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Someone left a great comment on my last post and I’d like to share it here on this post:

I love spandex disco jeans and worn them to every place you can imagine. Family functions, shopping, amusement parts, even to the dentist! The only time I got into trouble was one day in my senior year of high school when I thought I’d wear a light blue pair of Le Gambi’s and I was later sent home because they were too tight and revealing. But the next day, I came back, wearing another pair, just as tight, but in a darker blue so it wasn’t as noticeable.

This comment is from a guy and it is a very enthusiastic and inspiring statement. He says he loves spandex disco jeans, as do I and probably all readers of this blog, and has worn them every place imaginable. That is great! I have only started wearing mine ‘everywhere’ only recently, but for me I wouldn’t even call it everywhere. But you have to start somewhere, right? I have already worn mine these last three weeks to places I never thought I would. Let’s examine some of the places/events he has worn them to.

-Family functions: That is pretty cool! I think that for me, anyway, wearing disco pants around family is probably more difficult than around friends or just in public around strangers. But this is definitely something I aim for. Perhaps some kind of small family gathering during holidays would be an ideal time. Family functions overall for me have been diminishing over the years, though.

-Shopping: That’s one that works for me! This will probably be my most often used avenue for wearing disco pants. But shopping entails many possibilities. Could be shopping for clothes, groceries, automobiles, furniture, electronics, etc. I’m open to all those with the exception of grocery shopping maybe.

-Amusement parks: If I went to any, yeah I’d wear them. But that’s not something I really do much either. It is defintely a superb place for them!

-The dentist: Wow! Now that is something I would not do. At least not at this point. Perhaps if I ever get to the point where disco jeans are all I wear then yeah. But right now I wouldn’t even wear my skinny jeans to any doctor’s office! However, this is very impressive and I applaud the commenter for this.

-High school: Yeah! Like this guy, I would love to have memories of wearing them in high school. Especially senior year since everyone knows seniors rule the school. The closest thing I had to spandex disco pants in high school was a pair of skintight Levi’s that I wore only a few times due to my timidness and the overall ‘tight jeans are out of style’ philosophy of the era. So if I was already hesitant to wear tight jeans at that time, I cannot imagine wearing disco pants though I would have wanted to more than life. But, were I a senior in high school now and had I disco pants I’m pretty sure I would have worn them at least once. I was very thin then–my legs were described by a cocky gym classmate as ‘sticks with hair on them’–so I would have needed a very small pair in order to fit properly. It would be so much easier to wear them now that skinny jeans and meggings are popular for guys and disco pants have been popular with girls for at least 5 years now. So yeah, I’m almost certain I would wear them if I were a senior in high school at this point. But you can only do high school once so my only similar option now would be to wear them to college, which is a very real possibility.

This reader says that he was sent home for wearing a light blue pair of Le Gambi disco pants that were too tight and too revealing. Hahah! I don’t think I have ever seen light blue ones. Would love to see photos. But who would have been checking that out? Without resorting to making unpleasant generalizations, I cannot imagine what kind of person is bothered by someone who is wearing pants that are ‘too tight.’ So what? Isn’t that a result of living in a free society? People do things you don’t like. Maybe you do things they don’t like. But you have to tolerate each other. As long as the person is clothed and covered up where he/she needs to be what is the problem? The good thing is that the next day he returned to school wearing a darker blue pair of disco pants and there were no more issues. So at least his school didn’t have a problem with students wearing these pants. But there was some sort of arbritary ‘tightness’ and ‘revealing’ guide that was in place.

I know that lighter-color disco pants do tend to reveal more, just like lighter-color jeans do. Unlike jeans though, light-color disco pants can become see-through the tighter they fit. It can get to the point where the color of your underwear-if you’re wearing any–can show through as well as some other detail. One way to prevent this is to wear a longer top to cover that part up. Another way to prevent this is to wear larger sized disco jeans to get a looser fit. But what is the point of wearing loose disco pants? Believe me, I have had one or two or three loose disco pants and they are not fun at all to wear.

This was a very cool comment and I enjoy reading other people’s experiences with spandex disco jeans. I certainly wish that smartphones with cameras were around during the original era of disco pants. Can you imagine how many photos there would be now? Did anyone think that technology would advance to a point where digital photography would not only take over but crush the old film-camera technology? Too bad it didn’t happen about 30 years sooner. I think most of us would be better off today in more ways than one.

Thanks for your comment!

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8 Responses to Reader Comment

  1. Carl says:

    Glad to hear of other guys sporting disco pants! Maybe I’m even more daring than that commenter, because whenever I wear my SDJ to various places in public, I never wear anything under them. I feel wearing underwear with SDJ defeats the purpose of wearing them. They feel awesome right against my skin. Yeah, I do get some ‘crotch watchers’ in public, but I actually enjoy the attention. It’s very empowering to overcome the self consciousness I first had and now I just strut around in them. I think the more often you wear them in public, the more confident and even bolder you become.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Hi Carl,
      It is great to hear that more guys are wearing them! And you are doing great by wearing yours confidently. I imagine that you must not be covering up the upper regions of the pants then? I prefer leaving the pants fully exposed by I’m not at that point yet where I am bold enough to do so. But you are right in that the more you wear them the more confident and bolder you become. What color do you wear most often? Thanks for the comment!

  2. Carl says:

    Most often I wear my black ones. I have 4 pairs in black, 2 in red, 1 in white and 1 in blue. I don’t cover the upper regions of the pants if I can help it. I wear a coat, I leave it open, so every part of the pants are seen from the waist down.

  3. Carl says:

    Definitely the vintage ones. They’re shinier and have the regular straight leg cut.

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