Not-So-Good News

A couple of items of note that I would not consider to be good news.

First, I tried on my white Jonden disco pants last night in order to do some photo shoots. As I have mentioned before they are clearly the tightest pair of disco pants I have. And the hardest to put on. But my, are they the silkiest smoothest ones in my collection! And one of the shiniest! I seriously believe that they are as tight if not tighter than the one Dorit Stevens is wearing in this clip from “The Jeffersons” from 1981:

Dorit Stevens’ Disco Pants 1981

I knew getting them on would be a huge undertaking. The last time I put them on I had just gotten a new zipper installed. After quite a long time of struggling to zip them up, I felt like I had accomplished something great. And I took plenty of photos but not enough. The zipper is always the hardest part on these pants. The waist band is the stretchiest of all disco pants I have come across so no problem there. But last evening as I was struggling to zip them up the zipper pull tab broke off with the pants only a quarter to a third zipped up!   Not only that but they keep zipping down slowly. So I had to take as many photos as quickly as I could before they completely zipped down. But they never did fully zip down and you know why? Because the zipped teeth separated just below the zipper mechanism. So now I will have to have that zipper replace AGAIN if I have intentions of ever wearing them anymore.

I was disappointed but those pants are just incredible. Their shine, they way they completely hug the legs from the knees on up. Their smooth feel. Their comfort. Many of my other skintight disco pants are waist-killers. Their waistbands are small and/or have little stretch so they end up hurting after a short time of wearing them. But these have no such problem. I certainly wish I could get my hands on more of these.

In other news, it really seems that the modern disco pants sensation is wearing off. Twitter has much fewer tweets about spandex disco pants. You will still find plenty of tweets with the phrase ‘disco pants’  in them but they will usually be ignorant uses by people who have no idea what real disco pants are (mostly men).

I see a lot of tweets from girls in Brazil about disco pants. Seems disco pants have become a hot thing there in recent times. But as far as the US and UK go, it seems to be dying out. There are still many disco pants bashers (mostly women) who criticize the pants as being “so 2012 or 2013”. As if that were such a different time or so long ago. I label such people as completely mindless trend-followers who would were a boot on their heads if their favorite celebrity idols were doing so.

But to we disco pants purists and enthusiasts there is no such thing as disco pants going out of style. Not that we care even. The wonderful thing about this new wave of disco pants fashion that American Apparel introduced in 2009 is that plenty of women fell in love with this article of clothing they never knew existed before. They continue to wear them and probably will for quite some time. This has also brought forth many bolder guys who have chosen to wear them. Mind you, I have never seen any guys around where I live (and I live in a huge city) wearing disco pants. And I still have only seen one girl around here wearing them, not including the 4 that I have given disco pants to.

One of the girls I gave AA disco pants to really loves them and soon she will be getting another pair. I’m hoping to get some photos of us together in our disco pants. I think that would be the ultimate cool.

The ebay seller that I was getting those really cheap Chinese disco pants from apparently no longer has them for sale. I can’t imagine that they have all been sold. I had been frantically looking on ebay for those and I can’t find them. There are plenty being sold from the UK. In fact, I would say that there are more disco pants sellers from the UK than from the US. And they have some really nice ones but the currency conversion makes their price and then also the shipping on top unaffordable for me at this time. Fortunately, I have found what I believe to be those very same cheap disco pants based on the photos and title on Still about $10 or $11 with free shipping. Stock up now!

So what do you all think? Are disco pants on the wane? With all this talk of AA and its bankruptcy will their disco pants soon be gone forever? I wrote before that many of the other copycat brands of disco pants had already stopped selling theirs several years ago. There is still boohoo. Seem to be more exclusively in the UK. Not sure what will happen but it bears watching.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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6 Responses to Not-So-Good News

  1. doriangray says:

    Dear Friend, Like I was telling you before, I actually work at an American Apparel store and they have scaled back the colors to just the basics. The company is in bankruptcy, but it is more of a re-organization and power struggle with the founder. Anyway, we still sell a ton of them and our girls love to wear them. They do seem less common in everyday life but they are going very strong in the performing arts (especially back up singers). Also, H&M carries the black ones in their stores and online. The are very good quality with a slightly different cut. They don’t actually call them disco pants although. Check it out.

    p.s. I wore the silver AA ones twice for Halloween events this year for 80’s rock star costume. Glad I’m still thin enough to squeeze into them

  2. skippy says:

    Just ordered 3 pairs from Ali Express, each pair in the 10.00 range, free shipping.
    Stock photos are the same as all the china vendors.Pretty sure the same pants as the other one’s,But they have the brand as Yomsong pants.
    Dont know if they have any tags inside with this name or not,I ordered 2 Aqua blue lg and Xl and one red Lg.Will let you know how they are when I get them.

  3. skippy says:

    Got one pair today of Sky or Aqua blue XL Disco pants from Ali Express and yes they are the same pants as all the others,This color has the AA tag inside,Waiting now for the other Aqua blue Lg and The Red Lg.

    • sktL505 says:

      Sounds great! Is the price the same as the others?

      • skippy says:

        Yes they are,I did also receive the Lg Blue and the Red Lg,Problem is I can’t put on the Red as it is too small,It has a Lg tag but I think it is a Med.
        I’m gonna have to sell them on ebay as a med size,The sizing is incorrect.Btw why is your reply dated as Dec 15 when it is the 14th??

      • sktL505 says:

        That’s too bad. They do have some sizing inconsistencies. Will you notify them or is it not worth it?
        I don’t about the date issue. Could be because I never set my time zone on my account so it’s using some default time zone.

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