Spandex Disco Pants on ‘Simon & Simon’

The great thing about TV shows that ran in the late 1970’s and/or early 1980’s is that if you watch them long enough you will eventually encounter someone on there wearing spandex disco pants. For example, just last night I was watching Simon & Simon. This was a show I remember watching as a kid probably during its first run. Last night’s episode was titled “Double Play” and it was from February 1984. Sometime in the second half of the show there was male actor (Kenny Sacha) playing Bette Midler in black disco pants. There’s a good amount of footage of ‘her’ singing a song at first, but I was not paying too much attention during this part to notice disco pants. It was only after the song when ‘she’ was talking with Simon & Simon that we got to see a good amount of footage of the shiny, black pants. Unfortunately, the Midler impersonator and the organization ‘she’ was part of was rather shady and a fight broke out between the Simons and them. The dude in the disco pants got knocked to the floor and I felt a bit bad for him. Or perhaps it was the disco pants I felt bad for. Regardless, I was bothered that once again someone wearing spandex disco jeans was portratyed as an unsavory-type person.

Anyway, if you can catch this episode it is worth seeing. Actually I enjoy Simon & Simon so most episodes are worth seeing. It’s a very similar show to The Rockford Files. Both shows featured investigative work coupled with a good dose of humor. And as I wrote about before, there is at least one episode of Rockford that features a character–a hooker, no less–wearing black disco pants.

I looked around for photos or a video online of this episode but there is nothing available, at least not free of charge according to my understanding. However, the show is available on dvd so if you’re going to dish out money you might as well get the dvd.

I should have taken video or a photograph during the disco pants scene.

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