First Wearing of the Year?

Tomorrow (Thursday) was shaping up to be a great opportunity to wear disco pants for the first time in 2017. But there is one huge factor working against it: the freaking cold weather Yes, it’s only going to be in the teens and as I have written before, that is very cold to wear disco pants. I don’t care what other disco-pant-wearing-bloggers may have written. Disco pants are not great for frigid weather. And since they are skintight I cannot even wear anything underneath them. Like my under armour tights. Doesn’t look right. But the plan was to go to a few stores and it would have been perfect to wear spandex disco jeans.

At this point it’s looking grim but I will not completely rule out the possibility that I will wear them anyway. I’d rather pair them with my Converse but it’s so cold that even my leather Converse leave my feet cold and I hate having cold feet. The best option in this kind of weather is my Ugg-like boots or some heavyweight high-top leather sneakers like my Reeboks. However if I were to pair disco jeans with my boots it may give the appearance that I’m wearing AA pants. Additionally, my Reeboks don’t look all that great with disco pants. So I just don’t know. This cold is going to last another 4 days and the store we’re going to tommorow we will not visit again after the cold snap. Bad timing I guess.

This kind of weather makes it hard even to wear skintight skinny jeans. I cannot fit them over my under amour tights and it’s way too cold to wear them without anything under. So I have to end up wearing boring, looser jeans as a result. I don’t like this frigid weather!


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9 Responses to First Wearing of the Year?

  1. Russ says:

    Hey Sdj12. Well, I finally did it. I took the plunge and wore my red AA disco jeans out in public for the first time. I have several of them, but this particular pair were size XL. Still quite snug enough in most places to give off the tight wonderful SDJ feeling, but loose enough that it didn’t take long to put them on. Granted I only wore them to pick up my wife from work, so they were only visible to those in my car, but still a public wearing is a public wearing. I didn’t even think about it much. I had to go get her quickly, so I just got in the car with them on and went on my way. If I would have stopped and thought about it I might not have done it at all. Maybe I’ll try again sometime soon. Who knows? Just thought you’d like to know.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Hi there,
      I am very glad to hear that! I think red is a very bold color to debut with but good for you!! Definitely can’t do a lot of thinking when it comes to that. I know that the more I think about whether I should or I shouldn’t I tend to lean towards shouldn’t. I think you will find that when you finally wear them so everyone can see, it feels good and liberating even. Thanks for letting us know!

      • Russ says:

        I know red is bold, but it’s also my favorite color. I had to start with red first. In fact I’m wearing my small red AA disco jeans as I type this response. I’m just loving all of my spandex collection. See you later.

      • Spandex Disco Pants says:

        You’re lucky you can fit into small! But it’s a great color.

  2. Russ says:

    Well the fit is a bit of a squeeze, but I am glad that I can get into them. I just hope I’m not damaging them.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Well, I’m sure you already know this but the tighter disco pants fit the more likely they are to damage and sooner. But IMO the only way to wear disco pants is as tight as possible!

      • Russ says:

        I checked the waistband, and sure enough there were tiny pulls all around it. Dang it. But since I bought them in a slightly damaged state, I guess it isn’t a big deal. I do like their tightness though. It feels reeeeaaaalllll nice. I also wore the red small AAs out to pick up my wife yesterday. That’s wearing number two. I was cold in them. You’re right about wearing them when it is cold. Wow can you feel it!

  3. Russ says:

    Yesterday 2/12 I wore a used black pair of AA disco pants out to get my wife from work. I left them on all evening and night. When I took them off to sleep I checked the crotch and rear seams. Sure enough there were lycra threads pulling out from the nylon material. There were runs there as well. They were already there when I bought them, but these are mediums and I thought they wouldn’t get worse because of the size. But they did. Just how sensitive is this material? Can I expect pulls and lycra separation from every pair I use? This is frustrating and concerning to me.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      The material is quite sensitive. Plus there are factors we do not know, such as how well did the previous owner take care of them. Perhaps they were worn too tightly, or maybe even washed too often.
      I wouldn’t say you could expect this sort of thing from every pair, especially not brand new ones. But when you buy used ones the truth is you can expect anything. That’s why I’m very hesitant to buy used AA ones. I’ve had some similar experiences with the vintage pairs and those were arguably better made.
      Once these pants start to deteriorate in certain areas they progress very quickly to complete demise.
      Unless the pants are in excellent or like-new condition I would pass on them.

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