I came across some old papers of mine and discovered (confirmed, perhaps) that my very first pair of vintage spandex disco pants were purchased in mid-2003 on eBay. I know I wrote about this before. My first pair was a red pair of Frederick’s of Hollywood. They were ill-fitting or in other words, very loose. I knew nothing about the size of disco pants back then and I was limited to ordering while using a very public computer at my job. There was no way to do this discreetly there and I had no home computer at the time.

Shortly after buying those I bought another pair of Frederick’s but this time in silver. I was much more excited about silver than red and while these were certainly more appropriately fitting, they were way too short as the original owner had them cut to length. Again, I knew nothing about the sizings of disco pants when I bought them, and I was just thrilled to be getting the sort of pants that I could only watch in amazement on TV when I was a child. As short as these pants were though, they were certainly a thrill to put them on.

For whatever reason, I did not buy any more disco pants that year. Probably disappointment with my purchases combined with the difficulty in trying to buy such things with the constant fear of someone looking over your shoulder. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with buying spandex disco pants. But I could understand how some people might find it peculiar or even something to talk about over at the water cooler or while taking a cigarette break. But it was not until spring of the following year that I ordered another pair. This time it was a brand new–as in newly made and sold–pair from England. Third time’s a charm, right? Not. This newly made pair did not have the typical shine of traditional disco pants and it was more of a leggings fit like American Apparel’s. And not only that but they were short on me as well. At least AA’s have always had the right shine and have always been long enough on me.

So that was it for my initial disco pants buying days. I bought no other disco pants until 4 years later when AA came out with theirs. That was 2008. It took another almost 4 years before I started buying the vintage ones again. This time I was wiser regarding the sizing. I know what will fit and how it will fit and I know whether or not it will be long enough. The good thing now is that even any of them are shorter than ideal I can always wear them with boots and no one will be the wiser. And while I have right now what I consider to be a pretty amazing collection of disco pants, I’m always on the lookout for those rare colors I still want such as bright green, grey, wine & brown among any others that I may find interesting. Black is also a color I can never have too many of!

We’ll see what 2016 brings forth. We are 4 months into the year and I have only added a single pair to my collection. Let’s see if that changes any.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to 2003

  1. jamiellion09 says:

    Have you thought about looking through Amazon?

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Actually I haven’t. I usually do generic searches on google and Amazon never seems to come up. I will check there. Thanks!

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