Thrift Store Disco Pants!

I am very pleased to announce that for the first time in 5 years of searching, I have joined the ranks of those other bloggers who have found disco pants in thrift stores. Yes, today I came across a pair of American apparel disco pants in black, size small. Okay, so they weren’t of the vintage variety. But it matters not. I was just so thrilled to find them. And it wasn’t as though I really had to dig for them. They were kind of just sticking out as though they had freshly been inserted there by a staff member who did not make the effort to squeeze them between the other tightly packed pants. Or perhaps someone had just finished looking at them and decided they were too small or too novel an item to wear and hung them back up in a hurried fashion.  Whatever the case I am now a proud owner of a thrift store pair of American Apparel disco pants!

Upon a quick examination of the pants they look virtually unworn. I saw no stretched out marks nor any of those dreaded white spandex fibers that eventually start poking out of the nylon material. I must examine them further to see if they are one of the original aa disco pants or one of the more recent updated versions.

I saved the best for last–the price. The pants were tagged at $3.99! Not including a 25% early bird discount!! Basically I got a beautiful virtually new pair of American Apparel disco pants for $3.30 with tax!

At the moment I am undecided between keeping the pants and perhaps reselling them in order to raise some funds to buy the size large I need. I say ‘need’ because disco pants is life and they are nothing short of a necessity. You disco pants fans out there know what I mean. I may try them on later to see if they fit. I used to have a pair in small that actually did fit but I gave them to a friend who unfortunately probably doesn’t wear them anymore. I didn’t mind giving them away as long as she wore them. And she did. We even wore disco pants on the same occasions sometimes. She looked wonderful in them even though they were a tad loose on her. That’s one of the great things about disco pants–they can be a little loose and still look great. Key words are ‘a little loose’. I’ve had some disco pants that were quite loose and they are no fun to wear. I had that pair of XL AA disco pants which in some angles looked good but in others not so much. I really think the ideal size for me in the AA pants is large.

My own pair of medium disco pants are starting to show wear in the crotch and I haven’t even worn them out! However I did spend many hours at home in them doing photo shoots. When I first got these pants back in late 2008 they were literally the best thing I ever had and I know I was trying them on lots and lots of times. I received them on Christmas Eve of 2008. What a Christmas gift to myself!

For whatever reason I first ordered and received the medium and then ordered a small and received it 9 days later. Not sure why I ordered the small when the medium was a pretty skintight fit already. I look back at the photos and videos of me in both pairs and I can’t really tell the difference. A few years later, after having given my friend my small, I ordered another small for myself. I could not fit into it at all. This is why I’m not particularly hopeful that I can fit into the one I found today. But I will try.

On another note, I have received my Halloween costume gear. In my last post I mentioned that I was putting together a Power Rangers costume. The shirt and mask both arrived on the same day. The shirt is a little tight and with the disco pants it emphasized my top-heaviness a bit too much. So I ordered another shirt a larger size up. The mask is nice but it’s not something I think I can wear a whole evening. It does not fit all that great on your face and it gets hot behind there after a while. What I’m thinking about getting now is a pair of boots to wear this costume with. There are ebay sellers in China who make boots to your specified dimensions. The price isn’t bad. And the boots look like something you could wear outside a costume. So instead of getting a pair of actual Power Rangers boots with the designs on them, I’m looking at getting something that is less conspicuous and maybe useful for other occasions. Time is running out so I will have to decide soon. In the meantime, we’ll see how those thrift store disco pants fit.



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