AA Disco Pants in Large & Goal For 2016

Yesterday, I received my American Apparel disco pants in black, size large. This is the first ever AA disco pant in size large that I have had. How did they fit? They fit very nicely. But I still prefer the medium fit. I think that for the manner in which I like to wear pants, the medium is the ideal size for me.

Both the large and medium seem to be similar from the thighs on down. Let’s face it–these pants are made to look like super skinny jeans or leggings even, so they will fit skintight or nearly skintight on most of the leg area across the size spectrum. I’ll say the large is just a bit looser from the thighs down but the difference is probably negligible. The real difference comes at the waist and crotch. The large is a lot more comfortable at the waist; however, it is looser in the crotch not only by feel but by look. This is especially evident when sitting down. Also because the waist is a little bit bigger and the rise is a bit longer, the very top of the waist folds down on me. In order to prevent that from happening I would have to wear a belt with them. These would go pretty well with my Power Rangers costume.

Since I have been looking to buy a new pair I am pretty sure I will be getting a medium now. Since the large does not fit all that tight I don’t have to worry about it wearing out in the crotch. As I wrote before, my old medium from 2008 has started to show signs of wear in the crotch so it would be good to have a replacement pair on hand. Those cheap Chinese versions, while very shiny and nice, are no match for the AA ones. Plus, not knowing how much longer AA will continue to sell disco pants, it’s a good idea to get an extra pair or two for now.

Today I’m making a goal for myself to wear my disco pants in public sometime before the year is up. Yes, the year is up in less than 3 months so in a sense my goal is a bit drastic but it’s also very time-generous in the sense that I’m only planning a single wearing. Since I don’t frequent the main place I used to wear my disco pants to regularly anymore, I really have to find another outlet. It really sucks having all these pants and not being able to enjoy wearing them. Well, I don’t mean anyone is preventing me from wearing them. It is mainly I who is preventing me. I haven’t developed that ‘devil may care’ attitude quite yet. Additionally, I have not yet worn any of my disco pants in 2016.

I do not want to wear my disco pants just anywhere, though ultimately that would be the goal. Once I get more comfortable with wearing them for more special events or places then I can start using them as everyday wear. I still have yet to see ANYONE around here wearing disco pants at the grocery store or bank or post office or mall. Nothing! But my goal will be to wear them when I head on over to my local mall. It’s a huge mall but I usually only go to the Kohl’s there. But if I should decide to go to Carson’s it is on the opposite side of the mall and that would be quite a long walk!

So why this sudden mission to wear my disco pants? Well, I was encouraged by a reader who left a comment on one of my posts today. In fact, I was so encouraged that just a little while after reading his comment I went out wearing one of my tightest thrift store Levi’s 510. This was the first time I wore this pair and I felt pretty confident in them. Mind you, these jeans are a size 29, and they are super skinny, and I usually get a skintight fit with Levi’s super skinny jeans in size 32. So these really do fit almost like leggings and look like jeggings. Did I notice any looks? I think so but mainly from people who have a cookie-cutter style or folks beyond the age of fashion interest. Besides, at 6’3″, 200+ pounds and sporting a bushy beard, I don’t think anyone would dare say anything to me anyway, lol.

So yes, this reader who commented really pumped me up to wear not only  my disco pants but also the other skinny jeans I have that are just stacked here gathering dust in my room. It will be an eventful two-and-a-half months to the end of the year!


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4 Responses to AA Disco Pants in Large & Goal For 2016

  1. Rudy says:

    Wow! Thank you, my friend! It was – and is – a pleasure to encourage you. When you live an authentic style, you will find out, that negative comments are marginal. Disco pants and skintight fashion are a part of you – and we are living in a liberal world.
    One day you will look back and think: I should have done it earlier!
    Good luck and kind regards,

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Yes, you are so right! Especially about looking back with regrets. I already feel regret about not having worn skintight jeans more often in my younger days. I had the jeans but I was too concerned with what people would say and think. But you have planted a seed in my mind and I thank you again!

  2. Russ says:

    I hope you do it. I still haven’t worn any of mine out in public, except for the one time I wore a pair to work with sweat pants over them on a very cold winter day. So I’m still working up the nerve to do it also.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      I’m still awaiting the day…..
      I have worn many of mine to church and you may perhaps think that is a rather odd place to wear them. But I always felt that church is kind of a safe zone to experiment with stuff like that. After I stopped going there that killed off my oppotunities to wear them. So I really have to find other outlets to wear them to. There is no point in having such a great article of clothing and not wearing it! But it’s an uphill battle, I know.

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