Disco Pants at the Mall!

Today I did wear my disco pants to a new place. A place where there were many people–people whom I neither know nor who know me. And it felt great. And it wasn’t a big deal. Nothing dreadful happened. I wasn’t wearing a midriff with them or anything like that. I wore my long-ish brown suede jacket and white Converse high tops.

I felt pretty comfortable in them. I wasn’t self-conscious and trying to cover them up. The lighting in this place is not the greatest when it comes to displaying the shine of disco pants. Even in the dressing room where I went to try on a few things could I barely see the high shine of my pants in the mirrors. Note: I would have gone in the dressing rooms even were I not planning to buy anything. But as it were, there were some pretty nice sales on items I like and I found that puffer jacket I wrote about in my last post. This jacket was pretty inexpensive so I may eventually look for a higher end brand. But that jacket and disco pants look so good together! I imagine they will look awesome with my skinny jeans as well.

So did anything remarkable happen? No. I think I noticed some people look at me a few times. Some women in particular. I stood in some lines where I’m sure the people behind me had to notice the pants. I didn’t hear any comments. The store wasn’t super busy like at Christmas but there were a good number of people there. Overall it was a successful adventure and one that proves that most of the fears associated with doing something like this is really imagined.

I definitely plan to wear these pants more often now. Even if it’s just once a month, though in the summer it will be difficult. Perhaps I can make up for the summer months by wearing a few extra times during the colder months. I’m not really a winter person but one of its benefits is that I can wear disco pants and super skinny jeans with something up on top that can mask the less-than-ideal shape I’m in. Today was in the low to mid 40’s which is fine for disco pants. It did feel a little chilly on my legs but the only walking I did outdoors was from the house to the garage and back, and from the car to the mall entrance and back. That’s not enough to get cold in, but if it had been in the 20’s or less the freezing air would cut right through the pants. I know because I have already worn disco pants in very cold weather. The worst part is probably sitting in a cold car waiting for it to warm up, all the while your legs are freezing as they rest upon frigid leather seats.

I was going to go to Walmart as well today but it was a bit late so that didn’t pan out. I don’t know if anything would have happened there, but that’s not really a place I think about wearing disco pants to. I mean, the endgame is to feel comfortable enough to wear them anywhere. But it’s not really my vision of a cool store to dress up for. Malls and department stores are more along the lines of what I have in mind. Maybe I feel this way because the pants I wore are the new black Le Gambi’s I just got last month and only wore for the second time today. Perhaps if I considered wearing one of my vintage pairs I would be more tempted to wear them just anywhere. Maybe, maybe not. But I am going to concentrate on wearing disco pants again whenever I go to this mall again or some other stores I have in mind. We shall see if the weather cooperates. Ideally it’s quite possible I could wear spandex disco jeans from October through April or May. Any jacket weather will be perfect disco pants weather!

So while I’m very happy that nothing out of the ordinary happened today, sometimes I do wish someone would take note of my pants and ask me about them. I don’t believe most guys would know anything about these pants, but girls certainly would. I can picture some of them approaching me and asking if I’m wearing AA disco pants and maybe even saying they look very nice. But I’m fine with nothing happening. I just want to do my thing without standing out too much, if at all.

As I wrote, the lighting in this store was not the best in terms of displaying the shine of my pants. However, outside it was partly sunny and as I was leaving the store to go to the car the sunshine was hitting my disco jeans full on, and a lady who was coming into the mall looked at me a couple of times. I wear dark sunglasses so I can see if people are looking at me, without them seeing that I’m looking at them. She was probably thinking “what the heck–a guy wearing disco pants?” That is, if she even knows what disco pants are. I’m sure most people who see such pants probably think they are just some kind of spandex pants or perhaps even leather. Which reminds me–I need to get me a pair of leather pants for the really cold days of winter.

So today was a pretty good day; wore disco pants, got the jacket I wanted and picked up a few other cool tops.



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