What Other Colors & Where Else to Wear Disco Pants?

It looks like my weather for the coming week and even beyond is going to be perfect for wearing disco pants! With the exception of one day perhaps. I wanted to take a trip to the mall this week. Also have to make my weekly trek to a thrift store or two. Those are two great places to wear disco jeans. But I have two very pressing questions:

  1. Where else should I wear disco pants to?
  2. What other colors should I start wearing?

As far as colors go, I’m feeling eager to wear some other colors. I love black but I have at least ten other colors. Now I’m not ready to start wearing the golds, silvers and reds. But I think I can start incorporating some midnight and some navy into my rotation. I am especially leaning towards my midnight pair because they are so smooth and the color is so rich.

But I am comfortable with continuing to wear black. I have so many black pairs that it’s pointless to let them just sit around. I still have to be careful with my stomach though and since some of these black ones are very tight I couldn’t work with them at the moment. But midnight and navy are real options. So I guess I answered one of my own questions.

The other question is a bit more challenging. Where else do I wear spandex disco jeans to? I love wearing them to the mall. Well, I’ve only worn them once to the mall and it was only to a particular store at the mall. And I love wearing them to thrift stores even though I have a thing about wearing my favorite clothing to thrift stores. Even after all these years I still have this “thrift stores and everything in them are gross” type of mentality. And this is even though I have found some pretty awesome jeans and disco pants all at one particular thrift store. But I’m like that. I’m prone to being grossed out easily. All that notwithstanding I am still willing to wear even my best and newest disco pants to them.

I would love to wear them to go bowling. But I haven’t gone bowling in years and doesn’t look like anytime soon. I would totally wear them to a concert. But that’s also something I don’t see happening in the near future. A sporting event but that is even less likely. Visiting relatives over the holidays? That’s defintely a possibility, but in my case it would be like making an announcement, “Hey family, I wear skintight, shiny (spandex) pants. I’m sure this just cements your belief that I am weird.” But even this is something that would not be happening anytime soon. None of these things are day-to-day events anyway and if the goal is to make wearing disco pants a regular part of my outfit then I cannot wait for these isolated, blue-moon type events. These would be great occasions to wear disco pants in addition to other more regular type scenarios.

Let’s examine some more regular scenarios. How about going to the bank? Sometimes there are a lot of people at banks and sometimes there aren’t. Regardless, a bank is not a place you spend any large amount of time at unless you’re conducting some serious business. So if my only errand to run on any given day is to go to the bank, I probably would not pull out the disco pants. How about the post office? Again, the post office is a place that can have varying amounts of people. And those who are standing in line bored will do nothing less than check out everyone who walks in there from head to toe. And even stare. So if they saw me in shiny spandex pants they would surely stare and think whatever. However, like the bank scenario if the post office were the only place I had to go to I would not bust out the disco jeans. Without repeating most of the above sentences, I would say that the same holds true for a supermarket or grocery store. Ditto for a gas station, a hardware store or a doctor’s office.

I really like the idea of wearing disco pants to clothing stores. There are a lot of mirrors in clothing stores and when I’m wearing spandex disco jeans I like to look at myself in them. Eating/dining out in them would be okay as well. Going to the movies is good also but I don’t do much of that anymore. A music store would be another good place. But for now I think clothing stores and thrift stores will have to suffice while I think up other places. Definitely looking forward to wearing disco pants this week!

About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to What Other Colors & Where Else to Wear Disco Pants?

  1. Russ says:

    I agree with you. It’s tough to know where to wear the spandex disco jeans to and where not to. When can be just as difficult. I wish I had answers for you. All I can suggest is to try and find out where and when is acceptable through trial and error, like I am doing. But I’m sure you already know this.

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