7th Wearing of the Year

Today was interesting. It was the 7th Thursday in a row that I wore spandex disco pants but a little different this time.

First, I was expecting today to be cool and cloudy. To my surprise it was sunny and 69° when I got up. It was definitely not puffer jacket weather. That caught me off guard so I kept trying to figure out what sort of top do I wear, not to mention which disco pants. I must admit there was some hesitation to wear disco pants at all today. There was rain in the forecast so I did not want to go out in just a t-shirt, but all my lighter jackets are from American Apparel and they are either fully nylon or polyester or with some spandex thrown in. And they’re all shiny! I’ve mentioned how the puffer jacket is short. These jackets are equally short or shorter.

While I was a bit unsure about wearing disco pants today I ultimately decided I needed to wear them. But I went safe with the black Le Gambi I have already worn several times. I paired it with the navy blue long sleeve AA t-shirt and the black nylon/spandex AA jacket (officially called “The Shiny Windbreaker in Lamé Black”). So those AA tops along with my Le Gambi pants and Converse sneakers made up my outfit today..

In terms of length I would place this jacket in between the other two. My favorite of the three is the black 100% polyester thin jacket (officially called “The Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket in Black”). It’s the shiniest also the shortest of the bunch. Both it and the one I wore have an elastic band at the bottom which keeps it close to your body. I love that. The third jacket (officially called “The Matte Faux Leather Hoodie in Black”) is a leather-like hoodie which does not have the elastic band and it is a little longer. But I hope to one day pair disco pants with my aforementioned favorite jacket. It’s an amazing look! Plus I have this very same jacket in electric blue (official color name “peacock”) and it matches my electric blue Jonden disco pants!!

So I went with the stretchy, semi-shiny jacket today. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror before leaving the house and was a bit taken aback due to how the pants appeared so skintight on me. And how they revealed a good portion of the pants’ crotch. They also showed some of the back pockets. I found myself having to pull down on the jacket each time after sitting or squatting.

When I first left the house it was a bit cloudy and I figured it was going to stay that way the rest of the day. But by the time I was leaving the first stop–the thrift store–the sun was fully out and stayed out.

I don’t really get to see a lot of reflections of myself in mirrors and windows and that sucks. The thrift stores have mirrors but I don’t want to be caught looking at myself in them. But I did see a great reflection of myself in the door/windows when I was walking into the Little Caesar’s pizza place. It looked great! It’s hard to express the feeling I had seeing myself walking in the parking lot wearing shiny, skintight disco pants. There were other people around, too and I know they noticed. When it’s that sunny out there is no way people will not notice.

So people did notice the pants today. I wear ultra dark sunglasses with mirror-like lenses so I can look directly at people without them knowing it. And I can see their eyes dart to my pants. I saw them looking at the thrift store, the dollar store and at the pizza place. The people who I saw looking were not lauging or snickering. It was more of a ‘what is that?’ type look or a ‘OK that’s weird’ type glance. Pretty much a ‘whatever’ type of thing. Which is how it should be of course. Some people did a double take. Since everyone has smart phones nowadays I just keep an eye out to see if anyone’s trying to sneak a photo. If they do it’s probably when I can’t really see them doing it. Perhaps I have already been made famous on social media and I don’t even know it! If that helps more people wear disco pants then so be it.

But I really feel today’s outfit was the most adventurous I have worn thus far. I think the only further steps I can really take from here on out is to wear disco pants with that shiny jacket and then to start wearing the other colors. That will be the real challenge. If the skintight, shiny black disco pants caught eyes today imagine skintight shiny red or gold! One of the readers here has commented that his silver disco pants are the ones that get him the most attention and he loves it. And he gets positive comments from others. I think that is just plain great and what life should be all about.

You never really know it’s going to be when you try something new. If I had told people I was going to start wearing spandex disco jeans I’m pretty sure they would have said I’d look ridiculous or other worse things. But I didn’t tell anyone. I just started doing it. And eventually a couple of people said that I was the only one who could pull off that look. Whatever the intent behind that comment–whether serious or facetious–I took it as a high compliment and one I would never have received had I not worn the pants around others or not even posted photos of myself in them. Were I in better shape I’d wear the AA ones, too. But I am fully content with these vintage style as they are so much more versatile and friendlier towards those with less-than-model physiques.

Even now at this late hour I am pretty surprised and impressed that I wore disco pants and that AA jacket today. I guess you could say I was fully dressed in spandex today. Both the jacket and pants are 90% nylon and 10% spandex. I’d love to dress like this everyday. It is so cool to wear stuff no one else is wearing. Feels refreshing. Not that I don’t want more people wearing disco pants. But whether more do or not I will keep on wearing in order to keep awesome things alive instead of just memories! Thank goodness for sunshine!!


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