From Party-Wear To Casual-Wear & Social Media

I failed to mention in my last post that it was the 50th time I wore disco pants out. After writing and giving it a title I later remembered and gave it a new title to reflect the milestone. Yes, 50 wearings! Actually you might consider it pretty pathetic to think that I have only worn disco pants 50 times in nearly five years. Indeed, next month will mark five years that I started wearing them. But 50 times over five years averages out to about ten times per year which may or may not be good. To an avid disco jeans fan as myself I’d say it’s not good. To someone who doesn’t see spandex disco pants as being casual wear or even something guys should not wear it might be more than enough. Perhaps it’s true that disco pants–the original ones–were not meant to be worn casually. Maybe they were more of a party or clubbing type of garment, not something to be seen on the street everyday. But American Apparel changed all that with their disco pant legging/skinny jean. Not that I have seen it around here, but women incorporated AA’s disco pant into everyday wear and everywhere use. Sure, they were still worn for parties and clubbing, but they have also been worn for school and on-the-job, ballgames, church, dining out, bowling, concert-going and just plain hanging out in. I cannot stress enough how much of a casual item the disco pant has become. Just google ‘disco pants’ and see for yourself the variety of places and activities they have been worn. It’s nothing short of amazing. Also amazing is that this has led to the original, vintage-cut disco pants becoming a casual item of clothing as well.

Again, it’s not that I’m seeing people all around here wearing either version of disco pants. But what AA has done with theirs is turned the very notion of wearing shiny, skintight spandex pants from an anomaly–something reserved only for rockstars or those in athletic competition–to a normal clothing staple, a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. And as a result of that all sorts of wet-look and leather-like tight pants and leggings have followed suit and became mainstream. Shine is the new ‘in’.

But even with all these various shiny & tight legwear I’m partial to disco pants. To me, nothing beats the look and feel of the nylon and spandex blend used to make these pants. Not to mention the comfort. I would live in disco pants. Absolutely!

I do lament the fact that I just don’t see anyone around here wearing spandex disco jeans of any kind. I don’t get it. It’s not like I live in some two-bit town in the middle of nowhere. But I don’t see any regardless. From the time these pants came out in 2008 to the present I have only seen one person wearing them, outside of anyone that I gave a pair to. Where are the 20 and 30-something women who wear these pants? It is peculiar indeed, but perhaps if they see me wearing mine they will wear theirs as well.

How many of you, dear readers, have disco pants but are too shy to wear them? And when I say ‘wear them’ I mean wear them as they are meant to be worn. Fully shown. Not hidden under shorts or a skirt. I have to admit that it felt very libertating these last two times I wore them. Sure they were partially covered by a slightly longer jacket but that is a perfectly acceptable way to wear them. I felt like I was being true to myself and doing something that I really love in a crazy world that is judgmental and only sees what’s on the outside. I made a statement that said, “You can judge me for wearing something you don’t understand or know what it is and maybe dislike; but life is short, this is who I am and I feel good about it.”

I don’t know how many times I will end up wearing disco pants this year. I certainly hope I will live out my mantra and have plenty of wearings to speak of. The year 2012 was my best with 29 wearings. But they were mostly all in what I call ‘safe zones.’ Now I started stepping out of those safe zones. Can I top those 29 wearings out of my ‘safe zone’? It’s possible. I just hope nothing happens that may deter me, such as maybe having a bad experience or perhaps even damaging the pants. That would really suck. But 50 wearings so far and no bad experiences to speak of. Onward we go!

Another goal of mine is to eventually wear some of my AA disco pants or those cheap Chinese versions. They are all so nice. Even though the Chinese ones are very thin and clearly not long-lasting, they are so shiny and smooth and look great. I still want to make a pair of shorts out of them this summer. But my hesitation in wearing these leggings-style disco pants is that they’re so skintight all the way down. I wear Levi’s 519 which are extreme skinny and you might say they almost look like leggings because they are skintight all the way down as well. And I have a few pairs of Levi’s 510 which are that was also. So why am I okay with wearing these leggings-like jeans but not the the disco pants? Well, in my defense I don’t always wear these jeans, especially lately with the pain issue I was going through. But I guess my reason is that while the jeans may look & fit like leggings, they still look like jeans. The AA & Chinese disco pants look like shiny running tights and that is something I have not ever worn in public, even though I’ve had semi-shiny tights. Once I get to the point where I just don’t give a damn anymore I’ll wear anything and everything I want.

