4 Year Anniversary

It must have slipped my mind that just less than 2 weeks ago the 4 year anniversary of my first public wearing of spandex disco pants came and went. I just remembered today. Four years have already gone by! Wow!

I wish I could say I’ve been wearing disco pants for 4 years now. But that’s not the case. Stuff happened and my disco-pants-wearing career came to an abrupt end after less than a year. I don’t want to get into very specific details. It’s not that I don’t wear them at all anymore. But I went from 3-6 wearings per month to a couple of wearings per year now. And perhaps 3-6 wearings per month does not sound like much but to me it was great progress. I was getting very close to wearing disco pants in places other than where I started wearing them. I was tracking personal milestones in terms of my disco pants progress. Some of them included: the very first time I wore them; the first time I wore a color other than black; and the times I wore them at other places. And all this progress was made within a period of about 8 months. Twenty-nine wearings in that 8 month period. Only 17 since. Just imagine if everything kept going well!

But things didn’t keep going well. They came to a sudden halt. And I feel that any progress I made is now lost and I would be starting nearly from the beginning again. Not from square one altogether of course. After all, there are still many people who are used to and expect to see me in disco pants. And I make it a point of keeping any form of social media I use inundated with pics of me in disco pants, just so no one will forget or think it was only a phase I was going through.

The good news is I have every intention of wearing disco pants in public again. Any ideal opportunity I get will be a consideration. In fact, I may have 2 opportunities in this new month of May. And while I’m still not in the best of shape to wear them, I could be in worse shape. And perhaps I don’t look as young as I’d like to, I still do look younger than my years!

But that first time I wore disco pants 4 years ago was a very exciting time. I made sure to note every reaction I got that evening. You can probably find a post from 4 years ago where I detailed a lot of the comments I received. They were mostly positive. Nearly everyone wanted to touch the pants or ask questions about them. I had a very fun time that day.

I did not wear disco pants again until 2 weeks after that initial date. Why the delay? Well, one week later we were going to be at a different location with a lot more people and I was going to be in more of a ‘public eye’ position. You see, I was going to be up in front of everyone playing with the band. And that would have been too big of a step to take so soon in my opinion. I prefer taking baby steps. So in two weeks I wore the same Bojeangles pair again. From then on I started experimenting with wearing tighter fitting pairs and even other colors. I’ll never forget what one girl said to me when I was wearing my favorite pair of black Le Gambi’s:”You’re pants are getting tighter and tighter.” And she was right because that pair is one of the tightest black ones I have.

I probably would have worn black disco pants more regularly during those first 8 months. The problem was if I always showed up wearing these skintight, shiny black pants, people were likely to assume I was always wearing the same exact pants. And while I’d love to live in them day and night I don’t want anyone thinking I wear the same single item of clothing all the time. Even though at that time I had about 6 pair of black ones it would be easy to assume I was always wearing the same ones. So I had to start working in the other colors I have. And I did. I wore blue, gold, red, royal blue, navy blue and dark green. I still intend on wearing my silver ones, steel blue ones and white ones eventually.

We’ll see how this new month goes in terms of wearing disco pants. I still have not worn them in 2016. So I’m looking out for the first opportunity,

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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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8 Responses to 4 Year Anniversary

  1. il2wpd@aol.com says:

    Hope you find an opportunity to wear your disco pants and have pics made too.

  2. Rudy says:

    Hi, i am just reading through your blog – quite exciting and a lot of fun for me. I am just curious, why you have problems wearing disco pants in public on a common basis. I wore them 30 years ago continously to school – never mind, what other people said. By the way- i am German- i just bought a couple of pairs form AA (size XL – 100Kg – smile)..
    Could you help me finding other more colourfull XL-sized DP’s?
    My problem is not the money – it’s the SIZE!!!
    I am working in airline management – in nike-sneakers, skin-tight jeans or leggings + short sleeve shirt. I just do my thing…
    And i promise, next week i am on the job in my new disco pants…
    Send me an email occasionally…
    Rudy (from Bavaria, Germany)

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Hi Rudy,
      Thanks for reading and for your comment. Let me just say that I was very inspired after reading your comment! While I did not wear my disco pants when I went out today, I did wear a pair of one my tightest new skinny jeans and I felt good. So thanks very much for your words.
      So I have problems wearing my disco pants in public because I am very self-conscious and I am a bit overweight. I don’t like to attract attention to myself, even though many of the things that I like attract attention. It seems that most people here don’t care how you dress or look, but there are always a few who have to make comments or be obnoxious. Also, when I do wear my disco pants and look in the mirror I realize that I’m not as slim as the other people who wear them. I feel the pants emphasize my larger upper body.
      I am almost 100kg also but I like to wear the smaller sizes. I have one which is too large for me. Let me know if you are interested. I can send you photos. AA is one of the last
      I am fascinated to know that you disco pants all the time to school 30 years ago. I think that is great! If you have any photos from that time I would love to see them.
      I applaud your courage and boldness in wearing disco pants and skintight jeans, even at your job. Thanks so much for writing!

      • Rudy says:

        Thank you for the fast reply – hahahaha- of course i want the big DPs! The old ones were softer and much more shiny. As you can imagine, the more reflecting ones i like the most.
        I prefer the leggings style because i always wear hi top sneakers (i love white nike air force 1) and i love the combination of skinny but muscular legs combined with the hitops.
        But of course i will be happy with whatever i can get…
        I am very happy to profit from your knowledge because for me it is quite hard to get these pants. There are plenty of them on Poshmark but being a foreigner i am not allowed to shop there.
        So- pants that have a stretchy waist and are in the range of 31/32/33/34 inch will be comfortable for me.
        Anyway- first of all thanks for your kindness! And i really like your style of writing.

        I do not have any old fotos – but i can shoot NEW fotos – i have a couple of other stylish hobbies.

        How the hell can i send you a foto? – By the way- what’s your name?
        I am married to Manuela – it is 19 years now – and our second home is Indonesia…

        Send an email to cybria@aol.com and we can exchange some more personal information that cannot be found on my bosses writing desk at a later time….

        Germany is a conservative country, but nevertheless here you can do what you want.
        I am sporting ferrari-red toenails on nicely tattooed feet (done by Sonteng, Gili Meno, Lombok, Indonesia – you find him on Facebook) and most of the time i am wearing fancy sandals – reactions: 95% positive. Just forget that 5%…

        Sports: standup paddling, swimming

        So- what do you think?
        I am 52 feeling like 25 – i am just a big boy…

        I am exited about the DPs and your answer…

      • Spandex Disco Pants says:

        Thanks, Rudy! That is all very interesting. I will send you an email.

  3. Rudy says:

    hopefully i didn’t shock you with my last comment-
    I’d be happy if you are interested in further communication.
    What about the disco pants that are too large for you?
    Would you mind sending some fotos?
    Kind regards,

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Not at all, not at all.
      The pants that are too large are not of the skinny variety. They are the vintage style. I will email you.

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