Purple & Caramel AA Disco Pants

Recently I placed an order at American Apparel. They were having some huge discounts AND I noticed that they actually had imperial purple and caramel disco pants for only $43! So I placed an order for 4 disco pants and my total including tax and with free shipping came out to less than $160! That means I got each pant for an average of less than $40 each!! I did the calculations and it came out that I actually got the purple and caramel pants for about $28 each. You cannot beat that.

The purple disco pants are nothing short of amazing. I ordered size medium which is the smallest I can go in AA’s disco pants. The fit is like a glove. Like a second skin. And so shiny. I did not want to take them off once I had them on. They felt and looked so good. I even tried an outfit of a new sweater and my tall black Ugg-like boots with them. Nothing short of awesome. Definitely an outfit I would love to wear on Christday Day. Were it not for the fact that I had to order a couple pair as gifts for some people I would have gotten more for myself. And if you look on AA’s website you will see that purple and caramel are once again not available. Talk about good timing on my part.

As far as the caramel pant goes, when I pulled them out of the shipping bag I was severely disappointed to see that they were disco shorts! I did not want the shorts. I probably have written that I’m not a fan of the shorts. Everyone can wear what they want but in my opinion they are way too risque. Were they longer I might actually like them. Anyway, I’m concerned that since the pants are no longer on the website that I will be sorry out of luck. Someone made a mistake on my order and as a result made me lose my last (most likely) chance to own a new pair of those. Yeah, I know I don’t need them. But do we really need to get into the topic of things we don’t need? Is there anyone not guilty of this? Regardless, if they don’t have the pants in caramel and/or they’re not willing to substitute a black or red pair to make up for their mistake, I will probably get a meager refund which will offset the prices of the other pants due to their more-you-spend-more-you-save discount amounts. Sigh. Let’s see what happens though.

There may be another opportunity for me to wear disco pants soon. I’m excited about that. But I’m not sure what I will wear. I love wearing the black, but I also have those midnight navy pairs that are awesome and need to be worn. I have about a week to think about it.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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