Thanks, American Apparel

So this is it. This is really it. No more speculation. American Apparel is really closing and its disco pant is going to go away along with it. I have seen at least 2 people on Twitter say that they received emails from AA that state, “Say goodbye to the disco pant.” I have an account with AA and strangely I have not received such an email. But even after ordering a few pairs earlier last month they did not send me additional emails other than the confirmation and shipping ones. But I have no reason to doubt that this is really the end. The year 2017 will be remembered as the year the iconic AA disco pant ceased being made and sold, among other tragedies which are already rearing their ugly heads. I guess this means that slowly, disco pants in general will start disappearing from the streets, television & live performances. Not that they haven’t already but now there will probably be a steeper drop. That is, unless all these (mainly) women who are stocking up on the remaining pairs plan to keep wearing them.

As of right now, there are 7 colors being offered on the AA website. I don’t understand how sometimes there are 4, then 2, then 3 and then 7. Are they just finding these laying around somewhere? The drawback to these 7 colors available now is that 5 of them are only to be found in size XXS. Who can work with that? I mean, I love disco pants as tight as possible but XXS? You probably have to weigh 90 pounds or less to fit in them. Which means they are probably ‘schoolgirl’ sizes and those fickle schoolgirls are no longer intersted in disco pants because they are “oh so 2012.” That was eons ago, wasn’t it? Styles are so different now. Fashion is so beyond shiny spandex at this point.

Just for the record, the colors available right now are: black, pearl, silver, cranberry, red, deep peacock & midnight navy. You can get black in every size except XL and midnight navy in every size but XL & L. If black can last for another week or so I’d like to pick up one or two more before they’re gone forever.

This is the end of an era. Of course, we who are true fans of disco pants and disco jeans will always be into them and will appreciate them. But will we get out there and wear them? Will we show the world that disco pants are a magnificent article of clothing that needs to keep being made so people can keep wearing them? I’ve always claimed to not be the biggest fan of the modern ‘leggings’ fit disco pants as compared to the originals. But I still loved seeing people wear them and I love wearing them myself. They are not as flattering on me as the originals, but they are still awesome. I’m very grateful I can still get the vintage-style version without having to buy pre-owned pairs that more than likely have some kind of damage. But I’m also very glad to be able to get used vintage pairs when I can’t afford brand new ones. I have all types and I’m very grateful to have them.

It was AA’s disco pants that really got me into spandex disco jeans again. I mentioned before that I had purchased some original pairs back in the early 2000’s that were ill-fitting because I didn’t have the privacy of my own computer and because I knew nothing about the sizing of these pants. I followed those 2 purchases with another pair which was newly made from a company in England. This one was similar to AA’s fit and the shine was not the traditional shine of original disco pants. After those 3 disappointments I stopped buying. Until 2008 when somehow I discovered those beautiful, skintight and shiny disco pants from American Apparel. I bought my first pair in late 2008 and then another in early 2009 and I spent December to March taking a lot of photos of myself in those 2 pairs. March of 2009 to August of 2011 seemed to be a quiet time, as I have photos from that period. Then in September of 2011 I started wearing them and taking photos again.

Then in March of 2012 I bought my first good pair of vintage spandex disco jeans. It was a black Bojeangles and it remains to this day one of my favorite pairs. Now almost 5 years later I have amassed a pretty amazing collection. I daresay I probabaly own more disco pants than most any woman does. I have top-notch quality, brand new ones all the way down to cheap $10 pairs from China and I love them all. And all this started because of AA’s disco pant. So even though I have yet to wear AA’s pants in public, I have them to thank for starting my collection and even for wearing the vintage-style pairs I have worn. American Apparel will always hold a special place for me.

So thank you, American Apparel, for all your quality, American-made clothing, but especially for the disco pant. The next time I wear any of my disco pants in public it will serve as sort of a tribute to you for reigniting that passion I had earlier on in life for them. Not only did you make something that I love available for me to have and wear, but with it you helped me to be myself a little bit more in this world of conformity and pre-determined societal norms.

(P.S.  I still wish you hadn’t screwed up my last order by sending me gold disco shorts instead of gold disco pants.)

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2 Responses to Thanks, American Apparel

  1. skippy says:

    I’m just now reading this and catching up on some of your articles.I don’t know what it is but for some reason the AA disco pants never fit me properly for some reason,It seems they always look good on everyone else but me. I’ve posted photos of me before on here and various places and always liked how other disco pants look on me,Weird as I have nothing wrong with my body type to cause this.I always wanted to look good in them.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      I find that hard to imagine. I’ve never seen anyone who did not look good in AA disco pants. Sure, there have been some too thin to fill out the pants properly and others who were larger and took the pants to new boundaries. But they all looked good nonetheless. Perhaps you’re eyes are being too hard on you!

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