Disco Pants Christmas?

I forgot to ask–did any of you receive disco pants for Christmas? Or did you give disco pants as a gift to someone? I didn’t receive any but I never really expect to. Only I know what size works for me and frankly, most people who know me wouldn’t know where to get them. Besides, I count the brand new Le Gambi I got in early December as an X-mas gift to myself. With spandex disco jeans though, it’s a gift that keeps giving every time you put them on. And I’ll be getting more pairs sooner than later.

But I did give a pair as a gift to someone. It is the fourth pair I’ve given this person. It’s really great when you give such an item to someone and you see that they wear it and enjoy it. I’ve never seen this person wearing disco pants in person but I’ve seen photos of her in them. I’m really glad she does like them and was all for getting another pair for Christmas. Yes, I did ask her ahead of time if she wanted another for X-mas. She answered with an enthusiastic “YES!” She is not a teen so she can appreciate what a remarkable item of clothing disco pants are. On Twitter there are tons of teen girls tweeting how they saw someone wearing disco pants and were ‘instantly taken back to 2012.’ Oh geez. As though 2012 was such a long time ago and things have changed so much. Things are so much more sophisticated and adavanced now, aren’t they? To tell you the truth, I can’t tell much difference between 2012 and these early days of 2017. Especially in terms of the clothing that girls and guys wear. I see more guys wearing skinny jeans now than then but I don’t see much difference in what girls are wearing. I’ve written many times that I have never seen any girls around here wearing AA disco pants. Not in 2008 when they came out. Not in 2012 when they were at their peak. And not now.

But that’s teen girls, right? Four or five years is a huge chunk of their lives so what they wore when they were 14 is probably ridiculous and ancient to them at 18 or 19. So that’s really all it is. The girls who are really into disco pants are in their 20’s because they’re more mature, have more sense and can appreciate things more. Thus, while teen girls wouldn’t touch disco pants nowadays, those in their 20’s and 30’s are the ones who are still buying and wearing them. That’s the case with the girl I gave four pairs to. She’s been in her 20’s ever since the first pair so it really makes sense that she still likes, wants and wears them. The only bad thing is that AA only offers 2 colors now, both of which she already has, so unless she needs a replacement black or navy I may have to persuade her to get one of the vintage-style pairs. But I already offered her the option this past X-mas and she went with the AA version. So I don’t know.

This is not to say that there aren’t any 20-somethings that have that teen-girl mindset, too. Some of them also seem a bit too pleased at the fact that they hung up their disco pants for good after the peak of 2012-13.

Oh I also gave someone else a pair this past Christmas. Sort of a ‘virtual friend’ I guess you could say. A social media acquaintance if you will. You know that song, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”? Well, I’d like to give the world disco pants. I think it would it a better place for everyone.

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