The Year 2015 in Disco Pants

The year 2015 will go down for me as a slow year in terms of spandex disco pants. I wore them very few times in comparison to the years from 2012-2014. Also I did not acquire very many new ones. I wrapped up the year with a recent white pair. Bought a few vintage ones during the earlier parts of the year but they turned out to be ill-fitting (read: too loose). Also acquired a small-label black Le Gambi with a perfect fit and for a good price.  And of course I went through that period where I was buying several pairs of those Chinese disco pants. I had also built up my collection of American Apparel disco pants. At the apex I had 7 pair. Some I wisely bought cheap and resold for a decent profit. I had intended on keeping all of them but for financial reasons I parted with them. At the moment I am back down to only 3–keeping the 2 colors I cannot find among vintage disco pants and my very first black pair. Other than that it was rather quiet. But I did take tons of photos of myself in all my disco pants.

In terms of what 2016 will bring regarding disco pants I just do not know. I pretty much have every color I want–except the elusive bright green. Still hope to find a brown pair. The brown one I did have was a bit looser than I prefer and I am now more than in the past leaning towards a belief that if one is going to wear disco pants they should be quite tight. But I also believe in keeping different sized pairs for different occasions. Aside from that, I will still be on the lookout for the colors I am lacking and for any inexpensive black Le Gambi’s and for Jonden brand pants in any colour.

I am not envisioning any increased opportunities to wear disco pants out in 2016. It’s unfortunate but that is what I am thinking at this time. I believe 2016 will be somewhat of a year of transition for me. I think there may be more opportunities for me to wear my skinny/tight jeans as opposed to my disco pants. I’m hoping I’m rather off in my forecasting here because what I really want is to just wear all my favorite pants be they spandex disco or my skinniest jeans. But we shall see. It will be interesting to see what I write next year around this same time.

The bad thing about this time of the year around here is that it is just too plain cold to wear disco pants OR skinny jeans. The cold just cuts right through the nylon/spandex/cotton wrapped around your legs. So there’s no going out without wearing the Under Armor underneath the pants. But with skintight disco pants or some tighter fitting skinny jeans, it’s not a viable option. So I find myself wearing fleece pants when going out. As I mentioned though, this year may bring about some different things for me, so going out in fleece pants in the winter may not continue to be an option for me at some point.

One thing is for sure–though I may not post as often as I used to here, I am still just as enthusiastic about disco pants as I have ever been. In fact, I am probably one of the most enthusiastic persons about them. It certainly is not easy to find any other blogs or websites about disco pants. And I am coming from the perspective of not only the ‘SEEING’ end but also from the ‘WEARING’ end. I think most folks who have any interest in these pants are either one or the other. Women on the ‘wearing’ end, men on the ‘seeing’ end. I’m on both so I think it’s a rather unique position to be in along with probably a handful of very few others.

Wouldn’t it be a great New Year’s resolution to actually wear disco pants out in public in 2016? I already have in a sense many times. But I’m thinking just to wear them to go shopping at the mall or the grocery store. Or at the thrift store. Or to the post office. Or to the bank. That’s a goal I really have. Maybe somehow I will find a way to do it in 2016 and I hope that all the readers of this blog who feel the same way will find a way to do so also. Because, after all, life is short and disco pants rock!

Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I hope 2016 will be a busy year in terms of disco pants. I hope to have a lot to write about here and will have a lot of your comments to read.

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to The Year 2015 in Disco Pants

  1. skippy says:

    Hey thanks for the post always enjoy them,Check out this video of one of the guys in menudo wearing disco pants any idea what brand they are???

    • sktL505 says:

      Hey skippy,
      Thanks for the video! Those are clearly American Apparel disco pants to me.
      At first I wasn’t sure, but then I realized that guy really was one of the original Menudo dudes. Back then he usually wore silver or champagne-colored ones. I’m surprised he agreed to put on disco pants again for this show.

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