Disco Pants Shorts & Future Prospects

Recently I cut up one of my Chinese cheapie disco pants that already had a broken zipper and a popped off button. What, I paid like $11 for it and I know it would cost about $20 to replace the zipper and button. Considering that I will probably never have them repaired, I decided they would be a good pair to experiment on. As you may remember that I wrote last summer, I wanted to created a pair of disco pants shorts, but nothing like that which American Apparel calls disco shorts. I want to make a pair that is mid-thigh to knee-length. Mind you, even though this pair was destroyed as is it was still hard for me to put scissors to them and cut away. But I did it because I want to see how it would be. It turned out pretty good! I did not cut them exactly straight across but that can be remedied temporarily by rolling them up a bit. But I do realize the importance of having a hem. It just looks neater and you do prevent the risk of the material unraveling itself. I plan on getting a sewing machine sometime in the fall and I will then proceed to make myself a pair of disco pants shorts with a proper hem. I know by then it’s fall and I will probably not be wearing shorts but it matters not. Perhaps I can even start a disco pants shorts business and leave my mark on this iconic item of clothing.

I wanted to show a photo of how my creation turned out but I don’t have one at the moment. I can only describe them as what would appear to be a very shiny pair of biker shorts without the padding of course and with back pockets! And for whatever reason I think I would feel more confident wearing these out in public rather than a pair of the full length pants. Probably because guys wearing tight bike shorts is a more common thing than guys in disco pants or tights. However as I mentioned before, leggings are very popular among guys now, though I still have yet to see any around here wearing them. But having a bike on hand would make it even more justifiable to wear my disco pants shorts. They are super comfortable, stylish and with those rear pockets even functional! I may experiment with making 2 or 3 different length versions of them.

The only thing is that these cheap Chinese disco pants have become harder to find. No longer are they on ebay. They are on aliexpress though, thanks to a reader of this blog who informed me of this. Still pretty cheap over there but you have to make sure you’re  getting the right thing. And they take a little long to ship and to arrive. But well worth the wait for the price and quality. These are great pants for those who are interested in disco pants but may be timid when it comes to wearing them. At least this way you don’t spend a lot if you decide they’re not for you, although for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would make that decision.

Previously I had mentioned that there were a lot of things in limbo for me and I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging regularly due to feelings of trepidation. But I’m glad to say that it looks like things will turn out better and I will be looking to expand my disco pants collection soon! I think you might have already noticed a clue when I mentioned that I would be buying a sewing machine in the fall. So yes, I have some plans for disco pants and many other things for the remainder of this year and it’s going to be a very exciting time. I’ll keep you posted as to any new developments in the world of disco pants.


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