Brand New Le Gambi & Bojeangles Spandex Disco Pants

Tomorrow is Thursday and the day I have been wearing spandex disco jeans for three weeks in a row now. Will I go for four? I would love to and I’m pretty much planning on it, but from what I hear tomorrow will be a cloudy and rainy day. And about 42°F.  And since I have now overcome the obstacle of wearing disco pants with my puffer jacket, I can now wear them once again with said jacket. The real question for tomorrow is will I wear my midnight Le Gambi tomorrow? Truth be told, if I weren’t still dealing with some tummy soreness I would unquestioningly wear them. But that is a real concern for me. Today I felt comfortable enough to wear my Cheap Monday Tight skinny jeans but after a while I had to unbutton them. It’s not that bad when I’m standing. The trouble is when I’m sitting down in the car and these types of pants seem to put more pressure on the stomach area when sitting. But I am leaning towards wearing this midnight pair even if I have to keep it unbuttoned.

Speaking of this particular pair of disco pants, I wanted to mention that it is one of my brand new Le Gambi pairs. The ones that are being newly made. I have 10 pairs of these brand new ones and they are just so awesome. I wasn’t old enough when the original spandex disco pants came out so I don’t remember seeing them in any stores. I don’t know how brand new pairs actually looked back then. But I do know that these new pairs are very shiny compared to many of the vintage pairs I own. I am led to believe that some of those old pairs were washed improperly or not cared for well which led them to lose some of their shine.

What I would like to do now is share photos of all the new pairs I have purchased since 2013. The colors I have are: black, red, navy, midnight, hunter, silver, purple & royal. Here are photos of my actual pairs:

DSC09245 (2)a-001






DSC05758 (2)-001

DSC05745 (2)-001

Aren’t they nothing short of amazing? I know some of you have already purchased these new disco jeans and you are extremely pleased with them. Those of you who have not bought any I really urge you to if you can. The fit of these is so much more flattering than American Apparel’s, especially on guys but truly on everyone. These can really be dressed up or down. This is a statement I’ve read many times regarding AA’s disco pants. To an extent it is true but due to their disco pant’s legging-fit it does limit its flexibility somewhat. These here are more like regular pants and give both men and women a wide array of outfits to incorporate them into and a slew of occasions to wear them. And they feature the original brand names of Le Gambi and Bojeangles on the right-side pocket. I think if AA had added their name brand on a small tag on the right pocket it would have given their pants that final touch.

Remember, if you are interested in purchasing these leave me a comment here and I will put you in touch with maker/seller. Some of these particular colors might not be available in the size you want, but that is something you can discuss with the contact person.


About Spandex Disco Jeans

This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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2 Responses to Brand New Le Gambi & Bojeangles Spandex Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    Awesome disco jeans. I think they are all great, but the red ones are my favorite. I hope to get one of each pair from the seller if I can ever afford it. They are terrific.

    Good for you to own them all. Thanks for showing them.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks! I hope you can get them, too. There are a few colors I still don’t have and am hoping for new colors to become available. My pleasure!

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