AA Disco Pants 2008-2016?

I really dislike winter. Not only because the cold and snow are responsible for breaking things and making things unpleasant, but mainly because the frigid temperatures do not allow me to comfortable wear my disco pants nor my skinny jeans. Yes, during winter I have to resort back to wearing looser fitting jeans and fleece pants because they allow the extra room for wearing warm tights underneath. Can’t do that with skinny jeans and even less so with disco pants. I’m sure I wrote in the past that when I wore my brown disco pants in the brutal cold of January one year I chose to wear lycra tights underneath them for extra warmth. The problem was the seams of my tights showed through on my disco pants and that was not a good look. Not only that but the lycra tights were not warm to begin with, being quite thin and made from nylon & spandex. I never wore disco pants with tights underneath them again. And nowadays I wear Under Armour tights underneath my jeans or fleece pants. They keep my legs warm. But with skinny jeans it just feels too tight and seems like I can’t pull the jeans up as high as I’d like. I’m not one of these ‘saggers’ or a fan of low-rise jeans. I prefer normal/classic waisted jeans and pants. though Levi’s 510’s are pretty perfect in terms of their rise. That’s why I’m also a big fan of Nudie High Kai and Thin Finn. They have normal rises and fit pretty tight.

Finally, I have a pair of white, vintage disco pants that actually look white when I wear them. I’ve had some that look silver and sometimes the two colors in general can be hard to distinguish. But this pair is a bright white and fits perfectly snug. That takes care of another color I’ve been seeking. I’m still hoping to find green, wine, brown & turquoise–had turquoise but sold it after deciding I would probably never wear it. Rash decision. Which brings me to a word of advice for today: never sell things before getting paid unless you completely trust your buyer. It only takes getting burned once to leave you utterly jaded.

A reader of this blog has brought a really cool video to my attention. It’s a video from 2013 that features a former member of Menudo, Johnny Lozada, appearing on a television show wearing a pair of American Apparel disco pants in deep peacock. At first I wasn’t sure it was really Johnny because the show was a Halloween special and the ‘Juan Gabriel’ person was clearly not the real Juan Gabriel. So I thought it was someone pretending to be Johnny as well. But then I realized it was actually he and surprisingly he is still in very good shape and looked really great in the pants, even though he kept pulling on them and changed his voice to a high-pitched squeal to make it seem like the pants were too tight on him. But, as anyone who has ever worn disco pants already knows, they look and fit skintight but they are totally comfortable. Check out the video:

He was 45 at the time of this show and as I said in very good shape to wear disco pants and that top he was wearing. He might have felt more comfortable wearing the actual vintage-cut disco pants from back in those days as opposed to the skinny/leggings AA cut. I will probably edit this video and upload it to YouTube on my disco pants channel. By the way, Johnny was a member of Menudo from 1980-84.

Finally, I think we have real proof that the whole disco pants trend my be on its last legs. Of course, for we lovers of disco pants it will never go away. It is not a fad nor a trend nor will it be a fashion faux pas at any time. But for those who do follow trends and for the fashionistas and the industry that manufactures them, disco pants are fizzing away and will once again be a thing of the past. The only colors AA is still offering in disco pants are: black, pearl, brown, cranberry, red, midnight, dark green, charcoal & silver. There are about 7 other colors you cannot even buy anymore. And of the colors they are still offering, several are only available in one size only. Additionally, there is no sign of any two-tone and three-town disco pants. They do still have the printed ones but those I do not care for.

I think this is really it. They may keep the black ones and perhaps even the charcoal and red and pearl going for a little longer. But honestly, I cannot see AA selling disco pants beyond 2016. They’ve been selling since 2008. It’s sad but if they do die out I will certainly be looking to ebay to get some authentic pairs. And they will probably be pretty cheap, too!

NOTE: If it seems that I post less and less here it is because I am becoming more and more frustrated with wordpress constantly making changes to its website. With their current new changes I no longer know how to add photos or tags to my posts and I don’t see any options to revert back to the way things were before these changes. Blogspot is much more user-friendly but I would hate to transfer all these posts to another blog. I may just do it though. Stay tuned!

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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6 Responses to AA Disco Pants 2008-2016?

  1. doriangray says:

    As someone who works at American Apparel, I’ll tell you that we still get a lot of black ones in to put to the floor as the still sell quite well. New fans are still trying them on for the first time. But your right that the other colors are fading away.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hi dorangray,
      I do believe black ones will be around for a bit. After all, they are a very versatile article of clothing, and as you said, they are acquiring new fans all the time. I do hope I am wrong and they hang around for several more years. However, as much as I do love disco pants, AA may have gone a bit overboard with some of those colors. I loved them all but I just couldn’t imagine some of them selling all that well. Some probably served only as Halloween costumes and were probably never worn again.
      Since you’re an AA employee, keep us updated on your observations of their disco pants stock.

  2. jamiellion09 says:

    What size do you usually get? I’m curious, because what fit would work for a guy who wears a 30-32 in jeans.

    • sktL505 says:

      Hello! I wear size 32 in jeans for a skintight fit and that’s usually as small as I can go. With disco pants, I find the ideal fit for me is large. I can wear medium for a comfortable yet painted- on look. And X-large is just so loose they’re not even fun to wear. But it also depends on your legs. Do you have skinny legs or more muscular? If your legs are on the skinny side I recommend medium. If they’re more muscular or thicker, a size large would give you a better look. Let me know what you end up getting!

  3. skippy says:

    Hey,After seeing the Johnny Lozada video, I felt compelled to get the same turquoise AA disco pants he has and lo and behold someone was selling a large pair of that color on ebay.I won the auction yesterday at $47.87 with free shipping.

    I do believe this is a discontinued color but not sure.The only other AA pair I had was pearl white and it was see thru so I didn’t dig them as much and resold them on ebay.Good thing about buying Disco pants is that if you don’t like them you can always resell them.

    And it is evident that the disco pants trend is waning once again as most fashion trends do,It sucks as we are into these pants but there will always be some sold on ebay and hopefully I can find them in thrift stores,But its hard to believe women would get rid of these pants in the first place.

    • sktL505 says:

      I’m glad you were able to get a pair in that color! Yes, it is a discontinued color. I had a pair a few years ago but I parted with it.
      I had a pair in pearl recently also. I noticed with the lighter colors that the tighter they are the more see-through they become.
      Yeah, it is a waning trend but there is still plenty of interest on twitter. There are people there who still tweet about wearing them or even getting their first pair now. And it’s a huge fashion right now in Brazil.
      They’re still selling for pretty high prices on ebay which indicates there is still a demand for them. But that may be cyclical. Early in 2015 I was buying brand new pairs on ebay for about $30 with shipping included.
      I can’t believe would get rid of them either. I still can’t see much of a difference between wearing AA disco pants and leggings other than the shine. What’s the big deal about the shine? It must be psychological. I still haven’t found any in the thrift stores I go to. Not that I go on really deep searches though. They might be there but I need to spend 2-3 hours in each store to find everything I look for.

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