Disco Pants Don’t Need Any Help!

There has been nothing much going on in my spandex disco pants world other than the fact that I am thoroughly enjoying my collection of them. No new additions though there may be a new one before the year is up. Actually my collection has shrunk by two, as I am giving those away as gifts.

Recently I happened to catch the very first episode of “Too Close For Comfort,”a tv sitcom from the 1980’s. For a brief moment near the end of the episode there was a young woman wearing shiny black disco pants. She and a guy happened to wander into Henry & Muriel’s bedroom from a party going on downstairs in Sarah & Jackie’s apartment. It’s not an extended scene of her disco pants and it’s by no means a full on view of the pants but it is great to see. The episode is from 1980 and it serves to remind me that I need to compile a list of tv show episodes featuring characters in spandex disco pants.

I’ve also come across Ashleigh & Pudsey, a girl and her dog who performed on “Britain’s Got Talent” television show. I saw them performing twice on the show; one time Ashleigh was wearing red AA disco pants, the other time she was wearing gold AA disco pants. She and her dog ended up winning big time on the show and apparently many viewers were critical of the decision. I myself watched the performances and although they were ‘cute’ at best, I’m not sure she should have won it all. I guess wearing disco pants really helps in more ways than one!

Now there is something I have been wanting to write about for quite some time but it may be a bit of a controversial issue. But finally I’m going to say it. As you know I am a huge fan of disco pants. Not only do I love to see other people (anyone) wear them but I love to wear them myself. Disco pants are by nature a very sexy article of clothing. But there are ways to tone down that natural sexiness when and if necessary. I believe a lot of women–particularly younger ones–who I have seen photos of in disco pants do not know how to properly wear them. They go too far. Many of them are pairing disco pants with very skimpy tops or showing a lot of skin in general. As I already said, disco pants in and of themselves are already very sexy and there is little to nothing else that needs to be done to add to add to one’s sex appeal when wearing them. There is a point at which a person’s look can go from being at the pinnacle of their sex appeal to approaching the beginnings of trashiness. And unfortunately, while I love to see girls wear disco pants, a lot of them go too far and make themselves look trashy. And there’s no need for it. But they don’t understand. Of course all of this is subjective and I’m sure many guys go for that trashy look. But then, many guys would never wear disco pants themselves. I do and I believe I’m in a better position to objectively understand what is great and what is over the top.

In my opinion, there is nothing more attractive than a woman wearing disco pants paired with a sweater, a knit top, a t-shirt or some kind of jacket. At worst I say even a tank top is fine as long as it is not too short nor too tight. With disco pants being skintight, there is not real need for any top to fit skintight as well. Fitted is fine. Skintight is over the top. Here are some photos of what I consider to be the sexiest disco pants outfits:






















I went with this photo first because she happens to be wearing two of my favorite items–disco pants and what appear to be Ugg boots! Although I am not crazy about the color of the Uggs, the disco pants are amazing nonetheless as is her entire outfit. The pants are clearly not American Apparel brand, which indicates that she is probably budget-conscientious. She’s wearing a leather jacket the color of which matches her boots and a longer shirt underneath. She’s not showing any skin yet she is sporting a look that is extremely sexy.
















Here is another great look. She’s wearing grey disco pants, Adidas sneakers and a white sweatshirt. Nothing revealing yet the sex appeal of her outfit is extremely high.






































I love how she tucks just a little bit of her shirt into the pants! Sometimes you may want to leave your shirt hanging over and sometimes you may want to tuck it in depending on the occasion. I really like the idea of tucking in the shirt, especially if you’re trim and fit.


















Love that green! Her outfit looks sexy yet a bit conservative at the same time.















Another great pairing. Midnight navy disco pants, casual sneakers and what looks like an oversized shirt. A+!















