More Thrift Store Levi’s 510 & 519 Extreme Skinny

I don’t have any new disco pants to make mention of, but I did for the second week in a row find a pair of Levi’s 510 super skinny jeans at my favorite local thrift store. Still no luck finding disco pants at thrifts stores but I am very pleased to find these Levi’s 510.

Last week I found one in the color/wash called “Lake Anza” which is a cotton/polyester/spandex blend. It’s a light-medium blue with fading and a lighter weight denim better suited for warmer weather. The pants are in excellent condition and tagged size 29 so I figured I would resell them since there are so many fans of the older 510 version before the looser redesign. But I also try on any skinny jeans that I find at thrift stores just in case they happen to fit. As I wrote many times before, I do prefer the look and feel of pre-worn jeans because the previous owners wash and wear their jeans plenty which is something I do not do. It takes a certain kind of discipline, I guess, to wear the same jeans every single day to get them looking perfectly faded and worn. And I’m sorry but these factory-faded jeans hardly ever come out looking authentic, and that goes for higher end designer brand denim as well. Right now it’s summer so I don’t wear jeans much but even during the rest of the year I cannot bring myself to wear the same pair of jeans day after day after day. For some people it’s economical. They might only have one or two to wear. I have so many that it’s hard to just wear the same one or two everyday. That’s not to brag–it’s just a testament to my tendency to try to have lots of the things I like, e.g. disco pants.

So this Lake Anza pair of Levi’s 510 I found last week was a size 29 and I have not been able to fit into any size 29 jeans for many, many years. In fact, my old high school Levi’s were the last size 29 jeans I could wear and that was well over 10 years ago. For some reason though, these thrift store Levi’s looked like they might be worth a shot at trying on. So I put them on, pulled them up and buttoned and zipped them! And they were pretty comfortable! They do look & feel skintight but they’re not the kind of skintight that is the so-tight-it-hurts type. I had no idea I could fit into a size 29 pair of Levi’s 510! This one’s a keeper. If there’s any drawback to this pair it’s that they creep up a little bit when I’m wearing them. Reminds me of those aforementioned high school Levi’s. Every time I got up from sitting down I had to pull them down otherwise they looked a little like floods. The Lake Anza pair does this too but to a lesser extent. If I wear Converse high tops with them it’s completely negligible. But with low top sneakers it is noticeable. However, the current fashion trends have guys rolling up their jeans and making their jeans shorter. I’ve also seen a number of guys wearing jeans and pants that would clearly qualify as floods. Thus I assume that if my skinny jeans creep up a little above my low top sneakers it won’t be much of a big deal.

Today I happened to find another pair of 510s. This one was tagged 32×32. Now that’s usually the smallest I can go. This one has some nice fading but not too much. I quickly attempted to try them on but since the room where I tried this was sweltering hot my legs quickly sweated and I was not able to get them fully on and buttoned. These definitely fit tighter than last week’s pair. Yes, a larger size yet a tighter fit. This is why it’s so important to try on jeans in person when buying them new! The color/wash of this pair is “Rigid Stretch” and this makes four pairs I now have of this type–one I bought online brand new, two from this thrift store and one from ebay. I am looking forward to trying this one on again later.

In other news I recently acquired two pairs of Levi’s 519 Extreme Skinny jeans. Never had these before. The only thing I had before these was the Ex-Girlfriend fit jean from Levi’s and I wasn’t all that impressed with them. As I prefer a tighter fit up top and slightly looser below the knees, the Ex-Girlfriend was just the opposite. The 519s are supposed to be tighter than the 510s now that the 510s have gone from super skinny to skinny. The 519s are closer in fit to the super skinny 510 but with a tighter ankle. And it all depends on the color/wash of the jean. One of the two I have is “Grey Overdye” and it is completely skintight from waist to ankle. I love the color and eventually I want to pick up a few pairs in different sizes. The size I have is 32×32 and they’re so tight they hurt my knees when I’m sitting. I’m sure that will loosen a bit with wearing. The other pair I have is “Medium Wash” in the same size as the other and this one fits nothing like the other. Okay so the ankle is still a virtual skintight fit but up top it’s disappointingly too loose for my liking. I hate these disparities in sizing. Hopefully soon I can experiment with some sizing variations on this wash, too. There are more washes and colors out there and some of them are a lot more expensive than others. I do recommend the 519s since they messed with the original fit of the 510s.


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