When I first got AA disco pants back in 2008 I loved putting them on and taking photos. They were my first disco pants that fit right. I was definitely hesitant to share any of those photos on social media even though most people who would have seen them were friends. Eventually I felt the need to upload a photo and use it as my profile pic. This was back in the days of MySpace. I had about four photos of me in those AA pants on myspace. Didn’t get any weird comments. But little by little I tried to get people used to seeing me in disco jeans even it was jut in pictures at first. It would be about another three years before I would be publicly seen wearing them in person. Now I use several other forms of social media and I have pics of me in disco jeans on every one of them.

The reason I brought that up is because I wanted to know if any of you readers have photos of yourselves in disco pants on social media. Or are you hesitant to do so? I was hesitant as well at first but eventually I just couldn’t keep all those glorious photos to myself. I know how it is. Especially if you think you look good in them. You want to share them. You want to show the world what an awesome thing they are and how great you look in them. Even if no one else thinks so. You make the look your own. It’s you and everyone needs to know it.

I do have some photos here sent to me by a male reader of this blog. He is also a huge fan of disco pants and it’s great to be able to share this interest with other like-minded people. I certainly do not talk about my love of disco pants with anyone but the few folks I met through this blog and one or two from ebay. Here are his pics of his red AA disco pants.

Screenshot_2017-01-15-22-47-30-1   Screenshot_2017-01-15-22-49-27-1   1484539159214

I’d say that’s a perfect fit! Thanks for the photos!


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9 Responses to From Party-Wear To Casual-Wear & Social Media

  1. AIO says:

    Those red disco pants look really cool!!!

  2. Russ says:

    Hey. There they are. I was wondering if you were going to use them or not. You’re right about using them for all occasions too. If one just uses them as semi formal wear or for partying then they won’t get much use. If SDJs are used casually, such as my pics, then they get used and more fun is to be had. I had my red AA XL spandex disco jeans on again last night. Got to love them. I thought about wearing green ones for SPD, but didn’t do it. Sometimes you get busy with other things and you just don’t think about SDJs all of the time. Such is life. Thanks for posting them. I’ll take more if you want to see them; faceless of course.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hey Russ,
      Yeah I had almost forgotten about those photos. But since I talked about social media in my post today it was a perfect opportunity.
      The goal I guess is to wear them as much as possible and in a sense normalize them as a regular item of clothing.
      I had also thought about wearing green ones for SPD but having worn a pair the day before I shirked away from doing it on back-to-back days. Would have been good to wear my green ones though.
      You don’t think about SDJ’s all the time? I must be obsessed then, LOL.
      Sure whenever you feel like it send more pics. Thanks!

      • Russ says:

        Well I do think about them every day, but other things come up, so I have to back burner the disco jeans from time to time.
        I’m glad other readers like my pics. I’ll send more when I can. Wearing them for jury duty takes serious guts. I don’t know if I could do that. Wow.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        To be honest, I go through periods where I am obsessed with them and then others when I don’t think as much about them. I can’t explain what brings on the swings, but I am like that about all things I like.
        Yes, do send more pics.
        I don’t think I could wear them for jury duty either. I applaud his nonchalance and wish I could be at that point.

  3. Carl says:

    I wear my SDJ’s to different places starting in Spring up through November. I’ve got AA ones in red, black and white. i wore my black ones today to Target and yesterday wore the red ones to jury duty.Never heard any negative comments in the 7 plus years I’ve been wearing them to different places.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Carl,
      You wore sdj’s to jury duty? Wow! That is impressive!!
      So you’ve been wearing them for 7 years. That’s really great. I imagine you must be in at least decent shape.
      Thanks very much for commenting here. You have really inspired us!

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