Vintage Disco Pants With Belt Loops

Recently I came across a real treasure. I got a vintage pair of silver spandex disco pants that has belt loops and fits like the super skinny leggings style of American Apparel’s version. The brand is Frederick’s of Hollywood and the pants have a really silky, satin-like look and feel to them, similar to my white Jonden’s. The pockets are also more squared-off than the rounded ones that were more typical of FOH’s and other big brands of the day. And there is no brand tag on the right-side pocket. And it has a plastic zipper. I imagine this pair to be a later era design, perhaps mid-80’s or later.

I had a pair of these very same pants three and a half years ago. I even blogged about them. Leggings fit, squared pockets, super shiny & silky, belt loops, plastic zipper, FOH brand. Even the same color: silver. It seems pretty unbelievable that I paid $100 for them at that time. Even worse, they were so small–size 3/4 in fact–that they didn’t fit me. And to add insult to injury the crotch totally came undone and the zipper broke when I did try them on. Thus, I had to pay extra to get the pants repaired and I eventually ended up selling them for only about $60. So that one turned out to be a serious waste of money.

For most of my disco-pants-buying journey I have been avoiding getting any that have belt loops because those usually offer no stretch on the waistband. I learned that the hard way with the aforementioned FOH pair. I may have gotten 1 or 2 others here and there and they all confirmed my non-stretch waistband observation. And since I am still in the ideal physical shape I want to be, I really need as much stretch as possible on the waist band. However, I would love it if I could wear disco pants with belt loops because I usually wear a belt with my disco pants anyway. I just like the look.

But I acquired the very same type of disco pants recently. You might be wondering why I would get the same kind of pants I could not work with three and a half years ago. Well, as most of you already know, disco pants prices have really dropped since 2012, which is also when I started blogging about them. So this same type that I paid $100 for in 2012, I paid just over $20 in 2016! Not only that but the size of this pair was a lot more generous than the other. It was obvious just by looking at them. So I figured if I can’t fit into this one I would just flip it for a profit. To my surprise the pants did fit! And beautifully at that! An absolute perfect fit. I’m not crazy about the AA-style fit on the calves because it does tend to magnify one’s footwear, especially for guys. But for the price I paid I am totally thrilled and I will be hanging onto this one. i did a photo shoot with them last evening and I really did not want to take them off. I was concerned about them showing signs of over-stretching along some seams but I found nothing notable. The pants are pretty new looking and appear to have been never worn or perhaps very gently and rarely worn. The belt-looped waistband gave just enough stretch to accommodate my waist. I struggled to slip my studded belt through the loops, though. I need to find a narrower belt to use with these.

I would love to share a few fit pics but every time I come here to write I am reminded of how difficult it is to do anything on WordPress now that they have made all these changes and ‘improvements’. I can’t even find the link to upload photos anymore. I will look around a bit and if I can figure it out I will add some pics.


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    When you are at the “New Post” window, is there a button on the toolbar called “Add Media?”

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