Disco Pants to the Mall? It Just Might Happen!

This blog is finally starting to come up in Google searches again. Not like before, and it’s still even hard for me to get on here since I don’t use it all the time. Someone contacted me elsewhere and said they saw that my blog had been shut down. I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of readership but hopefully all you fans will keep digging and find me here again sooner than later.

Last week I happened to find another pair of disco pants at a thrift store. Looks like they’re starting to show up now for me. This one was not an American Apparel but the style was exactly the same. Only differences were the shine–this one had less of it–and the color–it’s burgundy. I don’t remember the brand but it’s made in Turkey and the sizes are listed in numbers so it’s quite possibly a British brand. There were some loose stitching in a few areas and a missing button so I’ll need to get those things fixed. It’s tagged size 12 and fits completely skintight. It was even hard to get my feet in and out of the opening. I don’t think I currently own any other disco pants that fit so tightly around the ankles. I do have a pair of Levi’s 519 extreme skinnies that I have started wearing and they too are hard to get past the feet both ways!

Did anyone get disco pants for Christmas? Hope you did. Even if it was a self-present. I love Christmas and all but the receiving gifts is not all that fun anymore, especially when the things you really want you don’t want to tell anyone. Not that anyone even asks anymore. But obviously I would love to get more disco pants or skintight skinny jeans for Christmas. I can those for myself though, as no one really knows my size or what color or wash or brand I prefer. I bought myself a brand new pair of Le Gambi disco pants in size 5 as a bit of an early Xmas present. I love these brand new pairs. They’re so shiny! I already had a size 4 and these 5’s are looser and definitely would make me feel more comfortable physically and psychologically, though I always prefer tight as possible. But I do plan on getting another 1 or 2 of each size eventually.

The really big news is that tomorrow I have the opportunity that I wrote about a while ago. I’m going to the mall to return some Christmas items and perhaps shop around for a few more. Also, it’s not going to be very cold tomorrow–in the 40’s. So I have a really magnificent chance to wear my disco pants to the mall. If you will recall, I made a goal in October to wear disco pants to the mall before the year is up.

So all the ingredients are there. I just have to see what kind of day it turns out to be. If I notice things are going too smoothly I may decide not to wear them. If things seem to be going well I will strongly consider donning them. This is really exciting! I’m going to spend some time tonight trying out some different looks. One look I could go with is disco pants, long wool coat and Ugg-type boots. This combination would allow the least amount of disco pants to be visible to everyone. The coat completely covers up my bum and crotch and comes down nearly halfway to my thighs, and the boots cover up about 3/4 of my calves. So there would not be much to see but they would still be quite noticeable in all their shiny splendor. While I like that outfit as a possibility for another occasion, I would rather wear my brown suede jacket and Converse Chuck Taylors. This jacket also comes down a little lower on me. Probably not as much as the wool coat. What I’d really like to wear in terms of a coat is a black leather jacket! But I would totally look like a biker dude and I am no biker dude. I also really like these nylon puffer jackets that everyone seems to have nowadays. I saw a guy walking down the street the other day wearing this kind of jacket and it looked really slim fitting and great. They are made from nylon I believe (just like disco pants) and the ones I have seen are cut short so they come down exactly to your waistline and no lower than that. A jacket like that would allow the whole disco pants to be seen. I prefer the ones that have many rows of ‘puffer’ as opposed to the ones that have fewer or are more square in shape. Here’s a pic:


Doesn’t it look like it would go so well with disco pants? I think so. If I could add one thing to it I would make it have an elastic band at the bottom to keep it close to your body. Also makes it look much more streamlined with disco pants and or any other tight pants worn with them. I have to get me one of these.

So tomorrow is a big day with a big opportunity. I don’t know if I will go through with it. But even if I don’t wear disco pants, I will wear a pair of skintight jeans. I wore my Cheap Monday Tight Original Unwash today for the first time in years. I always these pants were the tightest looking and fitting ones I had. After wearing my Levi’s 519 a couple days last week, these don’t seem all that tight. But the great thing about them is that they look really tight and yet they’re really comfortable. The kind of skinnys you could wear all day and not be in pain. Though they did leave seam marks on my legs. I still say my Bettina Liano jeans are the tightest ones I own. I have also not worn them in years. In fact, the last time I did, a friend who saw me was just stunned at how tight they were on me. I was wearing my long, wool coat that day also so he didn’t get to see how tight they were up there, too.

I did go to this very same mall earlier this month wearing my 7 For All Mankind Rocker in Indianapolis jeans. In case you don’t remember what they’re like, they are coated denim and pretty darn shiny in the right light. And did I mention they were skintight? So tight in fact that they were killing my waist. Couldn’t wait to take them off. Thing is, I didn’t find them all that exciting to wear. Not sure why. So I have been wearing tighter and more ‘out there’ types of pants lately. I’ve been wearing some jeans I don’t think I would have worn anywhere other than the place I used to wear them to. So I am making progress. The next real step is to wear disco pants. Perhaps tomorrow. Tomorrow might be the actual last real chance I’ll have to wear disco pants this year. If I were going anywhere for New Year’s Eve I would definitely wear some. But I’m not so tomorrow is really the day to end this wacky year on a good note.

Another thing I have to decide is do I wear my new size 4 or my new size 5?  Or perhaps even one of my vintage pairs. Maybe the Bojeangles that I really love. They were my first real pair of disco pants, you know. Or perhaps those size 2 Le Gambi’s that are so awesomely shiny and skintight. At the moment I’m leaning towards one of the brand new pairs just because it makes no sense to pay so much for something and not wear it. We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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