Where to Buy Disco Pants Now???

Now with American Apparel virtually closed the question that disco pant fans must ponder is, “Where do we get these amazing pants from here on out?” Thankfully there are several concrete answers.

First, many of the readers of this blog already know that vintage-style, straight leg cut disco jeans are still being made as of right now. I have bought several myself and so have some of the readers here. And we are all very thrilled with the product. These pants come in two brands–Bojeangles and Le Gambi–which are two of the original, beloved brands from the late 1970’s. These pants are just as wonderful as the originals and you could not tell them apart. The best thing about these are that they are brand new so you don’t have to worry about wearing a pair that could be up to 39 years old. Some of those old pairs are very tired and worn and the slightest amount of overstretch can damge them permanently. This would be the first source I’d recommend to anyone looking for disco pants. These are not mass-produced like AA’s were. They are made in much smaller quantities. Made in American. If you haven’t yet bought a pair and are interested in doing so, please let me know and I will give you an email to a contact person. The customer service is wonderful and they give very personal service.

Second, ebay is another viable option. In fact, ebay is where I have purchased most of my 30+ pairs. You can find some really good deals on there. And you can find disco pants from all eras. I have purchased vintage originals, AA ones and knockoff versions all on ebay. I have gotten some real bargains on ebay with some vintage pairs and with a good number of American Apparel’s pants. But I have also paid a pretty penny for some of the originals when I first started buying them. Currently, some sellers are trying to get around $200 dollars for new pairs of AA disco pants. Many people who wanted AA’s felt that $85 was too expensive for their tastes. Imagine $200!

Third, there is Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace for buying and selling mainly handmade goods so at any time you can find a good number of both vintage and modern style disco jeans. The thing about Etsy is that most of the disco pants on there are highly overpriced. We’re talking well over $100 and up for mostly used and perhaps minorly damaged pants. And not usually any exotic colors. And there are no auctions there. Everything is fixed price so if you really want something you should buy it A.S.A.P. Nonetheless it is a great source if you just gotta have the originals and are willing to splurge. But keep on eye out because sometimes the sellers from etsy are also selling the very same items on ebay for different prices. I have never bought anything there myself but as soon as they have something I want it’ll be mine.

Fourth, there is something called Poshmark. A reader of this blog brought to my attention that there were disco pants to be bought on that website. I had heard of Poshmark but I never bothered to check it out. When I finally went there and looked for disco pants, they had tons and tons of them. You can buy stuff on there and you can also post photos of things you want. If someone happens to come across that ‘wanted’ photo of shamrock green spandex disco jeans on your page and they have a pair, they can offer it to you. In contrast to Etsy, the prices on Poshmark are incredibly low. The majority of the disco pants on there are mostly of the modern ‘leggings’ style, like AA’s. I just recently purchased a pair of like-new gold AA ones for incredibly cheap. Just pay attention to the details of the listings on there. I’ve seen many of the cheaper knockoffs being sold there trying to be passed off as American Apparel disco pants. If you’re looking for the genuine AA pairs just remember that they have the rounded back pockets, not squared, angled or pointed.

Fifth, we have Depop. Tons of disco pants for sale there, mostly newer style but some vintage. Prices vary a little more compared to Poshmark. Lots of great photos of the sellers modeling their pants. So if you enjoy looking at pictures of attractive people wearing shiny spandex jeans you will really enjoy this website. It almost limitless as to the amount of disco pants being sold there. Makes me kind of sad to think that so many people are looking to get rid of their pants and in some cases for so little money. If you’re selling disco pants for only $10-$15 isn’t it better just to keep them? I realize some of the low-priced pairs are the cheaper brands but still. It does appear that there are a multitude of teen girls selling on there so that could explain both the desire to get rid of disco pants and the flea market prices. One thing I don’t like about Depop is that it is a phone app type thing; thus, unless you have the app installed on your phone you cannot buy anything or contact the sellers with questions. I did find a way around this however. Since depop accounts appear to be linked with their Twitter accounts I was able to look up a few sellers on Twitter and message them with questions. Another item of concern is that most sellers appear to be from the UK so I don’t know if they would be willing to ship to the US. I believe it may be a UK website.

Finally, there are two more websites–DHGate.com and AliExpress.com–where you can buy wholesale disco pants directly from China. There is no minimum order. There are multiple sellers there who appear to offer the same kinds of disco pants. The only difference is the price they charge for each. For the most part they are very inexpensive. We’re talking about $8 to $15 per disco pant. They are very thin and more prone to damage and overstretching. But they are super shiny and look very nice on. They don’t have the rounded AA pockets, but most people will not know they’re not AA disco pants unless they look really close and perhaps feel them. These are the very pants that I wrote about converting into shorts. I still plan to do that. My only other warnings with these pants is that some of the sellers are clearly using stock AA photos when in fact these pants are not exact replicas of them. Also, there are some differences in sizing among the colors. Apparently the black ones are cut on a different sizing standard from the other colors. I have only purchased black and silver and while marked the same size, the silver fits much tighter, a bit shorter and with a lesser rise. So keep that in mind. And one final thing–seeing how these pants will be coming directly from China, it will be a major hassle to send back if you don’t like their fit, material, etc. Thus, choose wisely!

Those are the best sources to still get disco pants from. If you’re not picky and can work with pre-owned pairs there are some great deals on Poshmark and Depop. If you long for the vintage, straight-leg fit you can get top-of-the-line brand new ones or you can go with used pairs from ebay and etsy. If you don’t care so much about brand names or can’t spend too much and you just want the shiny, skintight spandex pants look, DHGate and AliExpress are the places to go. On any of these websites you can go and just search for ‘disco pants’ and whole arrays of them will come up. Unfortunately, some people do spam the phrase ‘disco pants’ so a whole lot of things that are not disco pants will also show up. I recommend searching specifically ‘disco pants’ and not ‘disco jeans’ because most of the sellers of these pants are pretty young and they are only familiar with these pants being called ‘disco pants’.

I have purchased disco pants from all these sources except Etsy (haven’t found anything I want yet) and DHGate (very similar to AliExpress). Just in the last few days I have bought from Poshmark and Depop. Disco pant fans should be able to find plenty to tickle their fancy. Happy shopping!!


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Where to Buy Disco Pants Now???

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks for the info. Now I don’t have enough money to buy everything that I have seen and want. Lol.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      You’re welcome. I found myself spending way too much time on those websites looking for disco pants. But I’m glad I found a couple of things. Yeah, definitely don’t have the money to buy everything we want from there!

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