Nyssa Rosaleen & Disco Pants

I found this passage from an article writer that describes the gold pants that Nyssa Rosaleen, then-singer of rock band Modern Superstitions, happened to be wearing during a live performance. The author clearly did not know Nyssa was wearing American Apparel disco pants, but he was certainly mesmerized by them, and the way he described them is almost as sensual as wearing the pants themselves. Here is what Adam Bunch had to say:

Well, first things first, so let’s start with the pants. Because ohhh my god those pants. Gold and shiny and high-waisted and tight like skin. Proper rock ‘n’ fucking roll pants. Pants whose lineage goes back all the way to the glory days of punk and funk and glam. Debbie Harry pants. Joan Jett pants. David Bowie pants. Pants, in fact, so tight that the pockets have become nothing more than vestigial echoes of their more functional ancestors, a satirical sartorial commentary on the whole concept of pocket-dom, a golden guarantee that anything you ever actually manage to get inside them will be lost to you forever. Indeed, I think it’s fair to say that these particular pants do share something of the mystery and allure of a black hole – fascinating and thrilling, but dangerous. A physical impossibility. And so the not-so-simple act of wearing them, of being the person inside them, is to flirt with the sublimely absurd. To flip a big flashy lycra finger at the idea of practicality, function, and reason. To celebrate, in pant form, the same libidinal currents that give rock ‘n’ roll so much of its power: sexuality, excess, abandon, arrogance. These pants – like rock ‘n’ roll itself, like so many of the things that make life worth living – are a giant fuck you to death, to our biological and physical limitations, to the ultimate existential meaninglessness of the universe. They are joy for the sake of joy.

Now you all know how AA’s caramel disco pants look on someone wearing them. Just a few days I posted pics of my own pair. There is something about that color that words can’t describe. Here is how Nyssa looked in them:




(Photos & quote courtesy of littleredumbrella.com)

Yes, she looks amazing in those ‘gold’ disco pants. A perfect fit and a great shine. I could not describe them any better than Adam did. And I do love that he emphasized how these pants are so rock ‘n’ roll. Never mind that their name is ‘disco pants.’ In my mind these will always be rock & roll pants. Rock pants. Musician pants.

This article is from early 2012, during the height of AA disco pants craze. Nyssa has since parted ways with the band and gone solo. Here are a few more pics of her in black disco pants:



Stunning! I can only wonder if she still wears disco pants.

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6 Responses to Nyssa Rosaleen & Disco Pants

  1. Russ says:

    I remember seeing those pics of her in the gold pants before. She looks good in the black ones too. Good post. You sure are posting a lot these days aren’t you? That’s cool.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks. Yeah, I am posting frequently. I find that blogging helps keep me disciplined to write more. Since I don’t journal this is a good way to keep a written record of my thoughts and adventures.

  2. skippy says:

    Those gold pants look amazing on her,There are women in bands now wearing disco pants I can post,So it seems they have not vanished completely.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Yes, please do post any photos if you’re able. If not you can just post the links. There is this one band (a duo) named Cardinox featuring a female singer who would always wear black disco pants. Look them up. You’ll see tons of pics.
      It’s a great item of clothing and hopefully some die-hard fans will keep them going.

  3. skippy says:

    Here is a band from my town philly,This is recent and the chick wears disco pants.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Thanks for that! Yeah, that’s just from about 2 months ago. Great! You always find some really good stuff.

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