Wore Another Thrift Store Find

Well, no more disco pant finds at thrift stores since my very first one a couple of weeks ago. I’m just wondering if that was a needle-in-a-haystack type deal. Whatever it was I will keep looking. Would love to find some of the colors American Apparel no longer makes, like the royal blue, brown, caramel and cranberry.

Speaking of thrift stores, today I wore another one of my recent finds in terms of skinny jeans. A couple months ago you may remember I found 2 pairs of Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans on back-to-back weeks of shopping at one particular store. One was a size 29, which despite that tiny size fit me perfectly and I wore it just last week or so after a blog commenter inspired me. That pair only cost about $5-$6 and would have been worth it at 3 times the price. Those jeans fit skintight yet are super comfortable and I could wear them all day without any physical discomfort. They are a bit lighter-weight denim and a bit more stretchy than other 510s.

The one I wore today is a “Rigid Stretch” model and boy is it ever tight! This one is not as stretchy as the other, and it is more of a medium-weight denim.. It is my 4th pair of 510s in Rigid Stretch and the tightest of the four. It has the kind of fit where you don’t put anything in your front pockets because if you do they will be bulging out and you will have a heck of a time getting them out. The previous owener clearly kept his phone in one of his front pockets but I could not possibly do that. I keep my wallet in my back pocket and even that bulges out. This pair cost about $10 and also well worth it. But I do wonder how they came up with that price. It was twice as much as the other one, and it’s not like the pants are new or hardly worn. They clearly have fading in all the typical places, phone-in-the-pocket outline and hige lines across the crotch. But I consider myself extremely lucky to have found them.

So yes, I wore that one for the first time today. I knew I was going out so I just put them on for the thrill of wearing them. I was sure I would change out of them before going out. But as I kept looking at them and at me in the mirror I convinced myself I should just go in them. If I had my slightly longer jacket I would have gone in them without any consideration. But since that jacket is out for repairs, I would have to wear a shorter jacket. And so I did. And you know what? I really enjoyed it and didn’t care if others might gawk or not like it. And I felt good. Surprisingly, they were pretty comfortable, with the excpetion being squatting in them and near the end of my trip when they were starting to hurt a little on my waist. But no pain no gain. By the way, I wore them today at the store where I originally got them.

I’m so glad it’s fall now and I can wear my tight jeans again. It’s not that I cannot in the summer, but it’s pretty hot around here for tight jeans in the summer AND it’s difficult to cover up my top-heaviness without the benefit of jackets or coats. I would love to wear this pair of 510s everyday or almost everyday, but they are stretched to the max on me and some of those hige lines would quickly wear out completely and start to rip. The key is to not wash them often. Once I started getting in to jeans I stopped washing mine after a few wearings. I remember how great they looked after I had worn them 8 hours a day. And how better they looked after another 8 hours and than another 8 and so on. It was always after washing them that they become stiff and all the wrinkle lines around the knees and crotch disappeared. I really hated that. It took many hours and days of new wearings to get them back to how they were. So I stopped having them washed. If they got any blemishes on them I would just try to clean that particular spot. Mind you, I only did this with my jeans that I really liked. Other jeans that I just wore at home or at the job I had washed more regularly. Even today though, I rarely if ever wash any of my jeans. Even some that I have found at thrift stores I did not wash before wearing. That includes the 2 mentioned above. I know that sounds a little risky but I am pretty sure these stores do launder these clothes before putting them for sale.

Washing does two bad things to your jeans: first, it leads to premature color wear. Most all major jeans manufacturers suggest wearing your jeans more often before washing them in order to prevent too much of the dye fading out too soon and in order for your jeans to have all those nice wear lines that occur after frequent use. Second, detergents and fabric softeners are all heavy chemicals which in reality weaken and destroy your clothing a little bit each time you use them. That’s why fabrics get thin and eventually rip. While it is true that wearing ‘too-tight’ clothing can also lead to thinning and ripping, washing is a major culprit in the destruction of clothing. Oh and by the way, ‘too-tight’ is not really a word or phrase in my vocabulary, but I have seen how quickly some of my vintage disco pants started to deteriorate as a result of fitting extremely tight on me. Then again, not having been originally my pants I cannot know how many time they were laundered and dry cleaned.

