9th Wearing – Doc’s Office

I wrote this post yesterday but did not want to double-post so I left it for today.

I wore spandex disco pants again for the 9th time this year and the first time I wore them on back-to-back days, having worn some the day before. Thursday’s experience was a lot better than Wednesday’s. As I mentioned, Wednesday was very warm and I felt very uncomfortable in just disco pants and a t-shirt. Thursday was back to chilly again so I gladly paired my trusty black Le Gambi size 4 with my black puffer jacket. It had to be the puffer jacket. I did not want to wear any other. I didn’t care that it was a bit revealing. I just think it looks so great with disco pants and I had to wear it.

The original plan was to go to the usual thrift store on Thursday and then come home and change because a little later on I had a doctor’s appointment. So I put on the pants along with my heather gray American Apparel long-sleeve t-shirt and the jacket. First stop was the post office. Parking in front of the post office was scarce which I assumed meant there would be some lines inside. To my surpise there was no line. Three customers were being tended to and one was waiting. I strolled up to the counter and dropped off my package. Most likely no one noticed my pants with the exception of the employees who were facing me as I walked up and then back down the aisle to the counter. After leaving there I had a bit of a longish walk to the car as I had parked a bit farther than usual. I heard someone walking behind me so there’s a very good chance they probably noticed the pants. However it was not particularly sunny today so it may have not been all that obvious.

Next stop was the thrift store. There I am quite sure people noticed the pants. I’m sure the regulars there and the employees are starting to recognize me as ‘the spandex guy’ or, if more wise, ‘the disco pants guy.’ At the checkout there were some people behind me so they probably noticed, too. I keep listening for any comments or giggles or anything else, but that can be silly as you can start to interpret anything to be about anything and end up being very wrong. So I just go about my own business and try to be oblivious to everything around me.

After that it was off to home. I was going to change into some skinny or slim jeans before going off to the doctor’s office. But I started thinking, “Why should I change?” Yeah, there are probably going to be people in the waiting room who will see me in shiny skintight pants and will be thinking whatever. The doctor is going to see me in shiny skintight pants and will be thinking whatever. What does it matter? I pretty much just said to myself, “F*** it. I’m not changing. I’m keeping my disco pants on.”

I did change my shirt though. But it was from the gray AA shirt to a white & black AA shirt. And I changed my white skate Converse high tops to my regular white Converse high tops. (Yes, I have multiple pairs of Converse sneakers, but not as many pairs as I have of disco pants!)

So once at the building that houses the doctor’s office about three people saw me. Then once I arrived at the waiting room there were two people already there. One was a woman whom I sat to her left. The other was a guy who was sitting across from me. I noticed he took a couple of glances at my pants. I don’t know about the woman though because she was sitting on my right and I couldn’t see if she was looking without turning to look at her. So I sat there doing things on my phone while a few more people came in. When it was my turn to see the doc I’m sure those sitting down were looking at my pants and trying to figure out what I was wearing.

About 20-30 minutes later, after leaving his office the waiting room was now packed! I felt just a bit uneasy then, knowing that all those people were checking out the spectacle of what were my disco pants! I have to imagine that for many if not all those people I was probably the only guy they’ve ever seen wearing spandex disco pants in recent times or ever!

So all this tells me that either I am getting really comfortable wearing spandex disco jeans or I just don’t give a damn anymore. Maybe it’s equal parts of both. But my general feeling is that I just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. I have already worn them to places I never thought I would. Honestly, I would never set out to wear disco pants for a doctor’s appointment. It just so happens that I was already wearing them and it did not make sense to change into something else, although I could have easily changed into something else. But I don’t think I’ll be making a point to wear disco pants to any future doctors’ appointments even though today was fun.

The local 10-day forecast is saying that it is going to remain cool and in the 50’s this entire period. I like that very much and I am looking forward to maybe another two wearings for next week. Perhaps I will even wear the hunter green next Thursday. There are still 3 days to go in April and while I’d love to get another wearing in there I will probably not. But next Wednesday may be a very real possibility as well. I am just so surprised that in all the places I go I still do not find anyone wearing disco pants.


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This blog is mostly about spandex disco pants from the 70s, 80s and now!
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