 2012-13 but AA introduced them in 2008 and here they are still going strong in 2015. The period of 2012-13 was when all the sheeple got theirs. The authentic folk got theirs early on, as I did, or are getting them now or are still wearing them after the peak period.

I also blame the negativity mostly on teeny high school girls who are nothing short of fickle-minded and immature. But that is not to completely exonerate college-age and later 20-somethings who still have a high school mentality. My attitude is let people wear whatever the hell they want whether you like it or not. Well, ‘let’ is not a good word since they don’t really have the power to allow or disallow. How about just ‘keep your hateful authoritarian opinions to yourself instead of publishing them for the world to see.’ Disco pants rock and are here to stay. So get over it and go look for your next trend to follow, which you most certainly will bash once your celebrity-gods tell you to do so.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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8 Responses to Disco Pants Workout & Disco Pants Hate

  1. skippy says:

    I had mentioned in the past how In the 90’s I would search specifically for Disco pants at the thrift stores and would find the vintage one’s of course,in black.Last one I found was a pair of jonden in 1995.There was one time In the early 90’s where one thrift store had a few different colors, one was gold pair that a my friend bought.
    I don’t know if you will find The AA one’s at thrift stores as they would have to produce a lot of them for this to happen,as so many of the vintage one’s were made in masses and found their way in the thrift shops later.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hey Skippy,
      I’m constantly seeing on the web girls who manage to find AA disco pants in thrift stores for less than $10. Personally, I have not found any in the 3 years or so that I’ve been frequenting thrift stores. I don’t search for them religiously but I probably should. I have found other good things, such as leather pants and high-end designer jeans, but no disco pants yet.
      Do you still have the black Jonden’s?

      • skippy says:

        I don’t have the jonden’s anymore, I lost all the one’s I had from the 80’s and 90’s.
        But Here is something to think about,Where do some sellers like Roxy on ebay get all those vintage pants from?? There was a time where she was selling a lot of them, almost like she had come across a warehouse of unsold disco pants or something which I believe she did or something similar.Also I will start looking in Thrift stores for the AA pants and see if I can find, any I’m sure they are there somewhere and I have plenty of thrift stores in my area.So I’m on a mission.

      • sktL505 says:

        Oh, that’s sad to hear. I would hate to lose mine!
        I’ve wondered about that myself. I believe some people just go out searching specifically for disco pants at estate sales and travel a long ways to do so. I’ve seen her sell many over the last couple of years and usually getting top dollar for them.
        Yeah, keep looking in thrift stores. Haven’t found any around here. I just have a feeling that whenever they come into the stores the sorters probably pull them aside and keep them for themselves. I’m sure they can do that. Let me know how your search goes.

  2. DorianGray says:

    I got two things to contribute on this subject. First, Disco Pants are all over TV and the internet right now!!! Just saw them this week on back round dancers on NBC show with Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, Demi Lovato wears the pants and shorts a lot currently. Any reality or talent show on TV will probably have a girl contestant or back round singer wearing them. Also, check out any current rap video. Second, I saw a pair of vintage black “Druthers” at my local goodwill store about a month ago for six dollars!!! Tell your friends never to give up finding a vintage pair when thrifting.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Dorian,
      Thanks for commenting!
      Are they really that frequently seen on TV? I don’t really watch any newer shows except Saturday Night Live, and I saw a singer who does background vocals, Gwen Sebastian, for Blake Shelton. She was wearing black ones. It is good to know that they are still very popular.

      Did you buy the Druthers pair you found? I sure keep hoping I find some. I know there are many still out there just waiting to get a 2nd life.

  3. Dorisn Gray says:

    They are still seen quite often on T.V., especially music oriented shows.

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