2016: The Year in Review

The bad news is that someone really screwed up my American Apparel order and instead of sending me caramel disco pants they sent me caramel disco shorts. Readers of this blog probably know that I am not a fan of disco shorts. And just as quickly as caramel disco pants made a reappearance as an item in stock and for sale, it also fizzled away and now they can only offer me a refund, not the correct item. Since the pants only cost me about $28 naturally I would rather have them and not the money. But such is life.

I’m still reeling from having worn my disco pants a few days ago. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the next chance, which may be as soon as the coming week. I will always associate getting the puffer jacket that I wanted and now own with the day I first wore disco pants to the mall.

The year 2016 was not a great one in terms of me wearing disco pants. With only 2 wearings it clearly ranks as one of the worst since I started wearing in 2012. However it was better than 2015 which only had one wearing. And while I only wore disco pants twice this year (and both times featured the exact same pair), both occasions were important. The first wearing for Thanksgiving was amidst a large number of people, including some who never saw me in person wearing disco pants. The second marked the first wearing of the pants outside the place & people associated with the first 47 wearings. (Yes, I have counted and documented the wearings).

The year 2016 saw me add some key pants to my collection. Early on in the year I bought a pair of silver Frederick’s pants that were super shiny and silky feeling and had belt loops. This was an important addition to my collection because this turned out to be the first pair of disco jeans with belt loops that I was able to fit into. I was hesitant to purchase these pants because of the fact that in the past I had not had success with belt-looped disco jeans. The waistband on such pants does not stretch so you really need to be able to fit into them without the aid of stretch. Also, these pants featured a skinny leg very similar to AA’s version. I added another pair of vintage Le Gambi black pants with the small label. These pants left much to be desired in terms of its shine. A purple pair of Jonden’s made its way into my possession, and while the front looks and fit stunning the back seems to have a lower rise and won’t pull up even if you want it to. So it looks like it’s sagging somewhat. Disappointment from a brand I really like. A like-new pair of American Apparel black disco pants in size small happened to be my first thrift-store-disco-pant find. Also got my first pair of AA in size large. Finally, added two brand new pairs of Le Gambi disco pants in black to my collection. These last two have quickly become some of my favorites among all.

As for 2017, I do plan on getting several more pairs of brand new Le Gambi’s because they are just so awesome. I will probably slow down in terms of getting additional AA pairs unless they really drop in price. I will probably also not look to get too many more vintage pairs unless I can find green, brown and perhaps not too high priced black ones. Main thing for me will be to actively seek out opportunities to wear disco jeans. I would love to pair the puffer jacket with disco pants because this jacket does not hide the top part of the pants as do all my other winter jackets and coats. We will see if I will find the bravery to do that.

I really think that the way to ensure 2017 will be a great year for wearing disco pants is by starting strong and wearing them soon. The last couple of years I wore them late in the year which virtually guaranteed they would be low-count years. So I’m looking to start soon and I encourage all you readers to do the same. Make this the year you start wearing them out and about. Especially guys. I don’t think girls need a lot of encouragement when it comes to this. But guys do. I don’t know what sort of crazy things will happen in the coming year, but set the tone in terms of your own style. Do what you want. Do what you like. You’re not harming anyone by wearing disco pants. You’re never too old. Some people might stare and gawk. Or nothing may happen. I consider spandex disco jeans to be one of the things which make this crazy life more enjoyable. Just wear them and be well. Happy 2017!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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