Shiny black disco pants with a long-sleeved striped shirt. Simple yet very sexy. It’s really all about the pants.








































































This final photo is one of my absolute favorites. Looks like a rather simple outfit but the disco pants just gives it such a strong dose of sex appeal. And you can tell that she is not the kind of girl that flaunts anything. She seems reserved and conservative but the pants gives her outfit a bit of edginess and makes it overall outstanding. Any other pants with that outfit would be just another day. But the disco pants sends the message that she is also bold and adventurous and she blends it in well with her reservedness. Love that photo!

I would love to share more photos but I think you get the point of what I’m saying. Disco pants are extremely sexy on their own and no further effort needs to be made to increase the sexiness of an outfit that includes a pair of them. Of course, people can choose to dress however they want and I’m just happy to see anyone wearing disco pants, even if the rest of their attire may be over the top. I’m all about the disco pants but when you start combining too much skimpiness with them you start taking away from their appeal and the attention they deserve.

That’s all for now.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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6 Responses to Disco Pants Don’t Need Any Help!

  1. Tom says:

    I found a music video by some obscure French metal band in 1982 performing with disco pants on. I like the shine of the vintage disco pants, or maybe the tighter they’re worn, the more they shine?

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for that great video! It’s great to see vintage footage of guys wearing disco pants.
      As far as the shine matter goes, here are some thoughts:
      1. Could be the lighting. The more lighting directed towards them the more they will shine. That’s why when I take pics of myself wearing them in limited lighting I use mirrors to reflect more light towards them. And it works!
      2. Some disco pants brands were shinier than others. I have several Jonden brand pairs which are much smoother and shinier than some other brands.
      3. A few people have said that washing their disco pants have made them shine more. I have noticed among mine of the same brand that some are shinier than others so it could be a matter of needing to be washed.
      4. I think you may be right–they seem to reflect more light when they are more tightly stretched across and contoured to the body. This allows for a more uninterrupted flow of reflected light on the pants vs. on a looser fitting pair.

      Great video! Glad you found and shared it. Videos like that one need to be uploaded with a ‘disco pants’ tag so we can find them!

  2. Lynn says:

    You are true, they need no help. I have eight disco trousers in all, I love them. I style mine own with jumpers or fleece hoodies. If I’m feeling cheeky, I will pair them with a singlet or basic t-shirt. I wear black leather biker jacket over any cheeky tops, so as to avoid the trashy look. I prefer sneakers over heals or boots when I wear spandex. I do think heals are sexy with spandex, but it‘s always raining where I live. So I choose warm feet over sexy feet.. As your self says “Disco pants don’t need any help” tis very true. No need to wear a silly corset or tiny tops showing off belly buttons.

    May I say your blog is lovely. I am enjoying all your posts. I wish more lads would wear spandex trousers. I have seen a few fellows in Canada wear them (I‘m abroad for school), back home in Ireland I have seen none. Perhaps lads in America will start a trend back home, I hope.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blogs. I think your brilliant. xoxo

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying it! It’s always great to meet like-minded people.
      I do like your style! I appreciate your choice of tops and also shoes. Nothing beats sneakers & disco pants in my opinion.
      I’m also glad to hear that you like to see lads wear disco pants. It’s encouraging for me and I’m sure it’s for all the male readers of this blog, too! Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. Russ says:

    Awesome pics my blogging friend. Disco jeans and hot ladies are always a great mix. I myself don’t really care what a woman is wearing with her SDJ’s, as long as she is wearing them. There is/was? a picture of a woman on the AA site posing with her arm across her naked breasts laying down while wearing menthe colored disco jeans. I have to tell you, topless women in spandex of any kind is such a turn-on for me. I love that picture. Have you seen it? I think it’s great. See you later.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi Russ,
      I understand what you’re saying. I’m a huge fan of sdj’s so I like to see them worn anytime and anyhow. But for whatever reason I enjoy seeing them even more when they are part of an outfit that is more conservative. That may sound a bit ridiculous as sdj’s might be not exactly be considered conservative attire. But I still say that they are an extremely versatile article of clothing capable of being worn conservatively or quite provocatively.

      I believe I did see that photo of the menthe colored pants. AA is known for some pretty steamy photos. Well, I’m glad they came out with their disco pants, otherwise we wouldn’t talking here!

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