AA Disco Pants Down to 4 Colors

Well, it’s official. I have written often about the potential demise of the beloved disco pant fashion. I’m not saying they are no longer being made or sold. But American Apparel is only selling them in 4 colors now. That’s 4 colors. During the peak craze of these amazing pants from 2012-2014, AA offered them in 16 colors. They were:

-forest green
-imperial purple-rich purple

They are now down to black, red, midnight & charcoal.

When it comes to disco pants I don’t wish to be the bearer of bad news. But this does not bode well. On one hand, they are still selling disco pants, which is wonderful news, just in a severely limited color range. On the other hand, this may be the strongest signal as of yet that this amazing garment is being phased out. And I am particularly disappointed because my plan of owning a complete set of all these colors is now next to impossible. Not only that, but I even sold some of the last few pairs I had in the no-longer-made colors not too long ago. The ones that really pain me are the cranberry and the brown. I’ve had 9 of the 16 colors and now I’m down to only 2 of them–black & charcoal.

Money has been my biggest foil. It is the reason I have not been able to put together a collection of all these AA disco pants AND keep them. Even when I did start to put together a collection of cheaply-priced brand new pairs found on ebay I had to eventually part with them in order to pay for other things. But I will see what I can still put together. The problem is, of the 4 colors they are still selling, I already have 2 and I have no need for the other 2! But I will look into getting a second pair each of the black and charcoal in size large. My mediums are pretty skintight and I would like to have extra pairs just a little looser. As for all the other colors, I guess ebay will be my only source. I don’t think I should expect to find new, unworn pairs though. I will be looking out particularly for royal, menthe, cranberry, brown and both purples.

I know there is one reader of this blog who has told me that he has every color of the pants and even some of the 2-color & 3-color ones. I can only declare that he is very lucky indeed. There is another reader of this blog who works for AA and I would like to know from this person what they’ve observed in terms of sales of the pants. Are people still buying them? Is it mostly girls in their 20’s and older buying them as opposed to the teens? Are guys getting into them now? If you read this post I’d love to have your feedback!

It’s interesting that long before AA dropped its color choices of the disco pant, many other retailers completely stopped selling their own version of the pants. It seems they got into the game a few years after AA introduced them in late 2008 and got out of the game plenty early.  And here is AA nearly 8 years later still selling the original black ones they offered initially.

Let’s see how long AA keeps on with these 4 colors. My hope is that they never fully go away, and linger on as the tragic boot cut jean has all these years. To any of you who may be concerned that these pants are going away permanently and soon, I still can put you in contact with a maker of these pants in the original straight-leg cut and with some of the original brand names. These are beautiful brand new pants, made in the USA, with a perfect fit and improved-upon material and super high quality. And with these there is no need for any concern with pre-worn clothing or vintage items that are too fragile due to age, wear & tear. There are also plenty of Chinese-made, inexpensive disco pants to be found out there. They are not top-notch quality but for the price they go for you absolutely cannot lose.


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12 Responses to AA Disco Pants Down to 4 Colors

  1. DorianGray says:

    I am your reader that works for American Apparel. I have a few things to tell you. A lot of what your seeing with the disco pants has to do with the company itself and what they are trying to do. The company itself is not doing well and has something of an identity crisis. They seem to being getting away from the wilder styles and going with more conservative garments. This strategy is not working well as the company continues to lose money. From a sales perspective the colors that are still sold were always and continue to be great sellers. The only variation from this trend was always Halloween time when people built their costumes with disco pants. My female co-workers of all shapes sizes always loved them but are continually encouraged to wear newer styles.

    As to what types of people wear them, mostly college age girls, but I have observed that girls from China, Hong Kong and Korea seem to purchase them more often. My area has a high density of international students and tourists.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Great to hear from you! Thanks for the insider info. It is comforting to know that the pants are still great sellers so perhaps they will stick around for several more years. I have noticed at least online that they do seem to be more popular with Asian females and also Brazilian ones.
      So even though you and your co-workers love the pants you are encouraged to wear the newer items coming out. I understand why that is but it has to suck if you’re told not to wear them or not to wear them as often as you’d like.
      Enjoyed your feedback. Please keep us posted!

  2. doriangray says:

    Update, one of my female co-workers at American Apparel work black Disco Pants to work today. It’s been a while don’t you know!!!

  3. Russ says:

    I’ve been to the AA website recently. Today in fact. They are down to two colors in full size ranges – black and midnight navy. The red white, and charcoal are disappearing in availability. They only seem to be available in XXS, but there are some small and medium reds still there. I’m glad that I have at least one of every pair AA ever made, and I’m still trying to land more so that I can have at least two of every color. Except for the light pink ones. They just aren’t my color. I’d rather have fuchsia or neon pink disco jeans. They really rock IMO. I have one from Bojeangles, just need another.
    Sometimes you can find unworn pairs on ebay. At least they still have the tags on them so I think they are unworn. Just keep your eyes open to what’s available out there. See ya.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Hey Russ,
      It is a shame that they phased out many of the colors. When they did have all those colors I was pretty broke and couldn’t get them. I even had to sell many of the ones I did have. I’m down to a few blacks and a charcoal.
      Nowadays if I want new ones I’ll order newly made ones by LeGambi and/or Bojeangles. Can’t beat those!

      • Russ says:

        Yeah those new ones are awesome. I have bought two so far. I hope to get more when/if I can afford them.

      • Spandex Disco Pants says:

        Oh ok so you already know how good they are! Yeah, I’d like to buy me enough to last a lifetime.

  4. Russ says:

    I forgot to mention that while I was at the AA website looking into SDJs for sale, I also checked the customer feedback out. It seems a few guys have purchased some disco pants from AA after I did and have been raving about them, and about not having discovered them sooner. Not a lot, just a few. But a few more than I saw there when I bought them a while back. So maybe the color choice is dwindling, but interest seems to be rather moderate to high when it comes to AA’s disco pants. Thought you’d like to know.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Hi Russ,
      That is encouraging to hear. I would bet that even more guys gave reviews but didn’t get published. I know because I am one of those. I left a very nice review sometime late last year yet they never published it. However they did publish people (all women) who left reviews after I did. Don’t know why they are screening reviews.

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