50th Wearing of Disco Pants

I did it again. I wore disco pants out today. For the second straight week and the second time this year I wore disco pants out in public. I’m starting to get used to this!

I wore virtually the exact same outfit I did last week. With the exception of wearing white leather Converse today vs. the white canvas Converse last week, everything was the same.. As was, I’m sorry to say, the jacket I wore. I so wanted to wear my short puffer jacket today. I even put them on and checked myself out in the mirror. Looked great! But I lost my nerve and went with my longish black jacket again. This jacket covers up my pockets so it can create the appearance of wearing yoga pants. I don’t say ‘leggings’ in this case because they’re not skintight at the ankles like AA pants are. So anyone who thought I was wearing leggings clearly doesn’t know what leggings are!

Last night I was planning on which disco pants to wear today. I considered my navy Bojeangles, midnight Le Gambi, new black Le Gambi and the black Jonden. After deciding I would go with the new black Le Gambi, I decided to try on the Jonden just for fun. Usually Jonden disco jeans are shinier than all the others but for whatever reason this black pair is somewhat less shiny. But put them in the right light or in bright sunlight and they are just as shiny as all the others. However, in areas that are not well-lit they tend to have a more subtle shine to them. So after putting them on they just looked really, really good in the mirror and I was convinced I needed to wear them once again. Also, they are tighter than the new Le Gambi pair I have so that gave them an edge. Come morning, the Jonden pants would be my go-to pair.

So even though I wore virtually the same exact outfit, I tried a few different things today. First, I added a belt. Since the waist is really stretchy and comfortable, it tends to fold down on me and I don’t like that. So I put a belt over it to keep it from folding down or at least to hide it. Second, I tucked my shirt inside the pants. Last week I did not do that. But today I did and once inside my first destination I opened my jacket and kept it open the whole time including everywhere else I went. Thus, having my jacket open and my shirt tucked in created a whole new look and one that I personally prefer.

I went to two thrift stores, a Walmart and a restaurant for some take-out. The first thrift store was one of the same ones I went to last week. I go to this particular one every week. This is the store where I found some of the really amazing skinny jeans I have and several of the modern disco pants, including an AA for $3.99! After this store I went to another one farther away. The second store was more brightly lit and I tried to pass by mirrors so I could check my pants out. I didn’t really notice any looks at either of the thrift stores. But at the Walmart I believe I did notice some people looking at the pants. I did feel a little more self-conscious there, probably due to a lot more people there than at the thrift stores. I did a little shopping there and then I left.

Afterwards I went to a restaurant to get some carryout. I noticed that as soon as I went up to the counter to order, the woman who takes the orders looked down at my pants. I don’t know if she could tell they were disco pants because it was rather poorly lit in there. It was a quick glance. But whether she could see any shine on them or not she could definitely see that they were a very tight pair of pants. It’s funny because I had almost forgotten that I had my shirt tucked in and I was walking around with the jacket open all that time. And this is the first time I’ve ever worn disco jeans with any shirt tucked in and that part of the pants fully exposed.

Today was in the upper 30’s or low 40’s around here with a lot of bright sunshine. So every time I walked out of a store, the sun was there generously reflecting onto my spandex disco pants.

So that was pretty fun today. I hope to do this on a regular basis. The way I figure it, I proabbly will not be wearing disco pants in the summer. I have mentioned all throughout this blog that I have some weight issues–mainly upper body–that gets emphasized whenever I wear tight pants of any kind. My saving grace is that the weather is such that it still requires a jacket or coat and that helps to hide my weight issues. If it were short-sleeve weather I don’t think I could wear disco pants or any of my skinniest jeans. I’d feel pretty self-conscious being top heavy and all. There are some angles that I look at myself and I don’t necessarily like what I see.

But I have from now until about May or June to keep wearing disco pants. Afterwards it will most likely get too hot and I will be wearing mainly shorts. I have about two or three months. Then have to wait till fall. However there is something else that has come up where I could wear disco pants more often. I don’t want to say what it is specifically but it would be a weekly basis type thing and I have already made it known that I would want to wear shiny spandex jeans for this. And I have been told that it would be OK. If that’s the case, then we could be talking about wearing disco pants all throughout summer! But we’ll see. I have not made a decision yet.

The bad news for today is that there is a little more evidence of damage to my black Jonden spandex pants. It is painful to see. These pants are so rare. But you can’t have your cake and eat it, too right? I mean, I can just have all these disco pants and look at them and think how great they are but never wear them due to their probably getting damaged. Or I could enjoy them by wearing them, even if I risk (more probable than not) damaging them with each wear. Life is short so I’m going with the latter. Thankfully, spandex disco jeans are still being made so if I damage some I can replace them. Maybe not Jonden’s but Le Gambi’s are nothing short of wonderful. I’m looking forward to my next wearing!


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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