1st Disco Pants Wearing in 2017

So today I wore spandex disco jeans. Yes, I did, and it is the first time I wore them this year. I went to a couple of thrift stores and two other local stores. I’m not sure if anyone even really noticed. The lighting in these stores is not all that great so they probably appeared to have a mild shine in some instances and no shine in others. I wore my black Jonden’s and I did not see anyone staring or whatever. Then again, I was just going about my business and not really looking at anyone or seeking reactions. The main point is that I felt really comfortable in them and I was virtually oblivious to anyone’s thoughts on them. And that’s really the goal I have–to wear them without feeling self-conscious and not make a big deal out of wearing them, even though they are terribly exciting to wear!

It was just about 40° today and I didn’t feel cold in them. I had a thought that I should even start wearing disco jeans about once a week at least until summer arrives.

So what brought about my decision to wear disco pants today? And why did I choose the black Jonden’s? Well, the last time I blogged here I mentioned a pair of vintage Lee jeans that I had taken in to make tighter on the legs. I had worn those jeans a couple days after they had been made tighter. Mind you, the pants were ‘slimmed’ from about the thighs on down to the hems. The waist was not touched. They were already hard as heck to button so I didn’t need that any tighter. These are 100% cotton jeans. Non-stretch. It was a great effort to get them buttoned up.  Yet on the Saturday following the day I picked them up I decided to wear them to a supermarket. It was less than two hours later that I started to feel not only my waist starting to hurt but my stomach as well. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could take off these killer jeans! Now, if these jeans had fit like the ones I had in high school, I would have said “no pain, no gain” and moved on. But these were waist-crushingly tight only and definitely had room to be tigher across the crotch & bum and on the thighs on down, just like my high school ones. No one who saw me wearing these Lee’s that Saturday thought, “Wow those are some skintight jeans!” I assure you.

A little while after getting home the pain in my stomach progressed to the point where I could not finish eating and I spent the rest of that weekend (plus Monday) lying in my bed dealing with terrible pain & soreness and eating as little as possible. I will spare the details of everything that I went through.

I’ve gone through said pain several times in the last several years, and I suspected it was either from eating greasy foods or wearing tight pants. This is the first time I have proof that it is from wearing tight pants. Well, this time it’s from tight pants. The other times I cannot be completely sure.

Now, over a month later, my stomach is still sore and I haven’t been able to wear most of my favorite skinny jeans and disco pants. No Levi’s 519, 510, 511 or Cheap Monday’s. Not the skintight ones anyway. My saving grace has been two pairs of Nudie Jeans which are still tight but have forgiving waists. I love those two pairs of Nudies! But I want to start getting back to my other favorite skintight pairs. And I’ve been wanting to wear disco jeans, too, especially after communicating with a reader of this blog and hearing from him that he has been wearing his disco jeans somewhat regularly now. That’s inspiring to me. The problem is, all my disco jeans are still very tight on the waist and I am concerned about having them on for any long amount of time.

Then I remembered my Jonden disco pants! I have 6 pairs of Jonden disco jeans and something they all have in common is their super-stretchy waist. This is a trait I have found on no other brand. I had to dig out my black pair and put it on and voila! Skintight yet without any pressure on the waist! I had originally considered wearing my new size 5 black Le Gambi but even it was putting a bit too much pressure on my waist. All this came about last night. I knew I would be going out today and so I dared myself to wear disco pants. It was kind of a last minute idea and I’m glad it all worked out.

I was concerned about wearing the black Jonden because they seem so delicate. I had purchased them brand new on ebay a few years ago and the very first time I wore them they developed those dreaded stretch lines. So I wasn’t sure how they would hold up with me getting in and out of the car constantly and bending down a lot today. But they don’t seem to have gotten any further damage. Nothing terribly noticeable anyway.

I did wear a jacket that is cut a little longer, though. I really want to wear my puffer jacket with disco jeans sometime, but it only goes as low as the waistline and so it leaves most of the pants visible, including the crotch and bum. I don’t have a problem with that but it does make me feel as though I am putting myself on display. Of course, I am putting myself on display but only for me to see. Problem is everyone else will see, too. Still, it will be another milestone when I finally do wear the short puffer jacket with a pair of disco pants. Hopefully I will make that happen soon.

I also hope I will find some more pairs of Jonden disco jeans. They are unique and different. Some things I really love about them. Other things I question. I should do a post on Jonden disco pants. I want to compare on contrast them to the other big brands. I’ll have to work on that.


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