First SDJ Wearing for 2016

So those brand new black Le Gambi shiny disco jeans that I recently got—I wore them a few days ago! Yes, I did. And it was very fun to do so. And I felt very good. Not only is it great to wear an awesome pair of spandex disco pants but it feels even better wearing one that is brand spankin’ new.

I noticed a lot of people looking at my pants that day. It’s okay. These pants are pretty shiny and pretty skintight. Not something you see everyday and especially not at the place I was at. And no one made any comments other than a comparison to a member of an 1980’s revival rock band. Apparently the band member was wearing pants like mine but not as tight.

It was a cold day and what I would consider to be a near-perfect day for disco pants. I say ‘near-perfect’ because it was pretty chilly and I could feel the cold through my pants. Ideally, a perfect-disco-pant-day is one in which the temperature ranges from the 50’s to the 70’s °F. But of course, we can’t wait for perfection. We have to take any opportunity we have. However, there are some temperatures at which I would probably refuse to wear disco pants. Those would be anything above 90°F and anything below 20°F. But the key word is ‘probably.’ The final decision would have a lot to do with how much time I would be spending outdoors in those temperatures.

While I am very glad to be able to write that I wore disco pants a few days ago, I’m also disappointed to say that it was only THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR! Yes, that is pretty sad. The two opportunities I thought I would have last month did not pan out. But one time is better than no times and the fact that I did wear them makes this the 5th year in a row that I have worn disco pants out. And if things work out I will wear another one sometime next month. And there’s still the possibility of wearing them to the mall before the year is up. So lots to look forward to.

A few days ago I went shopping and I found this nice thin black sweater. It’s similar to a couple of sweaters I bought years ago at JC Penney’s. I like these sweaters because they’re not baggy and they have those bands at the bottom that keep the sweater flush with your body. This new black one has that too. When I came across this sweater it looked kind of big so I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit. But for the price I figured I could give it as a Christmas present if it didn’t work for me. When I got home though I tried it on and it was a perfect fit, just like the other two I already have. Later I tried it on with some of my disco jeans and they look like they were meant to be worn together. So I’ve got my outfit for next month planned already, though I’ll have to figure out what color disco pants to wear.

I ordered a pair of boots for myself. It’s Ugg brand which I’m a big fan of, but it’s not the Ugg boots you see girls everywhere wearing. I’m a huge fan of those, too. But I found one that is exclusively men’s and I’m thinking they will work very nice with my spandex disco jeans and skinny jeans. They are as close to a sneaker-boot that I have come since I discovered that Raf Simons pair some years ago. The have a flat sole, are made from leather and suede and feature a strap at the top in order to give you a closer fit. With my straight-leg fit disco pants I may be able to wear them over the boots. The skinny fit will have to go inside the boots. They were over $200 when I first saw them and have been since. I was ready to buy a pair, but yesterday I noticed a major price drop so I ordered one quickly. Hey, you have to treat yourself when you can!

I didn’t receive any comments on my last post where I wrote about those women’s sneakers I found. I’m taking that as a ‘it’s no big deal type of thing’ and so I’ve been wearing them pretty often.


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