It’s 2017 But Too Cold For Disco Pants

No surprise here–I did not wear disco pants that day I was considering it. It was just too ridiculously cold and still is. I know there will be more opportunities so no worries.

As I mentioned before, when it’s this cold I cannot even wear my skinniest of skinny jeans. The cold just cuts through the denim. And I can’t wear under amour tights and pull up skintight jeans over them. It just can’t happen, does not look good and does not feel good. The only pants I can wear with this kind of weather are slim jeans (yawn) and fleece pants (louder yawn). Fortunately things start to moderate tomorrow so I can start incorporating the extremely ‘ergonomic’ fitting jeans again.

It’s very nice when you comment on someone’s Lookbook photo and you get a response. I’m convinced most people there are quite narcissistic and only want to get followers, hypes and comments but are not willing to reciprocate. Once in a while you find someone who does comment back. I will say is it seems that people in Europe are most responsive to comments. In the States there’s a yearning for royal celebrity-hood, complete with loyal subjects and a dedicated fanbase.

Anyway, I tried on my large AA disco pants the other day and they really are so nice. I am really grateful to AA because they in essence initiated my foray into spandex disco jeans. While I already did have 3 pairs before AA came up with theirs, none were as good as my first pair from AA. And even though I have bought and sold many of their disco pants, there was nothing wrong with any of them. In most cases I just needed some money and had to part with them, figuring I would in the future get a hold of them again. One pair was that black in XL which was way too big for me but they still would have been fully functional in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, many of the colors I once had I will no longer have a chance to get unless I fish around on ebay for used pairs. And AA currently only has 2 colors to offer on their website. But to anyone who is still on the fence about these pants I say a loud GET THEM! They are the ultimate wardrobe staple. They go with anything and you can wear them virtually anywhere. Don’t let the shininess or the skintightness be a hangup for you. As far as the skintight element goes, you probably already wear skintight pants. So that’s no excuse. Regarding the shininess–yeah, they’re a bit shiny. If it’s a sunny day or you’re in a brightly lit place the pants will shine highly. So what? It’s a little different from the same, plain & boring stuff everyone else is wearing. Not a big deal. The pants stand out. They do make a statement. But the only statement they make is “I look and feel great!” Or are you worried that the pants might not fit your body type? I’ll tell you this: I have never seen anyone look bad in disco pants. No one. Short, tall, skinny, fat. Disco pants makes everyone just look better.

Will 2017 be the final year of AA’s disco pants? I remember writing about this for 2016. Last year came and went and their disco pants are still here, albeit in only 2 colors at the moment. I still see a lot of interest in them on twitter and even Lookbook has new looks once in a while that incorporate the pants. I will say this–if people stop buying them, then yes they will go away. That’s logical. I too plan on buying another few pairs this year. Everything at AA is currently 40% off so you can get the pants for a mere $51.



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7 Responses to It’s 2017 But Too Cold For Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    I saw that myself when I checked out their email link. It’s very disappointing to see only two colors remain in the AA catalog. But at least they are still there.

    I also have a bit of a discovery to mention. I have a rather damaged pair of black LeGambi SDJs, size 3. While washing clothes I decided to be a little brave and put them in the washing machine, by themselves, on gentle cycle, in cold water, and see just what would happen to them if anything. We have an agitatorless washer, and the pants are already damaged, so if tragedy strikes it would be no big deal. Using free and clear detergent only, they came out all right. At least with no new damage that I could find. So it may be safe to wash SDJs in the right washing machine if your careful enough about it. I might try my small red AA SDJs next. I have to work up the nerve to try first.

    As for public wearings, like the Nike saying goes, Just Do It! With the proper caution of course. I’ve seen you on your various pages on various websites, and you look good. If you can post those pics on the web, then you should be able to wear in public too at the right places with the right people at the right time. So there. See you later.

    • Spandex Disco Pants says:

      Yes, at least 2 colors are still available. Thank goodness!
      Actually the person who makes the brand new vintage style pants has told me that they are perfectly fine for throwing in the washing machine. She recommends it over taking them to the cleaners. So as much as the thought of putting them in the washer distresses me I fully trust her advice.
      As far as wearing them goes, they must be worn, but as you say at the right places, with the right people and at the right time. I expect more wearings this year!

