Thrift Store Denim Adding Up!

So I tried on my new thrift store Levi’s 510 and after a bit of a struggle I was able to button and zip them up. They are undoubtedly the tightest of the four Rigid Stretch models I now have. Up top they look and fit ideally for me, but they are rather uncomfortable at the waist and knees. They have some nice fade lines around the crotch and pocket fading  where the previous owner kept phones and wallets. Length-wise they are perfect and overall they are an awesome pair of original 510 Super Skinny jeans. No holes, rips or stains on these jeans. I can’t imagine why the wearer would give them up. Perhaps because the jeans may have gotten smaller with washings and maybe he just can’t appreciate a pair of skintight jeans. Whoever you are, thank you very much!

I have to upload some photos of these 4 pair I have just to compare them side by side. The Rigid Stretch is not a color/wash Levi’s makes anymore so I will be holding onto these.

I’ve been adding a lot of thrift store jeans to my wardrobe this year. Other than the two I found the last two weeks there’s also a pair of faded black H&M skinnys, a red Levi’s 508, a dark grey Levi’s 508 and another 513 in “Bastion”. The H&M is a button-fly, unisex-looking, heavyweight pair that will sure be great for winter weather. I’m not crazy about button-fly but I can work with it. The red Levi’s aren’t really denim material but more like twill. They are a bright red similar to my Hollister pair of skinny jeans. A bit tight on the waist–they are size 30–but great since I don’t like wearing belts. Not for function anyway. For fashion, yes. The dark grey 508s are a perfect, universal fit, meaning they are pants I could comfortably and confidently wear anywhere and for any occasion. This pair is a size 31 which is smaller than I usually wear but the fit is just fine. Finally, 513s in Bastion are another pair is stretchy and very nice. The color is much lighter than the one I have and wear even though they are both Bastion. This used pair has clearly been washed and worn more often than mine. I still have not washed mine as I only wear them maybe twice a week during the non-summer year so they are still a rich, dark blue. Mine is a size 30 which provides the optimal fit for me, while the thrift store pair is a 32 and tends to be a little loose on the waist and requires me to pull them up often.

Today I found another H&M pair at the thrift store. This one is a dark blue size 30, I believe. I will try them on later and perhaps keep them, too. But as a result of these new-found denim treasures I feel I should part with some of the pairs I have that I don’t wear often. I have a few in mind which I will probably part with.


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