I have yet to take some photos of my 4 pairs of 510s in Rigid Stretch. That should make a good next post.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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8 Responses to Wore Another Thrift Store Find

  1. Rudy says:

    did you recieve my emails?
    Thanks for a reply…
    Kind regards,

  2. Wolfe says:

    I have several pairs of disco jeans. Usually I like to wear black or midnight navy. Back in the day, I actually had a pair of the Fredericks ones and I used to wear them out to places.
    I was thinking of wearing some out tomorrow. How can I contact you to tell you of the experience and possibly send some photos for you to post?
    If this gives you my email address please send me yours and I will send photos that way.
    We could also share some ideas on where to purchase them at.

  3. Russ says:

    Cool. I found two pairs of black SDJs at nearby thrift stores way back in the year 2000. One was a pair of Odds and Ends, with the pointed pockets. I can’t remember the make of the other pair, but I think they had rounded pockets. Both must have been a size 1 or even a 0, because I couldn’t fit into either pair. So I ended up giving them back to charity. Damn I should have kept them. But I can’t complain, because I have been cleaning up on SDJs for the last 12 to 15 months. I have two storage boxes filled with them, with just a few more pairs to get when/if I find them.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      In 2000? Wow. I hadn’t even started buying them yet. I didn’t even know what they were called at that time. Ebay was my first source.
      Yeah, you definitely should’ve kept those you gave away. Just kept them as keepsakes or sold them on ebay. They were probably fetching a lot of money on ebay at that time.
      When you say you’ve been cleaning up on SDJ’s what do you mean? Planning to get rid of or looking to accumulate more?

      • Russ says:

        I’ve been getting more of them at some real good prices. I recently scored a pair of purple Casual Corner SDJs from an ebay seller for $40. I just got 3 pairs of SDJs from a guy that sells them now and then on ebay also. A red FOH, a light gold FOH, and a snakeskin print LeGambi. I also picked up a white pair of AA SDJs, but was disappointed in them as they have several slits in them; seven to be exact. For $20 I won’t beef about it too much. I also just bought another pair of 3 tone SDJs from AA for $30. perfect condition. So i have been buying some hot items at good prices. So far I have no plans to sell any of them, but if I need storage space or just don’t have any use for some of them, then I will probably sell them.

      • Spandex Disco Pants says:

        Those 3-tone AA ones are like a needle-in-a-haystack nowadays.
        Were the slits in the white AA damage by the user? Did the seller disclose this in the details? Are they wearable??
        I’ve also bought some stuff from that guy you bought those 3 from. I’ve gotten some really good ones from him. He hasn’t had anything I’ve wanted for a while. Plus I’m a bit more selective as to what I get now.
        There was a green pair on ebay for quite some time. It finally just sold once the seller dropped the price again.
        Hopefully you’ll keep all yours or sell some to pick up a brand new pair or two.

  4. Russ says:

    Hey sktl. The white AAs were damaged by the previous owner, and the damage wasn’t disclosed at all. I found it after I opened the envelope and looked them over. I couldn’t return them either. No returns to the eBay seller I bought them from. But for $20 I won’t gripe too much. I have been thinking about repairing them with clothing repair glue and leftover spandex material from an older pair of bike shorts, just to see how well it would work. I haven’t done it yet though. They are wearable. Maybe I’ll keep them as a knock around kind of pair. If any more damage is incurred, oh well. No biggie. Already damaged.
    The 3 tone and the 2 tone are getting harder to find, but once in a while they pop up. I’m keeping my eyes open for another 2 tone pair. The printed ones too. I won’t go there too much though. I know you don’t like them.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Hey Russ,
      I’ll tell you something: even if an ebay seller does not accept returns, if the item is not as described you can open a case and ultimately force them to refund your money (including shipping). I know it’s not a lot of money you paid but it’s the principle of the matter. That’s a major defect to not be mentioned in the description. I once bought a white vintage pair that had some stains on it but was not mentioned in the description. Paid a lot for it so I asked for a partial refund.
      Yeah, I’m no fan of the printed ones. I’m a single-color-clothing-item kind of person, but I do like those 2 and 3 tone ones! I am pretty sure I saw Annabel Croft, a skysports tennis commentator, wearing the 2-tone black & white some years ago while doing her commetating.

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