51st Wearing

The big announcement for today is that I wore my spandex disco jeans with my puffer jacket! It was a pretty easy decision at that, unlike the last two weeks where I wanted to but I couldn’t muster up the boldness. But today I did and it felt great! I wore my new, black Le Gambi size 4 with a navy blue long-sleeve t-shirt from American Apparel. And white Converse high tops of course. I tucked in the smallest amount of the AA shirt in the pants just so more of the pants would be visible. And because I like it that way. I have started to do this with my skinny jeans as well. All these years I’ve been keeping whatever top I wear over the jeans and covering up them up. This becomes an issue when you are wearing a shorter coat or jacket like my puffer. I don’t like the sloppy look of the longer shirt hanging out below the jacket or coat. I mean sometimes it’s okay and on some people it looks all right but I don’t like it too much on me. Whatever outermost layer I happen to be wearing on top has to be the longest and only one visible. Anything longer underneath has to be tucken in or somehow hidden.

But each of the three weeks that I have worn disco pants have been progressively better. First week I wore black Jonden disco pants (not as shiny) with grey AA shirt untucked and long jacket. Second week I wore the exact same outfit but with the grey shirt tucked in a tad in the front and in the back. Also kept jacket open most of the time. Third week (today) I wore new, black Le Gambi size 4 (very shiny) with navy AA shirt tucked in front and back and puffer jacket, at times open and at times closed. Today’s outfit is the one that I prefer the most.

This is where I went today: the usual thrift store, a bank, another thrift store and a grocery store. First of all, it’s very interesting getting out of the car whenever you arrive anywhere. If there is anyone around you look to see if they are checking out your pants. I just can’t help believing that if the sun is out and causing your pants to shine people will notice and look. It just so happens that a few times today when going from the car to the business or from the business to the car that the sun was shining and and so were my disco jeans. As far as whether anyone noticed I don’t know. Inside the first thrift store, which is the one I visit every week, I’m almost certain some women noticed the pants. A few were so close I can’t imagine that they did not see it.

When I walked into the bank there were two people speaking further down by the service desk. The teller windows were all free so I went directly to the only one that was open. I noticed that as I walked toward her window that my pants caught her eye and she gave a few glances.The car was parked several spaces down so I had to walk about four spaces to get to it while the sun was gleaming down perfectly angled at my pants. A car was coming towards me so whoever was in it probably noticed the pants.

After there headed to another thrift store. This is one I had not yet worn disco pants to. And this is a store where its parking lot is located about half a block from the entrance. So you park and then walk, cross a street and walk some more past some eateries where people were sitting at a table by the window. Once inside the store, one of the girls who works there greeted us and I noticed she gave me a long glance, then turned away and looked again. I only wish I could know some of these people’s thoughts. Are they positive? Are they negative? Are they curious? After I checked out that same girl was up in front by the exit but I am not sure if she looked again. Then I made the long-ish walk back to the parking lot.

Finally went to a nearby grocery store. I never wanted to wear disco pants to this store because as I wrote previously, it’s not the kind of environment I want to be seen wearing shiny spandex jeans in. But I was not alone and it wasn’t my idea to go. However I went and it was the final stop for the day. My attitude was basically “what the hell.” I knew that the people who work there probably recognized me as a regular customer and would know that I wear skintight shiny spandex pants. I think that for the most part most people think these pants are just a pair of coated or waxed slim or skinny jeans. With the lighting inside most stores not being all that bright, disco pants can still have a slight shine to them just as resin-coated jeans do. It’s only when you get really close to a person wearing disco pants that you can see the have a very different look and feel.

But that was all for today. It was pretty ground-breaking for me. And I felt very good and confident in them. I felt as though I could dress like that everyday. There were no comments or weird looks either. The temperature was about 40-45° so it felt a little chilly on the legs but nothing unbearable. The cool thing is my puffer jacket is also made out of nylon. What an amazing material nylon is!

If temperatures do rise soon the puffer jacket may be on the way out and I’ll have to start wearing my AA jackets with disco pants. I have four of them and they are all shiny to varying degrees. So if I pair them with disco pants I will have a completely shiny outfit! Not that I really care about shiny jackets but they all look really good with disco pants. Two of them are particularly short similar to the puffer.

So what’s next for me in terms of progressing with my disco pants wearing? Well, before I look too far ahead I want to say that I am really pleased with what I did today. I feel as though I accomplished something earlier than I thought I would be able to. Thus, I want to enjoy today. Of course, what I did earlier today is already in the past and while it’s great to think about the memories of wearing disco pants, it’s even better to be wearing them at the present moment. For now there are two things I should do: first, keep wearing disco pants at least once a week; second, start trying some of the other colors.

I am pretty sure that as long as the weather stays as it is, I can keep wearing disco pants at least once a week. Once a week doesn’t sound like much and eventually I want to make it twice a week. But it all depends on what sort of things I have to do in any given week. As I said before, I don’t want to put on the pants just to go put gas in the car, go to the post office or go to the bank. Even if I were doing all three of those things in one day I wouldn’t wear disco pants just for that. I want to keep my wearings more for thrift stores and clothing/department stores/malls. I would love to get to a point where disco pants are all I wear everywhere I go. But these pants do not last forever so for now I want to use them for certain occasions only. I do think that I can keep wearing them every Thursday at least. Defintely makes Thursdays a day to look forward to.

As far as colors go, black is a great color and doesn’t really stand out very much. It’s a ‘safe’ color to wear and I’m pretty sure everyone who enters the field of disco pants wearing starts with black and either stops there or progresses to other colors. Since I do have so many other colors I would love to wear them as well. Realistically speaking, at least for now the only other colors I would consider wearing are midnight, navy and perhaps hunter or forest green. I wish I had a brown and a charcoal grey (like American Apparel’s) as options, too. But the midnight is most likely the next color I wear. It is such a dark color and has a very smooth feel to them. I would have worn it today but I’m still concerned about squeezing the waist too much. The midnight is tighter fitting than the other colors. I would say a size 6 in midnight fits slightly tighter than a size 4 in the other colors. But it is an amazing color and its smoothness gives it a touch more of shininess.

So that’s the plan. Let’s see how well it goes. Aside from that I am expecting a couple pairs of AA disco pants in the mail. I found a pre-owned caramel pair for only $25 and a two-tone black/white pair for a little more. Both sellers claim the pants are in excellent condition so I am looking forward to them.

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2 Responses to 51st Wearing

  1. Ricarrdo says:

    Great blog! I love spandex disco jeans and worn them to every place you can imagine. Family functions, shopping, amusement parts, even to the dentist! The only time I got into trouble was one day in my senior year of high school when I thought I’d wear a light blue pair of Le Gambi’s and I was later sent home because they were too tight and revealing. But the next day, I came back, wearing another pair, just as tight, but in a darker blue so it wasn’t as noticeable.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Ricarrdo,
      Thanks for checking out this blog! That’s pretty amazing that you wore spandex disco jeans everywhere and even in high school! I love that. Was this during the late 70’s/ early 80’s? What sort of reactions if any did you get? I like that your high school still allowed you to wear disco jeans even after sending you home because of them. I can’t imagine who would be silly enough to make the determination that your pants were too tight and revealing. Thanks for sharing that!!

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