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Russ,
      I’m revisiting this comment of yours because I found it very interesting. You said to use proper caution for public wearings. Do you have any specific details you want to share? And as far as wearing at the right places can you give some examples of what you consider that to be? I’m just curious and want to compare notes.

  2. Russ says:

    Hey there. I just saw this additional comment today, 4/2. I haven’t really worn them anywhere outside except to pick up my wife from work. All that time I was seated in my car of course. The only other times were at home. Those are the only details I have to share. As for the right place and the right people, I think you already have a good sense of who and where they are. People and places where they have seen you in spandex before and are used to it, or areas where you can be/feel safe from public embarrassment, or even outright disdain, etc. A few times I have gone out in spandex bike shorts; perfectly acceptable for anyone to wear. They were blue and white. I’ve seen them on many people. Wore them to a drug store. Nobody looked at all. Another time I went food shopping with my wife wearing black cycling knickers. Several of the stockboys gave me some dopey yet disapproving looks. I also wore a pair of bike shorts to a nearby shopping mall. Some guy and his girl drove by in a pickup truck. They shot me some funny looks. Other times I go out cycling in black padded shorts and get no looks at all. So it all depends on where you are and what the situation is. Some times you’ll be fine and others you have to watch your back for the stupid ones we have to share a planet with.

    Don’t just go anywhere wearing just anything. Our society isn’t that safe or advanced, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

    I hope I’m not scaring you. I’m just saying caution is necessary to avoid violence from lesser intelligent people. Find intelligent places and people and there should be no problem.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      No, you’re not scaring me. I feel as though at this point I am pretty confident (or getting there) wearing them around where I live. I guess as long as the people who live with me aren’t deriding me or the pants I can probably deal with anyone else. But I still do practice discretion. I think it really helps that tight pants in general are in style now for everyone. If this were the 90’s I think I’d have a lot more crap to deal with. The main thing for me is that I take full advantage of ‘the times’ and wear disco pants while I’m still pretty young, even if it’s just once a week and to the same place every week.
      I have to ask you a question: let’s say you’re wearing your red disco pants and in your car on the way to somewhere and it breaks down? Or, heaven forbid, you’re in a bit of a fender bender and you have to get out of the car? How would you handle that?

  3. Russ says:

    Hey there. I just saw this on Thursday 4/20. I would have to say that if there were a breakdown or (gulp) an accident, that there would be more important things to take care of and be on my mind than what pants I was wearing. So I would just probably go out of the car and handle the situation without any thought about the SDJs I would have had on at the time. If it is an accident, the police will come and fill out a report, so while the police are there nothing will happen. As for a breakdown, well I would just have to hope that the tow truck/assistance vehicle driver wouldn’t be foolish about what I was wearing. Or I could just be a little wily and say that I was just coming back from a friends’ heavy metal/costume party and I decided to dress like a member of the Scorpions, or Iron Maiden, etc. just to get his curiosity quelled. How would the person doing their roadside assistance job know if I was truthful or not? Of course if we could all carry tasers then we could fight off potential attackers. If people just want to make fun and say stupid things then we should insult them back and develop a tougher skin to withstand their stupidity. I usually find that people tend to insult from a distance generally. Once again it’s being in the right place with the right people at the right time.

    Did you see the HipHop woman in the blue SDJs I left for you on FB Messenger? The pic is kind of blurry, but still clear enough to see she has them on.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I asked that question because I think about it for myself as well. Of course, i would hate for either of those two events to happen but my car has broken down several times over the years so surely it will probably happen again. Just hopefully not when I’m wearing disco pants.
      But the bogus reason you would give to the tow truck driver sounds good to me! And I think you’re right about people insulting from a distance. They need their own safe space because in reality they have their own self-esteem or even cowardice issues. Thanks for pondering that question and responding to it!
      I have to take another look at that photo.

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