5th Wearing of 2017

One of the single, greatest advantages of living in a major metropolitan hub is that diversity is the rule. As a result, you can get away with doing pretty much anything that may be considered ‘out of the norm.’ Yes, you might get some stares or weird looks, but as I wrote before, if you’re not looking back at anyone you won’t know they’re staring or giving you weird looks. And I believe that’s a great philosophy to live by–do your own thing and don’t worry about who may be looking.

Today I finally wore disco pants in a color other than black! I wore my midnight Le Gambi (pair #2) and navy long-sleeve AA shirt. I had considered wearing this disco pant last week but was still concerned about my stomach. Today though I put them on and decided that they weren’t exerting too much pressure on me. So I wore them and I feel fine.

I had considered wearing them with my black puffer jacket but I have to admit that I was a bit shy about it today. So I paired them with my longer Apt. 9 jacket which is the one I wore the first couple of times with black disco pants.

Okay, my shyness today was not the only reason I didn’t wear the puffer jacket. I still intend to pair those two very soon. The other reason is that the puffer jacket lacks in sufficient and deep pockets and unfortunately I carry a lot of things. As you already know, disco pants don’t offer but two pockets, both of which are in the rear and bulge out with any item that is placed in them. You heard the old expression about someone’s jeans being so tight you could read the date on the quarter in their pocket? Well, same thing with spandex disco jeans. Anything in those rear pockets immediately makes itself known it’s in there, even if it is only a receipt. So while I do keep my wallet in one of those pockets it really bulges out and looks like there’s a phone in there. Additionally, due to the skintight fit anything you put in those pockets is quite difficult to take out. (That is good though for pickpockets as there is no way they can pull out your wallet or phone with any kind of ease and without you feeling it! Another great reason to wear disco pants!!!)

When I go out I have to carry a wallet, phone, two sets of keys, gloves, sunglasses and perhaps another small item or two. Deep pockets are a must! The puffer jacket offers the two not-so-deep standard front pockets where I try to jam everything into. And since the puffer is also rather slim fitting, stuffing too much into the pockets makes them bulge out as well.

But today was good. It was sunny so I know my disco pants were really shining today. I went to the usual thrift store, followed by an Aldi grocery store and finally a European deli that makes to-die-for dry sausages.

Nothing happened anywhere I went. Sure some people saw me wearing them. Disco pants are hard not to see, especially in sunlight. No negative incidents, no positive incidents. I’m just getting more and more convinced that it really is no big deal for me to wear these pants out in the street. Granted, I’m mostly in the car and not walking around outdoors. But still. There have been plenty of opportunities for anyone to say something to me if they wanted to. So with each time I wear these pants I’m getting more and more confident and nonchalant.

Just looking down at my pants while I was wearing them I thought to myself, “There’s nothing wrong or weird about these pants.” They look like a typical pair of slim jeans. Over my sneakers they fit like slim jeans. Okay, so they’re skintight from the knees on up. But that’s in style now, too! Everywhere I go I see guys wearing pretty tight jeans. Maybe not skintight but who cares? The only real visible difference between disco pants and any other kind of pants that are in style now is that disco pants shine. Mind you, I am speaking specifically of the vintage-style disco pants, not American Apparel’s version. The AA pant is a whole ‘nother animal. But even with AA’s disco pant, it could be compared to Levi’s 519 extreme skinny and all the various spray-on and super spray-on jeans available for guys now almost everywhere. I may not be ready to don the AA disco pant in public yet, but I am conquering any reservations about wearing the vintage-style, straight leg classic version.

I almost didn’t wear any disco pants today. I thought it would be a dark day with some rain and a lot of wind. I also thought it would be weird to keep wearing them to the same place week in and week out. But I knew that once you skip one week it becomes easy to skip another and then you’re back to not wearing them at all. And once I put on the beautiful midnight pair and found that it didn’t bother my waist, I kept them on proceeded on my way.

Will I ever wear AA disco pants in public? I would love to! But I can’t really confirm it. I would have to be at a point of complete confidence. The good thing is that I don’t have to consider it since I have all these straight-leg ones that I do wear. This is the version I fell in love with. But had I not these would I wear the AA ones? I probably would have to find a way to get out in them. I would most likely start by wearing them as biking gear. Pull out the bicycle and put on the disco pants. That’s what cyclists wear. No one’s going to look at a cyclist wearing shiny spandex pants as something weird, right? The only difference being that they no longer make biking pants or compression or running tights as shiny as they used to. But most people would have no idea they are AA disco pants. So that would be my plan. I would start with black ones and eventually work my way through the other colors. As I write this I was reminded of my desire to wear my shiny lycra tights when I used to play tennis. However, I don’t think I ever worked up the nerve to do that.

In closing, I don’t want to make too many goals too soon regarding my vintage-style disco pants. I’m not sitting here trying to figure out how I can one-up today’s wearing for next week’s. Just because I wore the midight pair today doesn’t mean I have to wear a third color next week. No. I’m not pushing myself that hard. But in the back of my mind I keep the navy Bojeangles and hunter green Le Gambi as very real next possibilities. Just not quite yet. Plus, I don’t want to get into the mindset that Thursdays are the only days I’ll wear disco pants. I could wear disco pants again tomorrow. (Assuming there is a tomorrow). There is no  reason why I cannot. I just want to enjoy this. That’s what it’s all about.


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12 Responses to 5th Wearing of 2017

  1. Carl says:

    I’ve taken the opportunity of this past warm weekend to wear my disco pants both Saturday and Sunday. Many stores, a flea market, a restaurant and to the library. So fun wearing them and yes I do get some looks but I don’t care. I wear them for me.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      The only reasons I can imagine that most people have for looking are that they envy how good you look and how courageous you are!

  2. Carl says:

    Also, I found a album cover and a single cover from 1980 both by Michael Schenker Group. It shows him wearing a black pair of disco pants unbuttoned.

    and here:

  3. Disco Jeans Wearer says:

    I’ve been wearing my AA spandex disco jeans out for a while now. I got the most attention and comments, mostly positive, when I wore my silver Spandex Disco Jeans. They are a bit tighter and I needed a drink or two to build up the confidence to wear them out and I’m so glad I did. I felt so great all night and honestly loved the attention.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      Silver is definitely a color that will get you noticed! I am probably a long ways off from wearing that color myself, but I am really glad you are wearing yours!

  4. Disco Jeans Wearer says:

    I wear my AA disco pants in public all the time, I love doing it. I have a silver pair that are really tight, those get me the most attention. Usually those I only wear out at night, I agree, some people snicker but others are so turned on. I love wearing them.

    • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

      That’s great! I must ask you though: how do you know others are turned on when you wear the silver pants??

      • Disco Jeans Wearer says:

        I get the most attention and to be honest, specifically with the silver pair, when I wear them out at night, more people ask to touch them than any other pair I own. In fact, I’ve worn black ones out and most people don’t notice. Sometimes I get some pretty hot comments, but only in the silver.

      • Spandex Disco Jeans says:

        I have experienced people wanting to touch my disco pants, but it’s always been people I know. Are strangers asking to touch yours?
        What sort of comments are you getting? Can you share them here? If you have any pics you want to share, let me know and I’ll give you an email address.

  5. Disco Jeans Wearer says:

    Send me the e-mail address, I’d be happy to share some pics and comments.

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