Halloween & Disco Pants

Around these parts a day called ‘Halloween’ is quickly approaching. And for many fans of disco pants, this is the one day of the year you might feel secure enough in publicly wearing a pair of the skintight, shiny pants. You may incorporate it as part of your costume. Even better if included as part of your costume you have a mask. The mask will hide any explicit traces of self-consciousness and awkwardness you may experience while wearing disco pants.

I for one am preparing my costume and yes, of course it will include shiny, vintage disco pants and a mask. I should declare that at this point I’m not sure I will be going out on Halloween. There is an event that I can participate in and I’m hoping to be able to go to it. Regardless of whether I do or I don’t, I have already spent some money preparing my costume. What am I going to be, you ask? Well, think of a costume that was comprised of actual shiny, tight spandex. Think of a character or characters that wore such an outfit and a mask. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog then you may remember that several years ago I had an outfit prepared for this same event but I did not go. Give up? My costume will be that of a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Yes, there has never been any other action character/super hero that wore as much skintight, shiny spandex as the Power Rangers. Not to my recollection anyway. Naturally, they did not wear disco pants but they did wear shiny spandex pants and tops. I do not know if these were one-piece outfits but they sure looked great. And each of the 5 Rangers wore a different color. I found it interesting that no part of the spandex pants was covered up for the male Rangers, unlike the female Ranger(s) who had what looked like a little bit of a skirt or long shirt covering up the crotch of the pants. I would have imagined it the other way around; the males would have it covered up while the female(s) did not.

The Power Rangers was a TV show that began in 1993. There have been many different incantations of the show since. The original version featured them wearing 5 different colours:


A later version featured them all wearing shiny white spandex pants


Still another version had them all wearing black spandex pants while each wearing a different color top and matching boots:


Their outfits changed every season, but surprisingly, the one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the 23 year run is the skintight shiny spandex pants.

I have never watched the show myself. Why would I not watch a show featuring so many outfits that featured pants that looked like disco pants? Probably because I didn’t know about it. And that’s a good thing because I probably would have obsessed about it. I was just out of school when that show began. I would have spent my days dreaming about being a Power Ranger and wanting to buy a costume like theirs! Nowadays I’m not particularly interested in being a Power Ranger. I’m more interested in being a rock star and incorporating my disco pants into everyday outfits. But the PR costume makes for a great opportunity to wear disco pants and not get weird looks.

Do you celebrate Halloween where you are? If so, what are your costume ideas? How else would you incorporate disco pants into your costumes?


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